Doug Dunleavy Throwing Support To Gamblers Challenge For Monaco Modified Tri-Track At Speedbowl 

Modified team owner and longtime local racing sponsor Doug Dunleavy heard the stories for years about what a great product the management team behind the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series was creating. 

Dunleavy was a longtime crew member and sponsor on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour before purchasing a Tour Type Modified team prior to the 2022 racing season.

Dunleavy’s team, with Woody Pitkat as the driver, raced part-time last year with the Tri-Track Series and they’re racing full-time with the series this year.  

“What I’ve noticed is when you’re involved with the [NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour] it’s a lot of work for just a few seconds of fun,” Dunleavy said. “That’s the big difference between the Tri-Track and the [Whelen] Modified Tour. Tri-Track you’re having fun the second you get there. I don’t understand it, but I’m going with it. People were telling me about it for years and I was like ‘Ok, I’ll check it out.’ Now that I’m a team owner, I see what they’re doing. And the payout is comfortable, and that’s important too. 

“The Tri-Track is a lot of fun. I’ve raced in all the divisions. I just think it’s so relaxed and so much fun. I haven’t had a bad time yet. Even when we get a fender bender or whatever, it’s still a great race night.” 

When the Monaco Modified Tri-Track heads to the New London-Waterford Speedbowl Saturday for the Belltown Motors/Fowler’s Auto Wrecking 100, Dunleavy will be adding to the fun and letting every driver in the main event gamble on themselves. 

Dunleavy will support the Dunleavy’s Gamblers challenge at the event. The program will allow one driver in the main event field to earn a possible $6,000 bonus. 

“Doug fits in with our group because he has deep roots in motorsports,” said Renee Dupuis, the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Director of Series Development. “Everybody in our group has deep roots in our sport. What we like about the people that are involved in with us is that they’re not just people that are coming in just to use our demographics. The sport means something to all of them and Doug very much fits into that category. And that’s why we’re able to do the things we’re able to do, because we have people that have a real passion for what we’re doing. When you put a bunch of people like that together it just really elevates something.”  

Drivers who want to participate will pay $100 to enter. Dunleavy will match each entry. Last year the series started 30 cars for its event at Waterford. Should 30 cars enter the challenge it will create of a pot of $6,000. 

Following the feature, Dunleavy will randomly choose from three possible outcomes. First, two drivers finishing from second to last will be chosen. Those two drivers will then be added to the mix with the winner’s name. Dunleavy will then randomly choose from those three possibilities. If 30 cars start the race and every driver enters the gamblers challenge, every driver entered will have a 30-1 chance to turn a $100 investment into a possible $6,000 bonus. 

“It’s exciting and people love it,” Dunleavy said. “So why not do it? Waterford right now is struggling and it’s a great race track. I don’t what the circumstances are over there right now. But, I would hate to see a great race track close or lose a great race track. So I want to do what I can to support things there.” 

Said Dupuis: “We love Doug’s enthusiasm and we’re excited for the opportunity to increase the payout for someone. We appreciate that he thinks enough of us to want to be involved in what we’re doing.”


  1. Stuart A Fearn says

    Doug Dunleavy is clearly the MVP of modified racing is CT, New England, the East Coast, possibly the USA lets be honest. Great guy to talk to for any amount of time, super intelligent, witty, and most of all passionate.
    I’m not going to get into Tour vs Tri-Track which is not what this story should be about. It’s about a racer, passionate hard core racer who puts his money where his mouth is and isn’t afraid to speak up when he has something to say that’s for sure.
    Thank you Doug

  2. Doug Dunleavy 7/23 Facebook entry:

    “A thought.
    Hey New England Modified divisions for Sept maybe Oct 2024
    If I was to have
    Dunleavy’s Modifiedz Night at Waterford Speed bowl in Ct.
    Three divisions only
    SK LITE 50 lap
    SK 80 lap
    OPEN MODIFIED 100 lap
    Do you think it would work ?
    Would cars show up ?
    Would fans show up ?
    If I was in Charge maybe with the help of everyone ?”

    If we’re noodling a fantasy wouldn’t Dunleavy owning the Speedbowl be a game changer that would be universally loved. That’s unfair, being a team owner and massive supporter of local racing isn’t owning and running a track but it is a pleasant thought.
    With two MMTTS races at the track the idea of a separate open might be problematic. But look at what Mr Dunleavy has suggested. A packed house in the paddock and the stands you betcha.

  3. Hillary 2024 says

    Maybe he’s thinking about renting the track out to run his own show. Worked well with when Pass and ACT did it for that last October show.

  4. Hillary 2024 says

    32 cars and counting

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