JB Fortin On NASCAR Appeals Process: “It’s Basically A Waste Of Time” 

JB Fortin (Photo: NASCAR)

Former NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour driver JB Fortin found out earlier this week that his appeal of penalties assessed to him from a series event on July 8 at Wall Stadium was denied by NASCAR’s National Motorsports Appeals Panel

On the latest edition of Unmuffled Fortin talks about backlash he faced following the July 8 Jersey Shore 150 at Wall, what he’s been through with NASCAR management since then, his thoughts on what he will do in racing going forward and much more. 

Fortin said Whelen Modified Tour series director Jimmy Wilson would not speak to him about his penalty after it was handed down on July 12. 

“I never even had a phone call,” Fortin said. “And then I reached out to him to ask him why it was such a high fine and he wouldn’t even call me back. … He’s got no backbone in my opinion. It’s sad to say, the [Whelen Modified] Tour could be a great product if they presented it the right way and it’s a dying series because of the way they present it.” 

On the appeals process Fortin said: “I had never done it before. I had never been put in a position to ever have to appeal something like this. I didn’t know what to expect going into it. And after going through it, I would tell anybody it’s basically a waste of time because they don’t want to hear anything you have to say.” 

On drivers hitting other drivers under caution or after events and not facing penalties Fortin said: “It shouldn’t be happening. I shouldn’t have to fix my car [from getting wrecked] under caution. That’s ridiculous. If you’re going to allow it to happen it’s just going to get bad. You’re promoting danger.” 

To listen to plenty more from Fortin and some opinions on Whelen Modified Tour penatlies, racing Wednesday at Thompson Speedway, the SRX Series and the Arute family at Stafford, listen to the latest Unmuffled


  1. Guy cant seem to win anything.

    What’s NASCAR track record on winning appeals lately? Probably not even 50%. Should tell you what kind of evidence they have.

    also telling no one on the tour has taken his side lol.

    its also dumb to expect to have conversations about the penalties during an ongoing appeal.

  2. Al Hoekstra says

    Your is a joke anyway ! Car count ? Teams with cash win so screw the tour ! JB , never a fan but have your back in this one , maybe you are turning me around lol…. Be safe 34

  3. Al Hoekstra says

    Meant tour

  4. Joe shome says

    JB. Run the stafford open races, forget the tour. Enjoy watching you race. If your at the stafford Aug. 19th race I’ll buy a t shirt.

  5. I like the guy. Sure he’s got sharp elbows at times in races and ticks other drivers off but they’ve got great equipment and JB has turned in some great finishes like the Islip 300. The NWMT losing a character like that is a big deal it’s just a shame in my view. Taking weekly racing at Riverhead away from the Fortin’s wasn’t necessary that was just vindictive.
    It’s good they’re taking a time out to reassess. For now disgusted as they should be at the magnitude of the penalty but racers race. It’s in their blood, they have those great cars, absence makes the heart grow fonder and they’ll be back it’s inevitable. It’s a different mind set for sure but they can build a very nice season on races in the MMTTS series as well as Stafford and non NASCAR Thompson opens and many other open style races. Cut their losses for participating in the sport as well.
    One thing JB has to get better control of is to not spend so much time caring what’s on social media grousing about every little thing.

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