Cory DiMatteo Tops SK Mods At Speedbowl; Andrew Molleur Wins In Late Model 

Cory DiMatteo celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl (Photo: Mitch Bombard/TK Race Photos)

Cory DiMatteo made moonlighting work Saturday night at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. 

DiMatteo topped the field in the 35-lap SK Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. 

DiMatteo, of Farmington, was making his second SK Modified division start of the season Saturday at the Speedbowl. 

Andrew Molleur of Shelton was second and Eric Berndt of Cromwell third. 

It was a night to remember for Molleur. In addition to his runner-up SK Modified feature finish, he scored victory in the 30-lap Late Model feature. 

Ray Christian III of Uncasville was second and Brody Monahan of Waterford third. 

Jaysin Beal of Ledyard won the 25-lap Street Stock feature. Charles Canfield of East Haven was victorious in the 25-lap Mini Stock feature. Monahan won the 25-lap Truck feature. Isaiah Newcomb of Plymouth, Mass. topped the 30-lap Legends feature. 

Andrew Molleur celebrates victory in the Late Model feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl (Photo: Mitch Bombard/TK Race Photos)


  1. Mark Andrews says

    I don’t care about scoring towers,bleachers, concessions,restrooms.Ive watched for 45 plus years all of them come and go at the Speedbowl.Ive even been amused at times with various opinions and comments on this blog.Here are the FACTS about the Speedbowl in real time.The owner, promoter is not interested in anything that anyone in the know has to say.After buying the track at auction he became a quasy savior,according to the faithful.He is nothing of the sort.He wanted to own a race track.Plsin and Simple.Knew nothing about running one nor the day to day of running one and is still not interested in learning
    Various managers promoters race directors officials have come and gone.Therr will never be a desire to inform anyone,racers fans,general public about what is happening or in this case,not happening with the track.Therr will never be a professional management staff with experience because they will need proper compensation for their expertise.Thst will never take place.There have been dozens of not hundreds of well intentioned kind regulars who love racing and love the place who’s voices and suggestions fall on deaf ears.This includes previous staff and present.Improvements have been made to the facility only to correct previous lack of general maintenance and investment.These were needed to open.period,and to meet codes.There are no present permits,plans,nothing for future or further improvements on the horizon.A simple visit to the town hall will verify this.I have watched with interest this particular season and was hoping,yes actually hoping it would improve.Not forthcoming.There is zero consistency with on track calls and procedures.the track crew is lacking and slow as well as response time from the cohanzie fire crew.It is only proven week to week that it’s getting worse.more scrapped cars,lack of respect for ones safety and equipment.Cars being panelized for ghost contact and sent to the rear.3 and at times 4 wide scenarios play out in qualifying in early laps as well as features,the results are loss of car count,racers staying home.I have been at every single drivers meeting this year and at NO TIME ever have I heard anything from the race Director or officials about the lack of respect,bearing and banging intentional contact.Wont even beging to talk about the lack of tech enforcement or consistency.Until there is an ownership change this will never change.PERIOD.Funny thing, there have been 3 separate parties who have made offers to purchase the facility.iffers that were fair market price.Made by racing people with deep pockets who could take things to the next level with proper management and finished improvements.Those offers were declined.I would gladly provide those party’s names to the blog owner privately for him to confirm if requested.People are fickle,even with the owners prior history the people were actually starting to slowly come back.However with what’s going on now.the place is lucky to finish out the season.I sincerely wish I could find out what ownership is thinking but I am finished trying to figure that one out.There are all types of millionaires.Most of them very excentric and hard to read.But usually want at least a return on investment.Not this guy.Very sad but true.I am taking my car and team to seekonk.i am done trying to have fun at the bowl.jmo

  2. Not all rants are created equal. Unproductive rants are wildly hyperbolized.
    Tell you what, that was one of the best I’ve ever read in this forum. Emotional, angry but with substance and stuck the landing perfectly.

  3. Average of 13 cars a division. 10 cars in the premier division. Empty grandstands. No consistent officiating. No energy. No life. Friends of the track owner allowed to cheat. And people make negative comments about when Terry Eames owned the place. Would love to see it be half as good right now as when Terry was running it. Bemer is not a savior, he’s holding what could be an amazing track hostage.

