NASCAR Cup Series Driver Noah Gragson Suspended Indefinitely By Legacy Motor Club

Noah Gragson (Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

The NASCAR Cup Series Legacy Motor Club team announced Saturday that they have suspended driver Noah Gragson indefinitely for: “actions that do not represent the values of our team.”

NASCAR also announced later that Gragson has been indefinitely suspended for violating the member conduct section of the NASCAR Rule Book.

Xfinity Series regular Josh Berry will replace Gragson this in the No. 42 Legacy Motor Club Cup Series entry at Michigan International Speedway.

Gragson’s infraction fell under Section 4.4.D. of the NASCAR Rule Book, concerning member conduct.

In a statement NASCAR said: “NASCAR fully supports Legacy Motor Club’s decision to suspend Noah Gragson. Following his actions on social media, NASCAR has determined that Gragson has violated the Member Conduct section of the 2023 NASCAR Rule Book and has placed him under indefinite suspension.”

The 25-year old Gragson is in his first season racing full-time in teh Cup Series.

Gragson, 25, is in his first full season in the Cup Series. He ranks 33rd in the series standings, and he missed a race earlier this year because of concussion-like symptoms.

Gragson issued a statement on social media saying: “I am disappointed in myself for my lack of attention and actions on social media. I understand the severity of this situation. I love and appreciate everyone. I try to treat everyone equally no matter who they are. I messed up plain and simple.”

Reportedly, Gragson liked a comedic meme on social media referring to the death of George Floyd which led to the suspension.


  1. wmass01013 says

    Hard to figure these guys have a job that only few get and make good $$$ AND THEY cant stay off social media when they know everything they post will be seen and shared to the people they work for.

  2. Unbelievable, what road are we all going down, totally uncalled for by his team and NASCAR.

  3. Career as a Cup driver has ended! No sponsor is going to associate with him now.

  4. Get a burner account dude!

  5. So Rich.
    I don’t know u, and I’m not trying to be antagonistic.
    Here is my thought (and yeah, nobody asked)
    I think, if you have the talent, and the right owner behind you, and you apologize with sincerity, I don’t think its as dire as you allude to as a career being over. First things first, people make mistakes, and hey, sometimes, they just plain dont know. Ive always thought, while following Gragson, that he had quite an ego, and a bit of a temper, from his Xfinity days. My opinion, but hey, a bad combination if I’m right on that.
    My point is that Kyle Larson had quite a gaffe that got Nascar’s and Chip Ganassi’s attention as well. It was over. Nobody gonna touch that guy with a 10 foot pole. But do the right thing, learn from mistakes, a car owner willing to give a guy a second chance cause he recognizes talent, and maybe it ain’t over. I think Mr Larson would agree. Jmo.

  6. Chad Luginbuhl says

    What happened to George Floyd was uncalled for but I’ve done my research he was not a good person. This country is so soft these days no one can state their thoughts. Did everyone forget about our rights and the freedom of speech?

  7. Chad,
    You might want to research what “Freedom of Speech” actually means and what protections the First Amendement affords you because I don’t think you quite understand it. The First Amendment and your right to “Freedom of Speech” doesn’t give you the right to express yourself in whatever way you want or wherever you want with no reprucussions. If you call your boss a jerk to his face and he fires you, you can’t then say that he doesn’t have the right to fire you because you have “Freedom of Speech”. The First Amendement protects you from prosecution by the government for your personal expressions or speech. That’s it. The First Amendment doesn’t mean you can go on Facebook and say whatever you want or go on Twitter and say whatever you want and be protected from all reprucussions for what you said. Noah Gragson works in an industry where he represents a sanctioning body, a race team and team sponsors publicly. And all three of those entities are well within their legal right to penalize him in whatever manner they see fit if they don’t feel like he is representing them publicly in a manner which they find acceptable. Noah Gragson is well within his right to say or do anything he wants on social media, but it doesn’t mean he gets to keep his job if he says or does something stupid.

