RaceDayCT Poll: Will Melissa Fifield Finish In The Top-10 Of The Whelen Modified Tour Standings

With a 15th place finish in Saturday’s NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour CheckeredFlag.com 150 at Langley Speedway, Melissa Fifield jumped three positions in the series standings, moving from 15th in the standings before the event to 12th place after it.

Fifield passed Eric Goodale, Anthony Sesely and JB Fortin in the standings Saturday and now sits just 16 points behind 10th place Jake Johnson in the series standings.

At least three drivers ahead of her in the standings are expected to miss some or all of the final six series events. Fifield’s previous best finish in the series standings was 15th, which she accomplished in 2017 and 2022. 

Today’s poll question asks, do you think Melissa Fifield will finish in the top-10 in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour standings for the 2023 season? Vote below.

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour standings following Saturday’s event at Langley Speedway (click to enlarge)


  1. If she does, that shows you how far the Tour has fallen!!

  2. Well, this one will certainly garner clicks.
    I’ve always said it. She is consistent, supports all the events for whatever the reason. I read an interesting column a few months back, and when asked her goals, she stated that she wanted to be known as the iron lady/woman of the nascar modifieds, as well as getting consistent top 10’s. Maybe not her exact words but pretty close if this old memory serves.
    While I’m not a fan per se, I can’t deny the dues the 01 team pays, and dedication of showing up to every event, and trying to run every lap she possibly can.
    So, If she does score top 10 in points this year, good for her. If others grumble, then maybe their driver and team need to go to and support more events. Yes, I followed the whole Langley thread.
    I give that whole 01 team credit for grit and determination. Like I said, while not a fan, I do owe them at least that. And at the end of the day, what I think doesn’t matter, as they are chasing their goals. Way better than what I could do! Jmo.

  3. She there, every race without fail. So is the point leader. All this does is highlight what happens to points when a team doesn’t show up every week. She’s one of 7 drivers to have attended every event so far this year. It is what it is.

  4. Support. What is it? What supports what?

    Racers do not support events.

    Showing up is not a competition. Attendance is not a competition. It is a choice.

    Competition takes place on the track. Competitors compete on the track.

    I do hope that at the tracks coming up on the schedule, the 01 is 🏴 early to let the competitive cars run without a moving pylon.

  5. Someone finishes dead last and some how that leads to this conversation…sad state of affairs for the NWMT

  6. Sure you can use Fifield to make a point I’d suggest Heagy could make it just as well. Currently 8th in points so heck yes he’ll finish in the top 10. Thing is his average finish is 18.5. His claim to fame mostly he shows up and beats Fifield. They both depend on attrition to get good finishes.
    All Fifield and Heagy are doing is showing up for races and enjoying the Tour. I know all of we in the peanut gallery want every racer to have blood in their eyes competing to move up but that isn’t reality. What is true is they can participate for any reason they bloody well choose, set any goals the like and say screw you to all of us that pin expectations on them they never signed up for. They end up where they do not for anything they did wrong it’s a weak field competing for the championship. Point the finger at the ridiculous schedule and NASCAR policy that’s giving racers great finishes in the points without finishing one race anywhere near close to where they landed in the points.
    Does anyone talk about whether David Arute (11) or Kirk Alexander (14) deserve to be in the top 10 in the MMTTS standings. Let me answer for all of us….no. This isn’t a discussion because of racers, it’s a discussion about the sanctioning body we should support the racers no matter who they are.

  7. This just shows how much the NWMT is a joke….

  8. Comparing Fifield to Arute or Alexander is like comparing an 🍎 and 🍊. Alexander and Arute are both feature winners. Matter of fact I believe Alexander is a past series Champion. Sometimes people can’t see the forrest through the trees.

    The cold hard fact is she will never be anymore that what she is. How does that Madonna song go, girls just want to have fun.

  9. Haven’t seen the recent point standings for the MMTTS. If Alexander & Arute are in the top 10 in points in the MMTTS series it’s because they don’t start and finish last unless by a RARE occurrence so they earned those positions. There’s a big difference between a race car driver and a person who drives a race car. So please refrain for answering NO for me. Again 🍎 & 🍊.

  10. It’s gonna be close!!!!

    😬 🤭 😝 😜

  11. Doug I know you dont leave your house and actually go to a race but did you honestly just use Kirk Alexander and David Arute to try and make your point? Kirk Alexander won how many races and Championships with the MRS when it was a top tier series? You say some real dumb stuff but man this is one of the worst. By the way Kirk Just won a race.

