RaceDayCT Poll: Do You Want To See The SRX Series Return To Stafford In 2024

The Camping World SRX Series ran its second event in as many weeks at Stafford Speedway Thursdsay with Ryan Newman getting his second series victory. Stafford is the only track that has been on the SRX Series schedule in all three years of the series’ existance. Today’s poll question asks, would you like to see the series return to Stafford in 2024? Vote below.


  1. Doreen Ann Taylor says


  2. Sharpie Fan says

    It would be nice if it was not just before Loudon. The drive back up on Friday is a killer!

  3. They’ve been successful (good racing, ticket sales, etc) at Stafford, no doubt. I wouldn’t complain about seeing them there again – but I’d really like to see SRX race at Seekonk.

  4. Didnt they already say the SRX would be back next season. Someone said it was mentioned at Stafford SRX 1. Even though I am unlikely to attend, I am all for it. It is great to see a packed crowd at Stafford. It probably makes the track some good money and Stafford does a great job of making improvements and rewarding the drivers. They got a really good crowd last night with only a weeks notice after a Cup date that was run on Monday after running the same event the week before. They did better than I expected for sure.

    By the way, Flo racing had a race from Thunderroad on last night. In hindsight, perhaps they could have held the SRX race last night. Maybe there isnt enough hotel vacancy available to accommodate all the personnel necessary to put on the show. Hopefully T-Road has a great show next season.

  5. CSG,
    It was announced on July 13 that Thunder Road was guaranteed a spot on the 2024 schedule due to them losing their event this year. Other than Thunder Road, there is nothing solidified for the 2024 SRX schedule.
    As far as Thunder Road having a regular Thursday night racing card, a lot of people have mentioned how they they could have that but not run the SRX event. That has to do with major differences between putting on a regular racing card and something of the magnitude of SRX. The resources and logistics involved with bringing the SRX into that area would have been immensely taxing on the local area. There are still issues in the area involving roads and finding resources and those sorts of things. Bringing in SRX would have meant having close to 20 18-wheelers rolling into the area, along with motor coaches for numerous drivers and also over 100 staff members to operate the series. The staff didn’t even have a place to stay. The hotel where the staff was supposed to stay is now closed. Injecting that sort of demand on an area that is struggling just to take care of the people that live there was just too much.

  6. Oh hell yeah. That was an entertaining race on TV, bet being there was awesome. Any idea what they were turning for lap times? Looked like they were hauling the mail on TV

  7. Capt. Mike Qbvious says

    Sharpie Fan,

    If Stafford is back on the SRX schedule next year and the Cup schedule resembles this year’s, I feel reasonably confident saying them and Thunder Road will be the lead-ins to the Loudon and Pocono weekends like they were slated for this year. (Though I suppose the Watkins Glen weekend is also a possibility.) It seems logical that having that sort of proximity to the Cup event is what helps them secure active Cup drivers like Keselowski, Hamlin, Suarez, etc. It would logistically be a lot harder to get those types of drivers to Stafford and Thunder Road if the upcoming Cup event was somewhere like Daytona or Michigan.

  8. No, and it’s not because Stafford is not a worthy track, but there are other tracks in New England that are worthy of being showcased

  9. Chris P,
    Not saying there aren’t quite a few desreving tracks in New England, but you have to remember, the tracks chosen have to have the infrastructure and resourcess needed to handle everything that comes with this series rolling into a facility. When you actually factor in that part, there are very few tracks in New England that could be a working option.

  10. Rick Bangs says

    Would like to see a 2nd support division. After SRX 1 there was a 1/1/2 hour gap between SK mods and SRX. A second division would showcase a lot a Stafford talent.

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