Claremont Whelen Modifed Tour Event Postponed; Potential Makeup Date To Be Announced

(Press Release from JDV Productions)

Due to the unfavorable weather forecast for Saturday, JDV Productions and NASCAR have announced the postponement of the 2nd Annual Clash at Claremont.

Originally a rain date was tentatively scheduled for Sunday, however, JDV Productions decided not to use the rain date to respect and cooperate with New Hampshire Short Track Racing Association partner track, Hudson Speedway, who has their own event scheduled that day with many of the same divisions. We did not want to make drivers racing at both tracks have to choose and potentially give up on a championship run.

NASCAR, JDV Productions and Claremont Motorsports Park will work together towards a potential rescheduled date.

All advanced tickets purchased for the 2nd Annual Clash at Claremont will automatically be transferred to the Winchester Fair on September 9 at Monadnock Speedway.

Full refunds are available for anyone unable to attend that event by emailing [email protected]. Please email us no later than August 12th to request that refund as no refund requests will be processed after the August 12th deadline. Please give our team 48 hours to respond to your inquiry. All entry fees for the NHSTRA Modifieds and the Mini Stock Division have been fully refunded and you should expect to see those payments reflected within 72 hours depending upon your bank institution. For more information, visit

Thanks for all your support, and we will see you at the Fair on September 9 at Monadnock Speedway!


  1. Pinochio says

    There is 0.000000000000000 percent chance this race gets rescheduled. Whole thing sounds like someone hit the ejection seat before the plane crashed. Why would you tentatively have a rain date if you knew you’d never use it because it would conflict with another track the track owner runs? BS meter pegged hard all around on this one.

  2. I think this is one of those situations where every theory has a little bit of truth.

    The weather forecast isnt great. Bad enough to scare attendees off. Bad enough to not want to make the teams travel. This is far and away the biggest factor IMO.

    The car count wasn’t great. Maybe they’ll have better luck in a new date.

    JDV has a good relationship with these track owners up there. The owner of Hudson is also the owner of lee, and co-owner of Claremont. The other co owner of Claremont is also the owner of Monadnock. All tracks JDV has a good relationship with. all tracks JDV currently needs for his business. They are all in NHSTRA too. (i think this is how the ownership musical chairs stopped)

    Rain dates don’t have the best track record of pulling in a good crowd. Riverhead has lost out a few times the last few years. Monadnock last year. At the end of the day, money has to be a factor in these decisions.

    Not many gaps in the schedule these days either. They may have every intention to find a date but genuinely not be able too

    we shall see how it plays out.

  3. And as the green flag flies on this thread the first comment out of the gate steeped in cynicism, complete with a conspiracy theory. Nothing like a good smearing based on nothing.
    I was going to say bummer. Was really looking forward to trying csg’s new scoring system for the Claremont Pick 6. Hopefully he’ll uncork it for Lancaster next week.

  4. Camerissa says

    Absolutely. Just checked-23% chance of rain Saturday night. Perfect forecast for Sunday.
    Much easier to just cancel Hudson. If they were planning on rescheduling they would be saying hold your tickets not giving refunds. So….. why the cancellation? Also will the Granite State Cup purse be paid? Based on 2 events not 3?

  5. Something just seems “off” with this.
    But, hopefully it’s legit and get’s rescheduled.
    We shall see what the passing of time brings…

  6. “Just checked-23% chance of rain Saturday night”

    The event doesn’t start at night. The event starts at noon. With cars on track at 2:25.

    The weather app I look at shows 50-60% chance up until ~5. With it then being pretty muggy after that, meaning itll be harder to dry the track.

    they could be hours behind if the rain did come.

    fans also love traviling to races with a forecast like that (sarcasm)

    And would you rather they just hold people’s money hostage for an extra few weeks while they figure out what to do with the date? that doesnt seem right at all. i dont think they should have even transferred the tickets to his next race automatically, but its not a huge deal.

    amazing they have one of the more fan friendly policys here and people find a way to use it against them.

    Stafford doesnt offer refunds for canceled events. (sorry i just cant post without mentioning them lol)

    And there’s one more race at monadnock. No reason they can’t use that as the final.

  7. “Whole thing sounds like someone hit the ejection seat before the plane crashed”

    Kind of the whole point of the seat, coming from a pilot…

    There may be conflicts with TV, other tracks, and after all… race promotion is a for-profit business. None of us really know all the inside deets.

  8. Bill Realist says

    Claremont has zero promotion this year. I believe they have had two shows this season. I live 5 minutes from the track. I’m pretty sure most people in the area don’t even know it’s still open.

  9. He knows that he was going to lose his shirt and that’s why he’s said goodbye

  10. Smooth Operator 32 says

    Good thing for DIRTvision. Tonight I can watch a 100 lap (green only) race on a 1/4 mile track that pays $50k to win and $500 to the leader of each lap.

  11. Bingo, TJD hit that one right on the head……..

  12. What do you know. 2:55 pm and the radar shows a round of showers just hit the track and another round of storms inbound.