  12. “but did you honestly just use Kirk Alexander and David Arute to try and make your point? ”

    What would that point be Scott?
    I agree I say dumb stuff from time to time and may have been inarticulate here but I’m not sure we’re on the same page about the point I was trying to make.

  13. Alexander won the VMRS championship in 2004, 2005 & 2007.

    Arute is currently 8th in the Stafford SK division points.

    Fifield simply exposes one of the shortcomings in the WMT. And she’s not the only one.

  14. Mark Andrews says

    Not one of you keyboard racers has the right to say s**t about Melissa Fifield and I will tell you why.You are in the stands or at your computer screen or in your easy chair watching on Flo.Any of you ever drive a racecar in competition? Any of you ever work on one? Ever own a Team in a Touring Series?If not,then shut the f*** up.The same types that think because they bought a ticket or streamed a sporting event obliges or allows them to be critical of something they know nothing about through participation.Dont know her or her family.The have,and continue to be a Participating Team in a Money Losing Series that will be gone soon along with Nascars Top Series.If they want to spend their money on what they do…..let em…it’s none of you concern…I can almost guarantee they know leaving the shop that they will most likely not win but still enjoy the experience and enjoy it as a family.Why don’t we bring up.the hundreds of racers who support various series and tracks and have never gotten a Checkered flag despite racing for dozens of years and spending a ton of money and time.You are the same fools who probably follow the NASCAR Cult who Elected a racer to the Hall of Fame who only won 1 Race of note in the series and raced for years and years in the sport.Yet hes celebrated as a Member of the Hall,Ahead of more deserving people.Shaun……you slumming it? Trolling for Content to actually put this up? You should be ashamed of yourself here.Its not the least but surprising as you have stated many times, you never really followed or even liked racing at the begining of your career with the Courant as a Sports Writer.Its obvious things are the same except for the fact that you now derive income through a Racing Based Blog.This is irony at its best.I will admit that I have been a regular visitor to the sight and enjoy some of the content.Hopebyou accept criticism as well as praise and print this.

  15. wmass01013 says

    Again all you people think things will be BETTER with NASCAR AND WMT GONE, YEA OK!!!

  16. Both Arute and Alexander have to QUALIFY for the feature thru heat races,with the TTOMS ,cars do go home as there usually is a consi,big difference than the almighty tour!

  17. “Both Arute and Alexander have to QUALIFY for the feature thru heat races,with the TTOMS ,cars do go home as there usually is a consi,big difference than the almighty tour!”

    While that has been true in the past, this year only one event, Waterford, involved a consi. The other three each team that showed up assured a starting spot in the feature.

  18. Interpret my original comment as you will. The intent was to compare the NWMT and MMTTS series. Drivers used only to illustrate the dichotomy between the two series with no critical judgement of any single driver intended.
    However since the interest seems to involve fruit and individual drivers let it not be said I can’t roll with the punches. A few observations about various points of interest in this thread.

    With regard to the apples oranges it’s probably more likely that eating an orange every day is more likely to keep the doctor away then an apple. Less sugar, more protein and dietary fiber. I personally don’t consider them that different both a good idea for a healthy diet consumed in moderation.

    Kirk Alexander-yikes not a good year in the MMTTS. In four races 17, 25, 13,13 for an average finish of 17th. More work to do in that series for sure.

    David Arute- 6, 18,22,14 in the MMTTS for an average finish of 15th. Interestingly has only competed in two of the 4 open shows at Stafford the high point being a 4th in the Call Before you Dig Open 80.

    What is there to admire about Fifield and Heagy- good racing spirit willing to go to all the events traveling up and down the east coast and competing. Fifield iconic in this forum as a lightning rod for criticism. I’m signing on 100% with Bobf’s eloquent summation of the Fifield experience.

    What is there to admire about the NWMT-for any given race they can produce a great field of cars and they do pay well. Racing at the top between Beers, Coby and J. Bonsignor couldn’t be more competitive with each event incredibly meaningful in the final standings.

    What needs work in the NWMT series-schedule, relationship with teams, image…..in short a complete reassessment of goals and the means to achieve them.

    What is there to admire about the MMTTS-Good payout, great relationship between the drivers and management. Good participation depending on the event and evenly matched through most of the field.

