Kasey Beattie Goes Big On Late Model Double Features At White Mountain

(Press release from White Mountain Motorsports Park)

To say Saturday, July 22nd at White Mountain was one of the most spectacular displays of hard nosed short track racing in New England this weekend is no farce. Win streaks were broken, twin-features were exactly the type of drama that hypes up a weekly championship series with the New England Pro-4 Modifieds also putting on a fantastic touring display worthy of growth in their ranks!

The schedule started off with a pair of rain-out additions from the Midseason Championships two weeks prior. The Fisher Auto Parts Flying Tigers took center stage with John Donahue overtaking Joey Laquerre for the lead on lap 9 after a melee start. With Donahue stretching his lead, Laquerre and point leader Brandon Gray got physical over the second position as Mike MacAskill got the best of both to take over second. In the final circuits Gray would power back up past MacAskill as John Donahue took the win to break Gray’s win-streak on the season and set up for their second feature later on. Mike MacAskill would rejoin White Mountain victory lane with his third-place effort. 

Equally as important for later developments was the double points make-up feature for the Foley Oil & Propane Late Models. It was a Patten front row as both Mark and Pat got physical with each other from the start, playing games and banging doors. While Mark held the lead for a while, point leader Kasey Beattie took over the helm just before the halfway point. The first and only caution flag flew on lap 47 for Matt Anderson’s spin into the infield to set up a perfect side-by-side restart between Mark Patten and Beattie. Physical was an understatement between the two but it was Beattie who would take the win by a bumper cover at the line. After fighting words were exchanged in victory lane, Mark Patten would later be disqualified in post-race inspection for a chassis infraction giving rookie Kyle Goodbout his first runner-up finish and defending champion Quinny Welch third.

A visit from the New England Pro-4 Modifieds broke up the local high-octane drama but trouble struck fast as point leader Dan Meservey Jr. came to a screeching halt in turn one, hooked to Rob Richardi’s nerf-bars. With the field back under green with the leadership of Brandon LaVoie at the front, Caleb Cashman was all over the rear-bumper of the leader giving the perfect distraction to allow Brett Meservey to steal the lead on lap 13. A second caution would flash to life with Justin Faford’s expired engine dumping oil across turns three and four. A final green-white-checker restart gave Brett one final chance to overtake Doug Meservey and beat him he did, just 0.098-seconds at the line. Brandon LaVoie kept it clean and green to round out the podium in third.

In what is no-doubt the best Wayne’s Market Dwarf Car race of the season, a host of new blood invaded the division as sub-drivers for the point chasers. With Keith Normand taking over the Chad Dufour ride, Colby Bourgeois back in the Jason Wyman machine and Luke Shannon, the elder, taking over his son’s machine for the night, regulars Jeff Ainsworth and Dave Gyger were just as confused as the rest of us! Stephen Donahue also joined the fun, taking the Dwarf Car wheel for the first time in his career and miraculously winning the first 20-lap segment over Ainsworth and Shannon. 

In the second segment former near-championship standout Bourgeois tangled with new-blood Daniel Brofman to call the one and only caution for the night. Back under green, Donahue worked the outside lane above Gyger and Shannon, using consistency to maintain position with Bourgeois joining in the battle. In the end, Donahue would take second in the second segment by just 0.002-seconds to claim the win with a combined 3-point total. Stephen Donahue would take his first Dwarf Car win in his first start with Dave Gyger and Luke Shannon second and third.

The Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Minis saw a pair of young-guns lead the pack until lap two as Jacob Ailes and Pat Switser tangled at the line to create a pile-up behind them. Under the restart, Jack Hayes and Donnie Baumgardner led the pack with top rookie McKenna Merchant confidently running the outside groove to gain on the leaders. As Donnie was stretching his lead, Thunder Road invader Nate Brien ran hard into the turn four tire-wall to call out the second and final caution. Baumgardner led the restart over Kristian Switser with the two finishing nose-to-tail at the line with Jack Hayes in tow to round out the podium.

A double-shot of four-cylinder racing saw the $1,000-to-win Ammonoosuc Asphalt Mini Late Model Special take the field with Kevin Boucher and defending champion Nick Anderson leading the pack. Unfortunately, Boucher began dropping back from the pole, allowing Cody LeBlanc the chance to duke it out with Anderson. While LeBlanc got around Anderson, the Oxford, Massachusetts-native stayed right with the 7NH. The first yellow slowed the field on lap 25 for the spinning Eric Banks in turn four allowing a hard-charging Jerrod Soucy to restart on the tail of the leaders in third. 

What started out as a godsend, turned sour fast as the motor exploded under Soucy’s hood, sending fluid across turn four and ending his strong run. Anderson took the outside jump on LeBlanc at the line before a melee ensued in turn one with Anderson going around and collecting Colton Hull and Dustin Jackson. The final restart saw LeBlanc up against Garrett LaBounty with Desmond Skillings and Brett Jackson hoping for the best in the second row. Cody LeBlanc would nab the $1,000 win at the line over LaBounty with Skillings rounding out the podium in third.