  8. Six comments so far not counting Mr. Courchesne’s. Three critical of the penalty or dismissive of what the guy did. Three taking it at face value. One reference to free speech and Mr. Courchesne’s much repeated explanation of what the right to free speech actually means. Sounds about right.
    If you’re doing research, have come to the conclusion that Floyd was not worthy then you might be missing the point. For a fact his history shows he clearly was not a good guy in the classic sense although he had demonstrated noble inclinations from time to time. What he became was a symbol for the black community of injustice. I know what many of you are thinking, what injustice right? Regardless he is a symbol for millions of people, Gragson disrespected that symbol in a thoughtless and cavalier way. Not the image NASCAR wants to project in courting a wider audience that may not necessarily be white.
    “This country is so soft these days no one can state their thoughts.”
    That’s just laughable. The reason we’re in the mess we’re in is in part because empathy and civility have been replaced by unrestrained hyperbole and complete disregard for other peoples viewpoints.

  9. Racist, plain and simple. Legacy and Nascar did the right thing.

  10. Bobf ,
    Larson was able to keep people’s attention by going out and starting to win tons of major dirt races while under NASCAR suspension. However, Gragson does not come from a dirt background where a car owner will put a good driver in their car to win money\races. Gragson comes from a pavement Late Model\Super Late Model background where on the national level people spend their own money to run their own cars, spend their own money to rent cars from a top car owner, or are “developmental” drivers who have a manufacturer rent cars from a top car owner for them. So Noah is going top be sitting on the sidelines for a while until someone lets him back into NASCAR. And the rumor was before this week he was going to lose the ride next year anyways so Toyota would have a Cup spot for Nemecheck until Truex eventually retires. So he was getting fired either way.

  11. That’s what makes it even worse, is he witnessed what Larson went through.
    . We are living in a very diverse society now, and although there are still allot of racist biggots out there, it’s up to us to ignore them, and not become a carrier of their idiotic ideals.

  12. “Get a burner account”? I have a better suggestion: do not use social media at all.
    Shawn’s analysis of the First Amendment is excellent. It will NOT prevent you from being fired if you mouth off to your manager. I know this because I have done it.

  13. 3 questions; How would you feel if racial slurs, biggotry and hatred were aimed at you? How would you feel if getting a good job, or buying a house, or attending college hinged on the color of your skin? How would you feel if you were constantly pulled over because of the color of your skin?

  14. 1 more question; How would you feel if your children were constantly victims of racism, biggotry and hatred at school by the students and faculty?

  15. Even if George Floyd was wanted for a brutal crime, which we wasn’t, what happened to him was a hanous murder by a racist cop. To have people creating memes about the event is sickening. They are sick people as well as the who “like” or download that meme. Hatemongers

  16. Meathead Mike says

    Rob P, great point about attending college hinged on the color of your skin. Glad to see you support the recent decision by the Supreme Court concerning that type of discrimination.

  17. Meathead Mike, I was not making any type of political statement when I mentioned college. But if you want my view, I feel that acceptance should be based on acedemic scores. I don’t think because you can throw a football, or dribble a basketball you should be entitled to a free ride. Some of these athletes are dumb as stumps and need help to maintain a passing grade. Meanwhile there’s some brilliant kid somewhere wasting away, unable to get in, because some thug occupies the spot. College is for learning, not playing sports.

  18. Doug, I agree with your comment, your thoughts make the most sense looking at these other comments.
    I’d just add that the idea that someone else reading this would react ‘what injustice’ is the crux of society’s problem now. The man was murdered by a police officer who was then found guilty of murder by a jury of his peers. That’s the definition of injustice, black or white, any race he didn’t deserve this end, to be killed in plain Daylight out in the public eye by a policeman is injustice for sure.
    I know he was ‘not a good guy’. He didn’t deserve murder.
    I also know that people make fun of these situations, even if such a serious case. For someone like Gragson it’s just stupid to join in on this so he’s been served a penalty, justified. Hope he can rehabilitate

  19. The Great Malenko says

    Eh….whatever. A bit stupid on Gragson’s part, no doubt, but “indefinite” suspension is a tad over the top. I think if you suspend a guy 1 race for turning someone 180 mph into the wall, then 1 race is fine for “liking” an internet meme. Getting a bit absurd at this point.