    What needs work for the MMTTS-that’s really tough. Some have suggested more races. Others that they should guard against doing too much traveling. Overall however that’s stuff is knit picking, the reality is that they are pretty well at the top of their game. They stick to their model for the most part, never get too far over their ski’s and meet their goals.

    How important are series standings in the current era of tour modified racing? Ideally one might think at minimum the top ten would be comprised of teams that were competitive in every event in the series. We’d also like them to have at least one finish as good or better then their position in the standings.
    NWMT-2022 was a good year. The top ten owners all competitive and participated in all 16 events. 2023 so far all top ten teams are good competitive cars, 7 of the 10 in all 12 events. Watt’s missed on event, Baldwin is out for exigent personal reasons and then there’s Hirschman’s PeeDee/Blake 60 effort that kind of in a category of it’s own.
    MMTTS-In 2022 top 10 all good teams, each scored at least one top 5 but 4 teams got into the top ten missing one or more event. 2023 4 races in all good teams as you’d expect with only Savory missing one event and still making the top 10.

    So you tell me. Are apples and oranges really that different? But seriously are the two series based on the last two years really that far apart as far as quality in the top 10 and how important is the top 10 to you in each series? More importantly can the NWMT make course corrections for next year that get them back to the better balanced top 10 they had in 2022?

  19. Well, it depends on a few things…

    Can the 01 overtake Coby and Hirschman, who will probably not be running the rest of the season and fall out of the points?

    How many races will Nocella, Lutz and Johnson make?

    If Goodale, Sap, Sesely, Emerling and Brown show up for most of the rest of the season, they could keep the 01 down.

    We shall have to wait and see what teams will TRAVEL 🧭 to what events. It all depends on who does NOT show up.

    💥 💥 💥 💥 💥 💥 💥

    Racing is all about competition. Teams should not be rewarded for showing up.

  20. Mark Andrews says

    Your not going to post my response?

  21. The Bore Tour is a joke – The 01 is not a competitive race driver but at the end of the day she will have numerous Most Popular Driver Awards and the most Tour Starts by a female.

  22. Mark,

    I give Melissa and her family all the respect in the world for her dedication to the sport and to the Whelen Modified Tour. That said, this isn’t Quarter Midget racing at the local club and it’s not the hobby stock division at the local dirt track. It’s a NASCAR Touring Series. And part of the reason that series is able to exist is because fans buy tickets to watch it. And the fans that watch – that pay for the tickets to make sure it continues happening – are allowed to be fans, which means having favorites or non-favorites or opinions that are negative and positive about the drivers and races and tracks.
    I’ve never understood this whole fascination some people involved in the sport have with saying: If you’ve never driven a race car then you can’t be critical of someone that does. It’s ridiculous and why it permeates this sport like no other sport is beyond me. In my career I was lucky enough to get the chance to cover the NFL, big time college football, Major League Baseball and plenty of other top level sports. And racing was the only sport where people would throw out the ridiculous declaration that if you never drove a race car you don’t have the right to be critical of those that do. Never in my life did I ever hear a football fan tell another fan that they can’t be critical of how an NFL player played a game if they never played football themselves. It’s just asinine.
    Again, I respect Melissa and her family for their dedication, but they choose themselves to race in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. They choose to compete in a division many term as the highest level there is for Modified racing. When you choose to do that, then you’re choosing to open yourself up to criticism, even from fans. It doesn’t matter if it’s Justin Bonsignore or Doug Coby or Austin Beers or Melissa Fifield, they all make a choice to race in a series that gets a lot of attention and has a lot of fans. I’ll defend Melissa’s right to race all day long and I’ll be critical of anyone who chooses to direct any type of sexist remarks at her for what she does, but that’s where it ends. If people want to be critical of her talent or how that talent has progressed or not progressed, they have every right to do that. If you don’t want to be criticized then get better or leave. Nobody is making them show up every week. They don’t have to do it. If Justin Bonsignore screws up he’ll be criticized by fans and maybe even the media. Same goes for Doug Coby. And they handle it because they’re professionals and understand it’s part of playing at this level. They understand if you want to play in the big sandbox then you better be ready to get some dirt in your eyes. And quite honestly, I don’t think Melissa needs or wants people like you saying the things like you said in this comment.
    And the true irony of your comment here is you are telling people that they can’t be critical of someone who drives a race car unless they’ve driven a race car, but then you’re being critical of me and how I do my job as a journalist. Have you ever been a professional journalist? Well if you don’t think a fan is allowed to be critical of someone involved in racing if they’ve never done it, why are you allowed to be critical of how I do my job if you’ve never done it?

