RaceDayCT Poll: Make Your Pick, Woody Pitkat, Tom Fearn Or Keith Rocco

Friday at Stafford three of the top four drivers on Stafford’s all-time win list recorded victories. Tom Fearn scored his 81st victory overall by winning the Late Model feature. That win tied him with Woody Pitkat for second on the track’s all-time win list. Keith Rocco, who is fourth on the all-time win list, got his 79th career win when he was victorious in the SK Modified feature. Then to end the night, Pitkat won the GAF Roofing Open Modified 80 to retake sole possession of second place on the track’s all-time win list. So here’s today’s poll question. If Pitkat, Fearn and Rocco were all running in next week’s SRX Series event at Stafford, who would be your pick to have the best finish? Vote below.  


  1. Phil Ivee says

    Tom Fearn easily. Any of you Rocco and Pitkat voters want to bet a few friendly dimes on that?

  2. SRX the hook and a good one but really this amounts to a beauty contest. Who do you like so there is no wrong answer.
    So what’s the consensus on who will end up with the most wins of the three and who has had the most notable career at Stafford?
    I remember Fearn when he started at Riverside Park in the mid 80’s. Gary Fiormonte a guy with some success at Riverside and a bit of a pit gossip talking about the new kid Fearn. Said he ate, slept and breathed the setup on his car and how to make it better. Pretty good insight as it turned out he was good almost from the start.
    Mid 80’s the Late Models were gutted street cars, mostly Chevelle’s with jacking bolts and racing springs. More souped up Street Stocks then what we know today as Late Models. Fearn a dedicated full bodied guy from the start to now. Maybe some time in Pro Stocks but full bodied in any event. Full time in a division he excels at means more wins potentially then either Rocco or Pitkat in the near future. But pushing 60 the clock is ticking in the longer term.
    Pitkat is not the Sultan of Stafford that ship sailed he’s not even a resident of Connecticut. But everyone wants to be Woody his only noticeable flaw is being near sighted and you can’t blame a person for genetics. His prospects for more Stafford wins limited as long as he’s in the tour mods exclusively. More competition, fewer opportunities. His age an advantage over Fearn but just too few opportunities to add to the record. If you put value on being a good driver in multiple divisions he’ll always win that contest over Fearn and perhaps edging out Rocco on that score. Getting it done in several divisions with fenders or without. He also gets the nod for being owner friendly. Fearn and Rocco not exclusively but mostly keeping what they drive close to home with a lot of control. Pitkat with the charisma and knowledge to attract good opportunities from multiple owners and sponsors and make the most of them.
    It’s hard to believe Rocco is only in his thirties. He’s accomplished so much at Stafford it seems like he should be Fearn’s age but a couple decades younger. If it is a competition for who has the most wins after all their careers are over it’s no contest. Rocco clearly in transition his opportunities not as bright as they once were but he still is a pup. As long as he has the fire and can muster the resources he’ll be leaving both Pitkat and Fearn in the dust over the coming decade plus.
    That said, everyone would like to be Woody.

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