Thrill Maker: Cory DiMatteo Wins For Second Consecutive Week In SK Modified At Stafford 

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Cory DiMatteo celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – A banner across the top of the backstretch billboards at Stafford Speedway reads “Welcome To The Show”. 

Over the last two weeks in the SK Modified division that designation has held true at the front of the track’s premier SK Modified division. 

And while the players racing in the ongoing ultra-dramatic battles out front have been varied, there has been one constant. The biggest showman has been Cory DiMatteo. 

For the second consecutive week another dramatic closing battle ended with DiMatteo celebrating in victory lane Friday following the 40-lap SK Modified feature. 

“We have a great car this year obviously.” DiMatteo said. “We just did the same thing we did last week and it paid off. We just rode around in the beginning for a little bit, [bided] our time and then waited for the racing to start and we had enough tire left. Hats off to Stafford too for changing the rule package. … We’re all on the same tires now every week and it’s awesome. Everybody has got the same stuff and that’s the racing that we were missing last year.” 

It was the seventh SK Modified victory at Stafford for DiMatteo. 

Troy Talman of Oxford, Mass. was second and Andrew Molleur of Shelton third. 

A lap 32 restart had Bryan Narducci out front, George Bessette Jr. in second and DiMatteo in third. 

Narducci and Bessette went side-by-for the lap with Bessette leading the start/finish line to complete the lap. 

On lap 33 it was DiMatteo making the move to get by both Narducci and Bessette and move to the front of the field. 

On lap 34 Talman was able to find a lane under DiMatteo off of turn four to grab the lead. Caution flew on lap 37. On the ensuing restart it was Talman holding the top spot initially. On lap 39 DiMatteo got under Talman off of turn two and completed his drive back to the lead through turns three and four. 

Talman gave DiMatteo hard shot from behind going into turn three on the final lap, but DiMatteo was able to fend off the challenge and score the victory. 

“That was aggressive at the end,” DiMatteo said. “I don’t know who hit me going into [turn] three [on the final lap] but they shot the helmet over my eyes. That was fun.” 

Three-time reigning SK Modified division champion Todd Owen saw an amazing streak of top-10 finishes at Stafford come to an end. Owen was involved in a crash on the backstretch on lap 32 while running 11th. He ended up 18th. Owen had come into the night riding a streak of 36 consecutive top-10 finishes in SK Modified features at Stafford dating back to June 10 of the 2022 season. 


  1. Ramona Dimatteo says

    Way to go Cory! you are amazing and your spotter has an Eagle eye… Congratulations to the 11 team … it sure was exciting

  2. Suitcase Jake says

    When Cory stated that they are all on the same stuff ??…”Hats off to Stafford too for changing the rule package. … We’re all on the same tires now every week and it’s awesome. Everybody has got the same stuff and that’s the racing that we were missing last year.” What does this mean as far rules that changed from 2023 to 2024 with the tires … ? If someone with Knowledge at Stafford could please educate US on what this means …?? I would greatly appreciate the FEEDBACK…. Thank You in Advance for sharing the tire info….!!!

  3. Real good run congrats

  4. Drive shaft says

    Awesome job Cory. Class act on and off the track. Thanks Ramona for all you do,much appreciated. 😃

  5. Narducci must not like the Pup- he put him in the marble twice. I see Narducci was placed last on the lead lap – Fox must have penalized him for that.

  6. Getserious says

    I watch a LOT of racing on Flo, and it’s a godsend, but I’m sure they couldn’t have caught the excitement of this SK race. I was at Stafford for this one last night and it was a really great race; best in a long time.
    I’m no Narducci fan by any stretch, but I have to admit that when you have a fox in the henhouse like him, attacking everyone around him, it does amp-up the excitement.
    PS Doug, how are you managing to keep quiet for so long and so completely?!?

  7. Suitcase Jake,
    Below is from the Stafford website:
    2024 Stafford Speedway SK Modified® Weekly Racing Tire Policies

    Tires must be used for competition on the same night they are purchased
    Estimated weekly purchase limit – 3 tires
    April 20th Open Practice purchase limit – 4 tires
    Opening day purchase limit  – 4 tires
    Spare tires must be used tires from 2024 tire inventory, opening day spares must be used tires
    3 zero tire events will be scheduled and adjusted based on rain outs
    Teams are required to compete on used tires from 2024 inventory at zero tire events
    Projected tire schedule will be released prior to the season

  8. Suitcase Jake says

    Thank you Shawn…. Excellent Rules…Can’t outspend everyone on tires & buying and using that night cuts down on the chemical soaking of tires…Level the playing field….Gotta make your Car handle to reduce tire wear… Great rules package. Love the 0 ZERO new Tires Races…. Used tires for all involved… Maybe that’s why some of these Big Money guys are missing in action at the front of the fields… Good stuff .. Thanks for sharing….I know Seekonk has a 2 tire a week allotment after you start the season off with 10 tires in the Pro Stocks… Helps keep costs down and makes teams work on their setups …Excellent Rules

  9. Longtimefan says

    RACE WORKS Wins Again!!!! Awesome!!

  10. Any update on why they put narduci to 20th?? Figured Shawn would have an article out by now…

  11. Bill,
    Was told it had to do with a combination of a miscommunication about going over the pads following the race and aggressive driving.

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