RaceDayCT Poll: How Many Drivers Do You Think Will Compete In All 19 Whelen Mod Tour Events In 2023

Jon McKennedy is one of 12 drivers who have competed in all six NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour events in 2023. With McKennedy’s team folding that number will likely decrease after Saturday’s Miller Lite 200 at Riverhead Raceway. Today’s poll question asks, how many drivers do you think will compete in all 19 Whelen Modified Tour events in 2023? Vote below.  


  1. More negativity from this website

  2. Rob,
    Explain to the readers about how a poll asking a question is “negativity”?

  3. Um….the poll

  4. Rob,
    How is a poll “negativity”. It’s a poll asking a question. Try to use your big words and explain, Craig, oops I mean Rob.

  5. wmass01013 says

    Does It Matter how many cars run the entire series?? Each race is a show itself, The TITLE will be decided by those who do, How Many cars will run Entire Tri Track, MRS, Stafford, ROC, in case you haven’t noticed, ALL series car counts are down with close to 60 Tour type Races!!!!!!!!!

  6. Not sure who you think I am but I’m not Craig. The poll insinuates that not many people on the tour will run all the races. It’s negative

  7. Rob,
    How does a poll insinuate anything? It’s a poll asking the opinion of the general public. The results of the poll will illustrate what people think. The poll doesn’t say or insinuate anything. It sounds like reality hurts your feelings. We can’t sugarcoat everything in life.

  8. The poll in question is asking if enough teams will support the entire tour. People are stupid Shawn, they know how you feel. This isn’t the first poll you’ve been nagative

  9. Rob,
    The poll is asking a question about a number. There’s no negative or positive twist or lean. It’s asking people what their opinion is. Let it go man, really. You know everything in life isn’t rainbows and unicorns. And it’s not the end of the world if everybody doesn’t put everything on a pedestal just to artifically make reality feel just a little better. Just stop man. If the word or the polls on the site hurt your feelings so much and get you so worried then just stop reading what’s on here and go away. Find a safe space to hide from reality if that’s what really you need. Go live in your fantasy world where everything is always wonderful no matter what’s happening.

  10. Shawn you’ve gone off the rails on something that was clearly negative and you can’t handle someone calling you out for it. Take a Zanex. You post a poll with people getting to respond, don’t be upset if people call you out for it

  11. Rob, you are the one that is making it look like there is something negative.

    Would you please explain why you think a poll is negative?

  12. Rob, the poll is asking how many teams will compete on the Tour. That has nothing to do with supporting the Tour. Teams do not support the Tour, ever.

    The poll does not insinuate anything. The facts clearly establish that not many cars will run the entire schedule. It’s been that way for decades, season after season. For decades, there has been far more part-timers than full-time, full-schedule teams. Nothing negative or insinuating about that at all.

    There are maybe 45 or more different cars/drivers per season, and around a little more than 10 full-schedule teams per season. Been like that forever.

    Rob, what are you trying to insinuate? You appear to be casting aspersions and conspiracies.

  13. Ooh, ooh I know why it was interpreted as negative from a Tour first and only fans perspective.
    As we all know the NWMT has been challenged in recent history to get a significant number of teams to bite on the entire schedule. Simply asking the question highlights a weakness in a series that at one time was loaded with teams anxious to race the entire schedule.
    The natural reaction of a Tour first and only fan would be to not want to see the question in the first place highlighting the weakness. The solution is to shoot the messenger, so to speak.
    It’s a contagion now with everybody divided up into shirts and skins and no one wearing a tank top. Politics, sports, social issues it makes no difference. If the topics mere presence can highlight a perceived negativity for a true believer that’s all it takes to light them up.
    We all know these things. In the past the Speedbowl faithful probably the most reactive to any factual mention of anything to do with the track that they are sensitive to reason to shoot the messenger.
    Most of us see things in RaceDayCt we may not wish to see. Most have regulators that allow them the be satisfied by a simple #XX&%@!! Shawn in private and move on. Rob didn’t and others will not as well.

  14. Doug. Thanks for making my point.

    I actually like the site and understand other touring series have been fun to watch. I just don’t understand the need to be negative about this tour

  15. Dafraud…it’s odd timing for a poll after a major team departs for a bunch of series to single out just the tour….it’s negative even if your pea size brain can’t handle it…

  16. Rob, stop trying to use insinuation, innuendo, and casting aspersions that there is some vast conspiracy with a simple poll.

    You are making yourself look like the bunch of crazies that can no longer be named here.

    Statistics, aka: facts, established for decades that very few cars run the entire schedule, and the season is filled with part time operations.

    Make an effort to inform yourself before you make yourself look like a fool.

  17. Rob,
    You say: “I actually like the site”. I would say that statement certainly doesn’t line up with some of what you (and your father) have posted here previously and on Facebook about this site and me personally. But keep on keeping with the fantasy comments bud.

  18. Shawn, prove it. I’ve complained about your polls

  19. Rob,
    Prove what? You know exactly what I’m talking about.
    I’ve covered this sport for 29 years and in that time only once have I been at an event where track security was forced to address harassment from someone directed at me. That took place on July 21, 2018 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway when your father (Craig Gabrielle) had some sort of unhinged mental episode at the track and followed me around for about 30 minutes in the garage and on pit road screaming obscenities and threats until track security had him removed from the area. And all because I had not written a story about lap money for an event that was scheduled to take place more than two months later. And it wasn’t long after that I had to block both of you on my social media channels because you were both continually leaving vulgarity filled tirades directed at me. So please just stop with the whole choir boy show here.

  20. Rob,

    Doug didn’t prove your point, he ripped you another new one.

    The timing of the poll is perfect and timely. Another team folds so it makes sense to ask how many drivers/teams might run the entire season. Of all the teams that run in a season, very few run the entire schedule, a well established, conclusive and irrefutable fact.

    What exactly are you demanding that Shawn has to prove?

    Thanks in advance.

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