  4. Mark. That is amazing,exactly what i was trying to say last week,with being called a crybaby or what ever.Well done.

  5. Suitcase Jake says

    Great post Mark , Good luck at Seekonk… The race Director .. Lenny Ellis is a former low buck racer that did manage to Win a Championship in the Ulta Competitive Pro Stock class in it’s hay day.. Lenny is always preaching respect and fairness .. You will be welcomed with open arms and after starting in the rear due to handicapping, near the end of the year if you’re up to speed, you will get a decent starting spot with a chance to Grab a Win …
    Good Luck Mark and Team …. it will be worth the drive…Mark Jenison made the move a few years ago, Right now He is the reigning Champion of the Late Models & Pro Stocks… He would be a great guy to talk to about making the transition as he has already been through the process…

  6. Old Owner says

    Eames got into financial issues, but if you take those issues away everything that was going on there over his last 5 years was great. They had a great staff at the front and back of the track. Car counts were awesome, divisions were packed with talent and lots of rivalries. There was great crowds and there was energy there every Saturday. Back then there was more people sitting or standing just in turn one than there is in the whole place on most nights now. It’s ironic that the track was doing so well in every way, but Eames couldn’t pay the bills. Now the track is awful in every possible way and has a super wealthy owner who won’t invest a dime into making anything better.

  7. The racing guys ain’t helping any race tracks. The racing guys do 2 things good. They pay drivers well and they line their own pockets well. They don’t do anything else to promote races or get fans to show up. They don’t help race tracks or track owners at all. Why do you think they have to lease all the tracks wherever they run? Because track owners don’t want to put on racing guys events themselves because the racing guys suck at getting fans to show up. Why do you think they had to sell tri-track and then the new owners got rid of them all?

  8. I don’t think there is a race track that I have visited or raced at I didn’t like. As a competitor or car owner you are going to feel like you are getting screwed once in a while but in the long run you look back and realize you are lucky to have a race track to race at. I can’t believe there are people here saying Bruce doesn’t put money into this facility… where do you think the new walls, fence, stands came from? We just lost Beechridge (great track that reminded me of the Bowl). I haven’t been to the Bowl since the last Tri Track race (best racing entertainment of the year last year imo). Will be going to the 43 lap memorial race coming up and the Tri-Track races. This place is so busy and is open to so many racer’s it would be a dam shame if it closed.

  9. Mark Andrews says

    Just a couple more responses to some comments.I applaud the physical and infrastructure improvements made at the Speedbowl.However it’s not as simple as that to be successful.There needs to be a need to hire experienced competent respected people to handle the day to day and they need to be paid accordingly.I applaud the revolving door of individuals for their love of the track and their misguided efforts to try to build or maintain the business end of things The common denominator since day one of ownership has been the refusal or denial to pay a experienced person or persons to do this job!And as I stated.its come to a long or even short term plans for anything else to be completed.And certainly and most need to address the division between racers and management/ownership.I do not have any personal ace to grind with anyone involved.Im stating my opinion and my experiences first hand.I find no way to help fix things because the owner chooses to remain silent.Thats fine.he may be that type of guy.Im ok with that too.This shortfall needs to be recognized in order for a long term successful future.Example,I have various investments or businesses.I want them at a minimum to support themselves through good solid business practices.I am by no means an expert at all of them.I hired and pay the best people I can to handle that responsibility on my behalf.We visit these issues weekly and sometimes daily.If I’m doing well I re invest to improve things and my employees share in that vision financially as well.Its pretty simple stuff.Ive failed many times and learned from my failures over 60 plus years.I am puzzled as to what ownerships thinking is here.As I stated my belief is he wants to own a race track and that’s where it ends.I own a race track.Just like a classic car or plane he has.And there’s no other thought beyond that.I just can’t justify racing there in my particular situation.Its a long time hobby we do it because we have fun.their have been ups and downs,I get that.Im close to the track geographically so it’s works for us from a cost standpoint.Through the years have run Stafford,Thompson,Riverside,and of course The speedbowl.Iys no longer fun or tenable.We want to race.we love it we will be joining those at Seekonk.Its going to cost me more in fuel but as stated.the stuff happening particularly this season has done us in.I truly wish ownership would move in a direction that was consistent and fair.I would hope that they would consult some experienced local racers to meet and correct these issues but that won’t be forthcoming.As I stated earlier immediately after purchase there were meetings with 3 or 4 very respected racing people and promotors who’s ideas and input were listened to and then ignored.The saga continues.

  10. Mark Andrews says

    Steve,I commend the improvements I do.they are not enough.And the place is NOT busy.It started out ok and with promise this season.Car counts and attendence.Has deteriorated every week for reasons too numerous to mention.With an ownership and management change there is no doubt it would flourish.You have no idea how dysfunctional things have become and to be candid,I’m im puzzled by the lack of response by people who have left this year or have witnessed what continues to go on.Shawn and readers,thank you for letting me tell my side.No animosity towards anyone.i wish everyone the best I do

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