Back for their second feature of the night, David Baron and Frank Sweeney led the Fisher Auto Parts Flying Tigers at the line. An absolutely wild field behind them, all seemingly out for blood, bobbed and weaved from corner to corner with John Donahue taking it three wide from his ninth-place start to try to make it two-for-two. Donahue took over for Sweeney out front with Matt Potter, Brandon Gray and Colin Cornell nose-to-tail behind him. With Donahue and Gray getting physical at the head, Potter and Cornell sat in the cat-bird seat as the final caution flew on lap 32 for Joey Laquerre and Luke Peters’ spin and stop. With a three-lap dash ahead of them, Donahue and Gray got physical and hooked each other in turn two allowing Matt Potter to rocket out the outside and steal the lead. Matt Potter would take the ecstatic win over Donahue and Gray as they exchanged words following the desperate battle they played out on the track.

The Foley Oil & Propane Late Models also returned to wrap-up the night’s card of racing with Oren Remick and Pat Patten starting off the event. Patten looked to have a career day as he held a strong half-track lead over the pack while point leaders Kasey Beattie, Quinny Welch and Stacy Cahoon methodically made their way up through the pack of invaders. The final caution for a spinning Kyle Goodbout on the frontstretch set up a final 10-lap dash to the finish. Beattie would sneak under Patten on lap 42 to lead as the former leader slid back quickly on the outside. Kasey Beattie would take the win and sweep the Late Model double features, this time with Quinny Welch and Stacy Cahoon on the podium.

Thunder returns to the Mountains on Saturday, July 29th with another action-packed line-up. Midseason Championships make-up double features return, this time for the ultra-competitive Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Minis. The Wall’s Ford Platinum Late Model Series returns for 100 laps of Foley Oil & Propane Late Model action in Round #3 as the last test and tune before the American-Canadian Tour returns for the 6th annual Milton CAT Midsummer Classic 250 on August 5th. Don’t forget, July 29th with also include the $500 to win Matt Clay Memorial for the Ammonoosuc Asphalt Mini Late Models with $100 bonuses for the top-10 finishers plus Fisher Auto Parts Flying Tigers and the Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Division!

For more information, contact the White Mountain Motorsports Park offices at (802) 244-6963, [email protected], or visit www.whitemountainmotorsports.com. You can also follow us on Facebook at @WhiteMtnMotorsports.

White Mountain Motorsports Park – N. Woodstock, NH

Mini Late Model Special feat. Late Model & Flying Tiger Double Features

Saturday, July 22, 2023


Foley Oil & Propane Late Models – (50 Laps)

1.         45NH   Kasey Beattie              St. Johnsbury, VT

2.         78NH   Quinten Welch            Groveton, NH

3.         83VT    Stacy Cahoon              St. Johnsbury, VT

4.         21NH   Oren Remick               Monroe, NH

5.         55VT    Keegan Lamson           Berlin, VT

6.         97VT    Patrick Patten              Belmont, NH

7.         49NH   Matt Anderson            Franklin, NH

8.         38VT    Tyler Cahoon               Danville, VT

9.         42NH   Mike Jurkowski            Claremont, NH

10.       28NH   Ricky Bly                      Sunapee, NH

11.       86VT    Marcel J. Gravel          Wolcott, VT

12.       17NH   #Kyle Goodbout           N. Woodstock, NH

13.       10ME   Christian Laflamme    Whitefield, NH

14.       16NH   Sammy Gooden           Whitefield, NH

15.       57NH   David Labreque           Thornton, NH

16.       22WC  Mike Clark                   Littleton, NH

17.       0VT      Richie Brown               Wentworth, NH

Midseason Championships Make-Up from 7/8

1.         45NH   Kasey Beattie              St. Johnsbury, VT

2.         17NH   #Kyle Goodbout           N. Woodstock, NH

3.         78NH   Quinten Welch            Groveton, NH

4.         83VT    Stacy Cahoon              St. Johnsbury, VT

5.         42NH   Mike Jurkowski            Claremont, NH

6.         28NH   Ricky Bly                      Sunapee, NH

7.         22WC  Mike Clark                   Littleton, NH

8.         49NH   Matt Anderson            Franklin, NH

9.         21NH   Oren Remick               Monroe, NH

10.       97VT    Patrick Patten              Belmont, NH

DSQ     07NH   Mark Patten                Belmont, NH – Chassis Infracton

Fisher Auto Parts Flying Tigers – (35 Laps)

