Stafford Notes: Ryan Waterman Wins Midstate Development Street Stock Firecracker 30 

Ryan Waterman celebrates victory in the Street Stock feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – Coming into the 2023 season at Stafford Speedway the main goal for Ryan Waterman was somehow finding his way to victory lane at the track for the first time. 

Waterman accomplished that goal in the first Street Stock event of the season on May 12 and hasn’t slowed much since. 

Waterman cruised to victory in the Midstate Site Development Street Stock Firecracker 30 Friday at Stafford Speedway. 

It was Waterman’s fifth victory in seven events this season at Stafford. 

“We just wanted to get one win and here we are with five,” Waterman said. “Hopefully we can keep the streak going.” 

Travis Hydar of Woodbury was second and Johnny Walker of Agawam, Mass. third. 

Waterman started 11th on the field and diced his way to fifth by the time caution flew on lap seven. On the ensuing restart Waterman found his way to second and one lap later he passed Aaron Plemons for the lead off of turn four. 

Hydar was able to get by Walker for second following a lap 16 restart, but never found a way to mount a challenge on Waterman. 

“When you’ve got people like Hydar and them you’ve got to get to the front and protect it and that’s what I tried to do my best,” Waterman said. “The car was pretty good, but it was a 20-lap car not a [30-lap car]. Good thing it wasn’t 40 laps, Hydar would have got me.” 

Said Hydar: “The car really started coming on towards the end. … I just ran out of time. The car was really fast all day. Got stuck in traffic a little bit there in the beginning. Once I got through [Waterman] was so far out it was just about catching him and I just ran out of time.” 

Tyler Chapman got his second victory of the season in the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature. George Bessette Jr. of Danbury was second and Brian Sullivan of Tolland third. 

Devon Jencik scored his first victory of the 2023 season in the 20-lap Limited Late Model feature. Jeremy Lavoie of Windsor Locks was second and Damien Palarady of Willington third. 


  1. Tired Fan says

    Getting tired of the SKL, everyone gets a trophy, start ’em all approach. Full fields sure look great on the big screen but sure suck sometimes. Okay most times especially lately! More junked cars in the infield last night. Should run a 21 means 21 race of old! Come on Paul and David! The skill difference between the more skilled experienced drivers and the newcomers is vast. Why do they allow people who can’t handle the front spots start there? It’s a battle to the back. How ’bout that Mad Pup? His behavior is akin to a spoiled child who didn’t get his special trophy don’t like the division you say? Move on then young one. Plenty of other fish in that sea. Please do something with this division stafford before you ruin it!

  2. Bessette was an idiot on the cool down lap and sounded like a crybaby on the mic. After the race he took a swipe at chapmans car in turn 1 and drove past him, then blocked chapman from getting around him. Then when chapman did go by him Bessette slammed him in the back end. And then on the mic the only thing chapman said was george took him out two weeks ago and he really wanted to beat him. Then george was complaining about chapman running his mouth? How was chapman running his mouth saying he wanted to win? George sounded like he was really about to cry real tears when the announcer guy had to pull the microphone away.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA says

    Bessette said I don’t have to be in this division after the race. Does he think he’s doing the track a favor by being there? 6 wins in 3 1/2 years, has never been close to a title and he’s acting like he’s too good for it now? Someone go remind him he finished 8th in points last year and 6th the year before.


    Bessette needs a reality check ..happens to young entitled kids . no amount of support/sponsorship can replace class, intelligence or modesty.

  5. Turn 4 Top Row says

    Used to really like Bessette a lot. He seemed pretty humble when he was running a street stock and in his first year in sk lights. Last two years he’s become an arrogant whiner. Hits everything on the track and then cries about how everybody else races him. Gets mad when people talk smack but he talks more smack than anybody else out there.

  6. Whenever Bessette is on the podium and doesn’t win he cries about somebody else. What happens when mommy and daddy can buy the best race cars but can’t buy class.

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