RaceDayCT Poll: What Venue Would You Like Added To The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Schedule

The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series will visit five different tracks for their six event schedule in 2023. Today’s poll question asks, which track would you most like to see added to the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series schedule? Vote below.  


  1. Sharpie Fan says

    I still say they need to change the name. Tri-Track is a misnomer since they are currently going to 5 tracks.

  2. Sharpie Fan,
    I disagree. I think the brand equity they’ve built in the name over 10 seasons easily outweighs any issues created by the name being seen as a misnomer. I think when it comes to management of a brand name, you have to be careful in toying with that after a foundation of that name has been established. I think changing the name would actually create far more confusion in the market than any that is created by the current name.

  3. wmass01013 says

    I KINDA figured Thompson would be the popular choice, Mods are great at Big T and although this past weeks open race was the best car count so far maybe Mayberry/Michaud can work to have 1 open race, 1 WMT race, 1 MRS race and 1 Tri track race midweek to see how that works for car count and crowd wise to Keep the Oval alive which we ALL WANT!!!
    Riverhead would be 2nd choice although they have a pretty good schedule of mod races already with TC cup and weekly shows. Mad dog already has had several and i think both Claremont and LEE for sure not ideal venues, NhMS MAYBE too big for what the Tri Track has been sucessfull with smaller venues, will it really matter though if we keep having close to 60 Tour Type races a year!!!

  4. Tri-Track Modified is my favorite Tour Mods series. I have to travel long distance to get to the tracks and I don’t own an RV so need hotels close by to sleep at. Claremont and Monadnock are great but there is no affordable hotels near by. White Mountain and Lee would be the best tracks to add for the quality of racing they provide and lodging/activity near by available. NHMS is a nonsense money wise. Riverhead is too far and Thompson is on ventilator.

  5. Midnight Accountant says

    The only way I see the MMTTS changing their name to remove the TT part is if a series sponsor far larger than Monaco was to come along and make it part of the deal. It would have to be a large national or regional brand on the level of Bob’s Furniture or Cumberland Farms (examples only—not rumors!) or better.

  6. I think Thompson too big for what they do. And I love the speed of Thompson. Half mile or less for this series.

  7. Wiscasset

  8. Jake Rizzo says

    We haven’t missed a race since the guys took over!
    They have been spot on and we have never left disappointed with the racing….
    How about 3 WMT (ice breaker, august, world series)
    1 tri track Monaco ( sponsor into another track)
    1 MRS with support
    1 sk and lite extra distance mid summer
    We will be there!

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