  23. Mark,
    Your comment was posted and replied to. What are you 13 years old sitting over there stalking how long it takes your comment to be posted?

  24. Mark, your premise is incredibly moronic. Same as when Rob p. used to say that unless somebody turned wrenches on a modified they didn’t know what they were talking about.

    Pure absurdity.

    You think all those engineers developing aircraft, weapons, tanks, etc. that never worked on the assembly line (not allowed) or drove or flew one have no idea how they work or how to design them?

    Your premise is just as absurd as when Rob p., Earl, and a couple others tried to use it.

    It is clear after all these years that Fifield can’t drive. She appears to be afraid of going fast. She simply can’t do it. The 01 is a moving pylon that stinks up the show.

    And there is a huge difference between Fifield and Heagy. Heagy is trying and trying hard. He has some decent performances some times. As did Wade Cole. Fifield has top notch equipment and her talent level can’t use it. Heagy would love to have her car.

  25. Mark Andrews says

    Just keep it up keyboard warriors…you show your ignorance every time you post…but hey…it keeps Shawn in business.I guess her family spending a ton of money and time and making sacrifices to support a losing cause still doesn’t get any credit at all.How many of the cars on the tour actually have a chance to win every week…..ridiculous…..Hold onto any Nascar Modified Tour Gear or Memorabilia as in a few years you can clean up selling it on ebay.And Shawn…you are showing your ignorance as well insulting me and asking if I’m 13 and trolling the site to make sure my post is up.Would you like me to be 13 Shawn?Cudos for posting my comments

  26. This is not a Fifield problem, its a WMT problem. The MRS TTOMS ROC would graciously take her money and commitment to attend events rightnow. The WMT is not what we all grew up watching, she found a home in this series due to lack of competition/support from other Teams. It could be Financial, Rules, Travel, Officiating, or a combination of reasons why, but Nascar opened that door.

  27. Mark,
    My ignorance? You left a comment and then came back on and left another comment crying about why the first comment you left wasn’t posted yet. That’s basic Stalker Level 3 material right there.
    As far as what Melissa and her family are doing, it’s fantastic that they are as devoted to the Whelen Modified Tour as they are. I give them all the respect and credit for devotion and the sacrifices they make to do what they clearly love to do. But just because they spend money and devote their time and efforts to supporting a series doesn’t mean they’re immune to people being critical of what they do or how they do it. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft spends millions of dollars supporting a multitude of wonderful charities associated with the NFL, along with all the efforts it takes to run his NFL team. Does that mean fans and the media are not allowed to be critical of the Patriots if they start the NFL season 0-10?

  28. Mark Andrews you are so wrong about peoples right to voice their reality as it relates to the 01 car/driver. Defend her all you want, but the reality is is that she has not been competitive in any event she has ever driven in. on NWMT.

  29. It’s nice having guide rails. Not a fan of the no politics rule when announced. On reflection it’s worked out quite well. Still think a separate section would be nice given the stakes in the political season now upon us. Maybe converting the Football section as it seems that is looking like a fail for 2023 but we’ll see. Anyway let’s just keep it on the table for consideration OK?
    ” I’ll defend Melissa’s right to race all day long and I’ll be critical of anyone who chooses to direct any type of sexist remarks at her for what she does, but that’s where it ends”
    That’s good enough for me. I’d suggest that the energy that people go after her while giving the Wade Coles, Walter Sutcliff’s and Ken Heagy’s of the Tour a pass is energized by the lack of danglers but that’s hard to prove.
    Another thought. I know you like to be fair Mr. Courchesne with your default making every attempt to allow commentary but seriously. There’s no rule that you have to endure serial rudeness and personal insults from anyone. I agree with some of the points Mark Andrews makes but it all gets buried under an avalanche of crude insults and hyperbolic asides.

  30. I like the political talk ban, and keep it off RaceDayCT completely. There are plenty of other places to go to talk that stuff.