    Shocking that the rain that was in the forecast actually came. It’s almost like NASCAR has some meteorologist on staff to help them make these choices.

  13. wmass01013 says

    Thats why Riverhead and Waterford cancelled as well Tonight, now Holland ROC cancelled

  14. The Weather Channel says

    Don’t think people were questioning if there would be rain today. Zig and wmass you look like you’re paid by nascar to defend everything they do. Rain was in the forecast all week. People aren’t wondering about the rain, people are wondering about about why the rain date with a great forecast was suddenly not an option. When was the last time nascar called off a race the day before it was supposed to happen and also decided to not even try to run it on the rain date? Seems like you’re both trying hard to make something seem normal that’s really unusual.

  15. Been following the posts on Facebook. Gotta say we fans are selfish lot. Breaking down the forecast into windows yesterday saying they could squeeze the race in eventually ignoring how the undercard would get delayed. Ignoring the fact some of the storms coming through in these fronts are downright dangerous they’re so violent. Ignoring the fact that when it does rain it makes everything harder for all the people connected to teams waiting around then traveling great distances for some and getting home late into the night.
    So what if Vanada pulled the plug because the crowd would have been a stinker. So what it he pulled it on Sunday not wanted to compete for fans with another local track. So what if he’s been scraping by with the series and used any excuse to pull the plug it’s his race to cancel.
    9/9 at Monadnock is fine to settle the championship deal they have going if that’s what it comes to it’s a JDV event. So what if they have 18 NWMT races instead of 19 it’s not like there’s a shortage of tour mod races.
    Oops, this just in. shows big wet traveling through Claremont and looks like it will be around for a while.
    Vanada was right!

  16. Again, use your eyes.

    Riverhead moved their may race to the rain date. Made the call on a Thursday morning, too, so there was plenty of time for people to change plans. The crowd sucked. And rumor has it that race might not be happening next year. They even lost a car or two, I believe.

    Monadnock got halfway through the program last year, and rained out the rest to Sunday. The crowd sucked.

    Look at Stafford (again, haha). They rained out the sizzler to the rain date and lost like 10 cars and IMO a somewhat noticeable part of the crowd. Both were still very good though. And that was with 2 weeks notice.

    It’s not a NASCAR thing. It’s not a modified thing. It’s not a jdv thing. everyone’s events suffer when you have to use raindates.

    In this day in age, I don’t think there should be the expectation to push through an event no matter what, even if it kills the profitability of it. World of outlaws, what I would consider to be the leading short track series in the world, cancels a dozen races a year. Sometimes several days before the actual event due to the forecast. And they have more tracks fighting for dates than they know what to do with.

    From NASCAR’s side, with a 19 race schedule, it doesn’t hurt as much if you lose a race either.

    IMO, even if the event gets wiped completely, it’s the right call for NASCAR. It helps their track/promoters. It doesn’t put more burden on teams. It’s a common sense approach. They’d end up with pretty big egg on their face if they forced JDV to run Sunday, and he lost enough money to give up promoting races at all next year. Or if they lost a few cars that couldn’t make the new date and ended up with an even worse field.

    I would say the same if there were 30 cars entered.

    Plans change once you actually get down to the nitty gritty. It could be hard for some teams to get there Sunday. Even if you have an early afternoon race. A Sunday night race could be even harder for some. Who knows the Flo crew status. Who knows how many of the support division drivers stay. Who knows the track employee situation, especially with Hudson running sunday and sharing a track owner. You can think about all these contingency plans in October when you sign sanction agreements, but until the week of the event, you really dont know how things will look. Even if you prepared in October well.

    I’m sure if they tried to push through on Saturday and couldn’t, they would have used the Sunday date.

  17. wmass01013 says

    Naw ITS easier to just bitch and blame NASCAR constantly, all the other reasons are NONSENSICAL, hey weather boy, dont you THINK JOSH VANADA the leaser and promoter of the track has some say in the race being held when n where??? naw, when was the last time you stopped and thinked INSTEAD OF just bash NASCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Yesterday, I thought to myself, looks like they made the right call cancelling, as I watched a piece of outdoor furniture take flight like the kittyhawk flyer. Seekonk, Waterford, Claremont. Lebanon Valley, and Fonda all announced cancellations. I’m not sure if there was a race last night in New England. Today, as I retrieved a lawn chair from some bushes, I said to myself, What a perfect day for a race, a pleasant temperature, and little humidity. Just a beautiful day. I hope the crowd at Hudson was large.

    At the JDV price point of 45 for general admission, I’ll say. For me to attend, the circumstances would have to be close to ideal. A list of 19 entries and the potential for rain anywhere on the eastern Seaboard wouldn’t suffice. I understand cancelling, the make-up probably wasn’t going to be successful. What happens to those who bought his season ticket package which got you a ticket to all his shows. If they don’t make up this show. which looks doubtful given he is saying the Claremont ticket is automatically good for Monadnock Do you now have 2 tickets to Monadnock. Hopefully he has great weather for Monadnock. I would hate to see them need that rain date and go up against opening day NFL

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