  20. “The man was murdered by a police officer who was then found guilty of murder by a jury of his peers. That’s the definition of injustice, black or white, any race he didn’t deserve this end, to be killed in plain Daylight out in the public eye by a policeman is injustice for sure.
    I know he was ‘not a good guy’. He didn’t deserve murder.”

    All accused have a constitutional right to a trial.

  21. I have mistakenly hit like on social media… I don’t understand how people pickup on these things anyways – are there full time people that just scan social media to self police what other people say or think – is there a $ rewards for reporting this stuff?

  22. Steve,
    From what I’ve read about how this came about, it sounds like it was a random person discovering the meme on Instagram with Noah Gragson’s account listed as a like, who then shared that information with a reporter and the reporter reached out to the team. Typically on Instagram if there is a post and a celebrity with a large following likes the post, that person’s name will show up highlighted at the top of the like’s for anyone that sees the post. So it’s not as if someone had to go fishing to look for it. Probably thousands of people saw the post and saw that Noah Gragson was listed at the top of the “likes” list on the post.

  23. Interesting comments, some true, some full of 💩 , racism, ignorance and tribal loyalty.

    People will do what they do because they have gotten away with it, or think they can get away with it. It’s all over the place.

    As far as Kyle Larson goes, Rick Hendrick does not care about Larson’s past. Hendrick only cares about the Hendrick enterprise, and that gets better with wins and performance that Larson brings. Once Larson cooled off from his offense, Hendrick brought him on. Hendrick would hire Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Jeffery Dahmer, Muammar Qaddafi, or anybody that puts his cars in VL. Rick Hendrick has been in big trouble, and his leukemia kept him out of prison. Rick Hendrick was given a full pardon by President Bill Clinton. Just thought I’d add that for a nice touch.

    Regarding George Floyd and his murderer Derek Chauvin. Derek Chauvin has a history that is stunning in that he was allowed to be a LEO as long as he was.

    Reminds me of a case in New London about 20 years ago. A guy applied to be NL police officer. He was declined and told he was too smart and educated for the job. He had a pretty impressive education, yet wanted to be an LEO. 🫨

    The police need to understand that allowing degenerates to exist in their ranks, brings down the entire force. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. One rotten apple ruins the entire bunch. Police need to police themselves and purge the bad ones. A lawyer friend says that the most disgusting cases he ever saw were brought by LEO.

    As far as Gragson goes, NASCAR has roots going into white supremacy and discriminating exclusion. There is no program for inclusion, or breaking down the walls of white supremacist exclusivity. Or purging these folks from NASCAR. There *might* be these programs, but clearly are for show. There is an owner or two, or three, or more, that were openly racist decades ago. Still here.

    For those that still do not understand Free Speech, it applies between a citizen and the Government. Long time ago, if a citizen criticized or spoke out against the Government or elected officials, they could make you disappear. No more of that with Free Speech protections. Free Speech does not apply between non-Government parties.

    Barry wrote, “All accused have a constitutional right to a trial.”

  24. Great malenko, Kyle Larson was suspended indefinitely for uttering the N word during an iracing event, a word that is spoke millions of times a day, and also used by blacks themselves. That meme makes fun of someone being murdered. I would have given Noah a lifetime suspension. Murder is no joke, and those who do find it funny, maybe don’t belong in society?

  25. Meathead Mike says

    Great points dareal, I always admire your unbiased opinions. Hopefully the “defund the police” movement will eliminate enough police manpower so no criminal will ever have to worry about suffering brutality again.

