Stafford Notes: Tyler Barry Wins SK Light Modified Feature; Travis Downey Tops Street Stocks

Tyler Barry celebrates victory in the SK Light Modified feature Friday at Stafford (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

The reigning champ got back to the top of the field Friday in the SK Light Modified division at Stafford. 

Tyler Barry of Griswold got his first win of the season in the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature Friday at Stafford. 

“We put on a race up front,” Barry said. “Nick [Anglace] and I did a great job. … Nick and I race real well together. He’s real respectful of me and I appreciate that. We seem to run each other real good. He just seemed a little tight in the center [of the corners]. That’s where I picked up on him.” 

It was the third career SK Light Modified win at Stafford for Barry.

Anglace, of Ansonia, was second and Jason Chapman of Ellington was third. 

“If you’re going to finish second that’s how you want to do it,” Anglace said. “We had a good race. It was clean. Nobody wrecked. … That’s how want to race. I feel like we haven’t had a lot of that recently.” 

While there was no drama out front, there was a bit deeper behind the leaders. 

George Bessette Jr., who came into the night 10 points off the division lead in second place in the standings, was thrown out of the event following a lap eight caution. On lap eight Bessette made it three-wide in turn three at the middle of the field, sending Alexander Pearl sliding through the grass. 

Travis Downey of Barkhamstead scored his first win of the season in the 20-lap Street Stock feature. 

“This car was fast tonight,” Downey said. “… We got together real good on this car over the last two weeks. We’ve done a bunch of work to it. Figured some stuff out. And it’s one bad machine right now.” 

Travis Hydar of Woodbury was second and Aaron Plemons of Uncasville third. 

Travis Downey celebrates victory in the Street Stock feature Friday at Stafford (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)


  1. At least bessette is still in contention with adam gray for the biggest whining crybaby of the year award at stafford.

  2. Suspicious Stagger says

    Oscar the grouch ^


    RIGHT ON OSCAR! ..LOL management should have parked him for the night . problem is they enable these children who have too much financial backing, top shelf equipment and average talent. had a good finish in the open but his attitude will prevent him from having any real long term success. were they so desperate with the low car count for the open that they allowed him to run??? . Only the Arutes and Tom Fox know

  4. Why did they park the pup ? Contact causing a car to spin is you go to the back…?

  5. Shawn, on George Bessette being parked, was he involved in another incident, or was the 3 wide move and being on probation the reason for being parked?

    Was really glad to see Travis Downey get the win, definitely one of my favorites to watch. As for the Travis Hydar interview, “These guys are a bunch of animals”, really? I hope he isn’t planning to make a start at Thompson!

  6. Get a clue says

    I am so glad you folks know personally the life of George Bessette Jr. In regards to last week, perhaps you all missed the fact that after the race was over Chapman bumped Bessette first in the right rear in turn 1 Yup, blind eyes there. Also, the incident Chapman called Bessette out on that couple weeks prior wasn’t intentional if you were watching closely. Bessette did apologize publicly for that
    Oh, wait you all missed or forgot that
    Sometimes things happen out there that we all don’t see and it gets one’s dander up and things rollout of the mouth that maybe shouldn’t. Happens to all of us at one time or another. Think about that. Seen this many many times at the tracks as I have been going to races since I was 5 years old. It is not always the young drivers either, veteran drivers too. Just curious if you know what this kid Bessette does at home during the week in between races, perhaps working on his own car? Before shooting your comments off, really learn about the drivers and what they do besides just on the track. Hear say is your worst enemy.

  7. I think you guys confuse spoiled and his “attitude” for passionate when it comes to Bessette. Which one of these kids could actually afford to pay for their own equipment? They are all spoiled let’s face it, but how many are legitimately wrenching on their own cars during the week?

  8. Steve,
    My understanding is that it had to do with the fact that he was on probation for hitting another driver on the cool down lap following last week’s feature and had been warned about aggressiveness already.

  9. Ricky,
    See the response to Steve.

  10. Suspicious Stagger says

    Also, doesn’t Bessette have a CD? One of the oldest cars in the field? I’d think if the kid had so much money he wouldn’t be running a chassis dynamics car and SKs every week.

    Idk pal, I agree with hearsay. I personally followed Bessette for years, kid always is working on his car, even in the pits, and helping others.

    That’s why he’s so good and consistent, he knows his car and doesn’t have his nose in his phone or under mommy’s skirt.