1.         23VT    Matthew Potter          Marshfield, VT

2.         26NH   John Donahue             Graniteville, VT

3.         00VT    Brandon Gray              E. Thetford, VT

4.         54VT    Colin Cornell               E. Burke, VT

5.         3NH     David Baron                Nashua, NH

6.         23TX    #Owen Cheney            Moretown, VT

7.         36NH   #Nathan Hamblett      Derby Line, VT

8.         26VT    #Luke Peters               Groton, VT

9.         82NH   Frank Sweeney            Belmont, NH

10.       15NH   Joey Laquerre             E. Montpelier, VT

11.       34VT    #Jim Paquette             Alburgh, VT

12.       3VT      Michael MacAskill      Williamstown, VT

Midseason Championship Make-Up from 7/8

1.         26NH   John Donahue             Graniteville, VT

2.         00VT    Brandon Gray              E. Thetford, VT

3.         3VT      Michael MacAskill      Williamstown, VT

4.         54VT    Colin Cornell               E. Burke, VT

5.         15NH   Joey Laquerre             E. Montpelier, VT

6.         36NH   #Nathan Hamblett      Derby Line, VT

7.         82NH   Frank Sweeney            Belmont, NH

8.         26VT    #Luke Peters               Groton, VT

9.         3NH     David Baron                Nashua, NH

10.       34VT    #Jim Paquette             Alburgh, VT

Ammonoosuc Asphalt Mini Late Models – (40 Laps / $1,000 to Win)

1.         7NH     Cody LeBlanc              Berlin, NH

2.         76        Garrett LaBounty        Orleans, VT

3.         90        Desmond Skillings       Antrim, NH

4.         31        Brett Jackson               Bethlehem, NH

5.         409      Nick Houle                   Granby, MA

6.         37        Dustin Jackson             Bethlehem, NH

7.         1NH     Ken Marier                  Newfields, NH

8.         7MI      Matt LeBlanc              Berlin, NH

9.         55        Nick Anderson             Oxford, MA

10.       42        Jerrod Soucy                Marlboro, MA

11.       5          Eric Banks Jr.               Bristol, NH

12.       57        Pat Houle                    Vernon, VT

13.       66        Normand Raymond, Jr.  Sherbrooke, QC

14.       71        Kevin Boucher             Grafton, NH

DNS     18        Dick Lamotte               White River Jct., VT

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Minis – (25 Laps)

1.         18        Donnie Baumgardner N. Woodstock, NH

2.         16NH   Kristian Switser           Waterford, VT

3.         09        Jack Hayes                   Littleton, NH

4.         57        Todd Derrington         Littleton, NH

5.         15        Chris Moulton             Pepperell, MA

6.         99        #McKenna Merchant  Waterford, VT

7.         51        Tyler Thompson          Lincoln, NH

8.         16x      #Patrick Switser          Woodsville, NH

9.         14        Jillian Baumgardner    N. Woodstock, NH

10.       01        Jeff Champine             Whitefield, NH

11.       87        Don Judd                     Franklin, NH

12.       69        #Aiden Young              Dalton, NH

13.       92        Jason Goodbout, Jr.    Lincoln, NH

14.       16VT    Nate Brien                   Williamstown, VT

15.       02        Dustin Wilson              Bethlehem, NH

16.       19        Jody Sicard                  Gilmanton, NH

17.       72        Jacob Ailes                  St. Johnsbury, VT

18.       1          Scott Senecal              Lisbon, NH

19.       0          Keri Driscoll                 Gilmanton, NH

20.       18NH   Anthony Gavel             Belmont, NH

21.       17        Les Washburn             Bethlehem, NH

Wayne’s Market Dwarf Cars – (Two 20-Lap Segments)

1.         1          Stephen Donahue       Graniteville, VT (1+2=3)

2.         93        Dave Gyger                 Campton, NH (4+1=5)

3.         13        Luke Shannon Sr.        Groveton, NH  (3+4=7)

4.         41        Jeff Ainsworth             Bethlehem, NH (2+5=7)

5.         88        Colby Bourgeois          Danville, VT (5+3=8)

6.         3NH     Daniel Brofman           Berlin, NH (6+7= 13)

7.         52        Keith Normand            Concord, VT (8+6=14)

8.         55        Ken Wright                  Danbury, NH (8+8=16)

DNS     23        Ethan Tyrrell               Worcester, VT

New England Pro-4 Modifieds – (25 Laps)

1.         5          Brett Meservey           Brewster, MA

2.         1A        Doug Meservey           Harwich, MA

3.         67b      Brandon Lavoie           Littleton, MA

4.         4xl       Jack Dumas                 Brockton, MA

5.         57L      Kurt Lester                  W. Suffield, CT

6.         95        Ryan McPartland        Northfield, VT

7.         58        Dana Willis                  Hanson, MA

8.         0          Rob Richardi               Taunton, MA

9.         25        John Dumas                Brockton, MA

10.       37L      Allen Keiser                 Brimfield, MA

11.       3x        Henry Sirignano          Abington, MA

12.       7vt       Ben Ashford                Northfield, VT

13.       6          Caleb Cashman           Troy, NH

14.       04        Justin Faford               Westminster, MA

15.       30        Eddie Petruskevicins   Rutland, MA

16.       82        Robert Matheson        Sanbornton, NH

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