  26. Yahoo sports reports Gragson is now released from the Legacy team. It appears what he or Legacy lost as a bottom rung team is not that great as far as CUP goes. However Gragson was quite successful in Xfinity as I understand it so that’s where the rub will be in the immediate future.
    A lot of good points made. I lean into empathy as far as what Floyd symbolizes to millions of people. That doesn’t mean I can’t feel sorry for the young man. A lot of us have devils and angels on our shoulders. Tending to listen to the angel but in times of weakness the devil gets the upper hand. Social media is the devil’s work. The allure of those simple little buttons or typing a few unthinking thoughts off the top of your head with the devil screaming in your ear far too easy. I’d like to believe Gragson mostly listens to his angel but in a moment of weakness or distraction or perhaps consuming a few adult beverages let the devil have his way.
    If you only have the angel more power to you but I do believe that is a very small minority if we’re being honest.

  27. I don’t give a 💩 what George Floyd did or represented. I’ll let the legitimate judicial system determine that. Oh wait, that can’t happen.

    Barry wrote, “All accused have a constitutional right to a trial.”

    Derek Chauvin acted as the law enforcement and judicial system. He restrained, judged, sentenced, and executed George Floyd in a matter of minutes. Everything our legitimate system of law and order is intended and designed to PREVENT. Chauvin killed someone before George Floyd.

    The worst thing a judicial system can do is falsely convict an innocent person and put him or her to death. Death is irreversible.

    Meathead Mike, my posts are not opinions, but based in fact. You know that since you are always evading the facts. The red state is actually defunding law enforcement and the judicial system, to control law enforcement and the judicial system, to reduce the possibility that they are prosecuted for their crimes. Why do you think the red state was filling judge positions with their lackeys? They have no place being a judge.

    Gragson comes from extreme wealth and privilege . His father is in prison for a DUI fatality. Even NASCAR doesn’t want him around.

    Gragson is toast. Buh-bye!

  28. Meathead Mike says

    Great points dareal, I always appreciate your unbiased facts. But you make it sound like defunding the police is a bad thing? Silly me, I didn’t realize defunding the police was a red state accomplishment. And to think all this time I have been fooled into thinking it was blue states who were soft on crime! More proof that FBI statistics lie!!

  29. Meathead Mike, defunding the police could be good or bad, depending on the particular department and issues.

    Statistics don’t lie.

    A fact denied is still a fact. You do it so well, sort of.

    Gragson is toast. Wonder where he will show up. Won’t be NASCAR for a while.

  30. Yeah, Meathead Mike, no matter how you try to twist, divert or distract, Gragson got himself canceled. He did it to himself.

    I hope you survive the coming fall covid surge. Really, I do.

  31. Meathead Mike says

    Dareal thanks for the good wishes for surviving covid, same good wishes right back at ya. By the way, great job at exposing the red state conspiracy concerning law enforcement and the judicial system, lowering the chances that they will be prosecuted for their crimes. Wasn’t there a recent case of some IRS whistleblowers accusing someone of doing the exact thing of which you speak? My memory isn’t what it used to be so maybe you could kindly jog my memory and remind me of the facts those whistleblowers were talking about? Thanks in advance

  32. Meathead Mike, your memory is toast, and you fabricate too many falsehoods. And you use distraction, diversion, insinuation, innuendo, and casting aspersions which is a YUGE red flag that you are disingenuous. Instead of asking questions all the time, just make statements and see if they stand as truths. There’s always a first time, go ahead…

    Still, Gragson is toast. Good prevailed.

  33. Meathead Mike says

    Dareal I apologize for asking you about the IRS whistleblowers, that seems to have really upset you. I will look it up on my own, hope that makes you feel better. But I don’t know if I can trust the media to be as unbiased as you would be in telling the story of the whistleblowers. The reason I admire you so much is when you talk, you remind me of Sgt Joe Friday on the old TV series, Dragnet. “Just the facts, Ma’am”

  34. I have no problem with whistleblowers. As long as it is factual. There is so much fiction out there. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. You don’t understand that. You might be a Christian, so you might be familiar with, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” Have someone explain that to you.

    Joe Friday was a good guy!!!

    But Gragson must have been out there, and NASCAR is purging the craziest white people.

    So nice of him to issue a statement seeking reconciliation.

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