  11. Turn 4 Top Row says

    Don’t care if George spends all week volunteering at a kids hospital and rescuing abused pets, he still acts like a whining child every Friday at the track. George has been an aggressive driver since he was in a street stock. But in the last two years he thinks he can hit everything on the track, but if anyone touches him he cries and cries. Can’t have it both ways. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

  12. Suspicious Stagger says

    I’m going to be honest, most of these comments sound like they’re coming from people who feel personally victimized by getting beat by the 39. Racing is almost 99% disappointment. I’m here to read the comments because all of last year everyone was George George George. Now you jump on the bandwagon to call a kid a few names on a forum with any name you want, just like i’m doing right now.

    You don’t have to like the kid, but Turn 4 Top Row really needs to get a grip on reality here. You’re not driving the cars. Entitled to an opinion about any driver, but being straight up disgusting and disrespectful like that is pretty shallow and immature if you asked me or anyone with a brain on who Bessette really is would say.

  13. Boy if you can use “dander” up in a comment you sure are speaking my language. Yes indeed Bessette’s dander was up for sure and no amount of Head and Shoulders in that thick head of hair of his was going to make a difference. Chapman drove him high in four at crunch time the week prior. Bessette had a choice to kiss the wall or back out. It was dirty pool, dander up he let Chapman know it on the cool down no big deal near as I can see. Is it a young driver thing this dander up issue? No way Jose racing is emotional and dander always at risk of being up. Is whining a young driver thing exclusively. Sure if you consider Coby and Bonsignor young drivers. After all they both whined a merry tune after their second and third place finishes at Riverhead in reference to the track treatment.
    For my money Bessette is the real deal and the future. Great personality, I’d guess a hard worker and his enthusiasm for the sport infectious. He rallied back after the pit stop, pulled off a great move, gave Woody all he could without going too far and Woody seemed to respect it. Everyone wants to be Woody so if he’s OK with Bessette who am I to question Woody?

  14. Turn 4 Top Row says

    Fact, George is one of the most aggressive drivers in the division. Fact, George whines whenever anyone else gets aggressive with him. Fact, George loves trash talking people but cries when anyone talks trash about him. Fact, George and his team act like they are the kings of the SK Lights at Stafford but he only has 6 wins in 4 seasons and hasn’t finished in the top 5 in the standings the last two years. Fact, if you think my comment was disrespectful and disgusting maybe you should go find a safe space.

  15. Joe Friday says

    Some more facts.

    Fact is he has been penalized FIVE times for his driving in 8 weeks this year. Fact is he told the race director to “kiss off” last night before the features.
    Fact is he couldn’t control his car last night despite being on probation.

  16. Just talking about last night – I didn’t see or hear any whining, stafford parked him and he drove to pit lane and got out of his car sat on the wall. Gets in another modified and comes home second, big smile on his face, thanked everyone involved even his spotter. This kid puts on a show every week, anyone that starts last in a competitive field like the skl’s that has a fast car and only has 20 laps to get to the front is going to take chances. He took a chance and lost. Hopefully stafford lets him race next week

  17. Question; is it a “fact” that you can simply say something is a “fact” and the mere statement that it’s a “fact” make it true in the absence of supporting information? Lets put it to the test.

    “Fact is he (George Bessette) has been penalized FIVE times for his driving in 8 weeks this year.”

    It is true he has been penalized 5 times in 8 separate race events. However it leaves the impression that’s in 8 SKL races. Bessette had one penalty 5/19 in the tour mod open and 4 in the SK Lights. That’s five total in 12 events, 8 SKL and 4 tour mod if you count the Duel he participated in. He did not qualify for the Sizzler. If you consider all the laps he’s run in the longer tour mod events plus the SKL events the only thing that really sticks out is the cool down penalty last week that had a direct affect of magnifying the penalty last night.
    Conclusion: leaving the impression Bessette is a contact menace under race conditions is not accurate at all.

    It’s also true that he tied for the second most wins last year in the SKL’s with three. Even after all his trials and tribulations this year third in points only 12 out of second. Also true that in his last two tour mod starts turned in finishes of 6th and 2nd in a car that did not have a history of such lofty finishes with other drivers. Is it true that Bessette and his supporters bring something special to the Ted Anderson #1 car? We can’t know but the results sure justify putting him in the seat you betcha.

  18. Suspicious Stagger says

    And Turn Four Top Row, where have YOU finished grandstand racing from the comment section? I think you should simmer down and take a cold shower. You seem very heated over something out of your hands. Must be all the sun, it was a very hot day yesterday.

    Run with the wolves every week or be a sheep.

  19. Turn 4 Top Row says

    Here comes the dingbat response asking where I’ve finished. As if you have to drive a race car to realize someone who drives a race car is a whiner. Stagger you really should go to your safe space if you can’t handle the comments.

  20. If he gets kick out of Stafford, he should bring his car to Waterford that would be interesting!

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