Race Of Champions Modified Series Crosby’s 100 At Holland Rained Out

(Press release from Race Of Champions Modified Series)

After a significant accumulation of unexpected rainfall at Holland (N.Y.) Speedway, Holland Speedway and Race of Champions management have made the difficult decision to cancel the “Crosby’s 100” scheduled for Saturday, July 29, 2023.

“These decisions are challenging and are made carefully considering every element,” stated Joe Skotnicki, Race of Champions. “There will be individuals that claim they knew differently than we did, however, the track and our management went with the information that was provided to us by ‘experts’ in the field of meteorology and their determinations changed. The amount of rain that fell placed us in a precarious position with the amount of water in the infield. One of our primary jobs is to recognize when we can and can’t race and the amount of water in the infield dictated that we could not dry the facility sufficiently, therefore our hand was forced. The Speedway and the Series made the commitment to race however, Mother Nature did not recognize our decision. It is something we can’t control.”

Race of Champions “Family of Series” management also wanted to address “rescheduling” dates and why many decisions are made.

“In regard to rescheduling dates, there isn’t a place to put races with an ‘over-saturation’ of events in asphalt modified racing world at this point,” Skotnicki stated. “We recognize the other Series and the other events and respect them. We share fans, competitors and crew members. It is like assembling a massive jigsaw puzzle to put all of the pieces in place to schedule an event, let alone consider a reschedule. Furthermore, there is the business aspect and consideration of the tracks, the families and the communities in which we race in. For these events to be successful, it takes time, promotion, energy, people attending, the commitment from the teams. There are many different elements to consider, many that are not realized unless you are fully engaged in the negotiation of presenting one of these events, much of which is not dictated by the facilities or the Series. It is not as easy as many individuals think and there is a greater understanding to making it all happen.”

The next event for the Race of Champions family of Series is next Friday, August 4 at Spencer Speedway in Williamson, New York.

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