    Wade Cole and Ken Heagy try to go faster. They have some good days where they do run fast. When they are maimed or having a bad day, they are a buzzkill as the 01. I think they took themselves off the track when they were way off. Wade used to park himself. Fifield is still terrified of going fast, you can see it on entry, through the turn and on entry. She backs out of the throttle way early and gets into the throttle way later. She is incredibly slow through the turns. Her brakes are glowing even though she is so slow. And yet, she can spin all by herself at those slow speeds. She’s not competing. The 01 is a moving pylon, interrupting the racing wherever she may be.

    She ended up on the NWMT because she couldn’t qualify on the other series, and the low car counts on the NWMT don’t cull the slowest cars. The other series have bled cars from the NWMT.

  31. Shawn,

    Did you ever find out the factual reason for the termination of the NWMT Most Popular Driver Award?


  32. Shawn must have been really bad cause I saw Mr. Whelen Tour Facebook drama boy Shane posting about you. Bad bad.

  33. JF,
    Yes, I saw that about my apparent disturbing behavior. Another one of his common vague posts he’s known for when he’s trying to get attention on Facebook. He is pretty much the definition of Keyboard Courage. He will post all sorts of garbage about me and this website on Facebook but then will walk by me at the track and never have the spine to say any of it to my face.

  34. darealgoodfella,
    There was never any explanation offered for the elimination of that program. It just went away.

  35. Look what happens when the giants of a sport are gone. The NWMT no longer has Art Barry, Mike Stefanik, Eddie Partridge, and Bob Garbarino. These guys were the giants of the sport and kept order. Now, the inmates are running the joint.

  36. so following Mark Andrews “logic”, i guess that after i watch a movie, i cant say that i didnt like it. i have never acted in a movie. i have never written a script. i have never worked on a set. i cant possibly understand how hard those people because i am not in that field of work. so, again, according to Mr. Andrews “logic”, i better just like the movie and shut up about it.
    come to think of it, cant we apply to this “logic” to restaurants? i hope Mr.Andrews has never been dissatisfied with a meal he paid for at a restaurant. unless, of course, in addition to his vast array of other skills, Mr. Andrews also has culinary experience.
    we really can apply this “logic” of Mr. Andrews to every facet and experience in life.

  37. Fifield is no Shirley Muldowney or Janet Guthrie.

    Shirley and Janet meant something and added to the male dominated sports they were involved in.

  38. The 01 should put Nocella in that car. Or McKennedy. McKennedy would be better, he can set up a car.

  39. Saw that post from Shane Bailey and laughed. That guy is always posting weird stuff on Facebook for attention. At the end he said it had nothing to do with the 46 team. If you have to tell people what your post isn’t about because it’s so strange then you’re probably a childish idiot looking for attention. Dude obviously has some issues going on.

  40. Shane Bailey is a wannabe who thinks he’s somebody cause he has a Facebook page. What is he about 10 years working on tour crews and I think the only time he’s allowed to touch the car is to wipe it with a towell.

  41. No Johnson, no Nocella at Oswego. All she needs is 17 points this weekend to move into 10th. WOW this is getting interesting.

  42. And that cars get points for simply starting a race, less cars more points, is laughable.

  43. And whoever this Shane Bailey is, he’s loving that you are talking about him here. These people thrive on attention, and you are giving it to him.

    Regarding the 01, it is stunning in this day of political correctness, cancel culture, antifa, trophies for participation, etc., that NASCAR rewards teams for showing up and not competing. This is EVERYTHING that this ilk is vehemently against.

    So far, it appears the 01 ruined the Most Popular Driver Award. What’s next?

    NASCAR has to stop rewarding non-competitive participation, just as it did the start-and-park abuse.

    Qualifying along with car limits per event used to cull this sort of thing. NASCAR needs to come up with another way to stop rewarding non-competitive participation.

  44. Just saw the post about what Dennis Bailey did on Facebook. Sending letters to the marketing partners is definitely the way to go if you want to affect change. Thing is there has to be substance at the same time.
    Following RaceDayCt I just can’t come up with one kernel of substance regarding any kind of misogynist behavior related to Fifield from the publisher or any for that matter. Quite the opposite. The coverage exemplary.
    We’re lucky that locally we have drivers like Amanda West, Meg Fuller, Cassandra Cole, Alexandra Fearn and others to root for. They too benefit from the existence of RaceDayCt having their notable exploits documented in articles. Why wouldn’t Alexandra Fearn, a very successful driver in the past, get all kinds of stories which she has over the years as opposed to Fifield who doesn’t do anything worth writing about. Whoa, wait a minute….. perhaps Mr. Courchesnes is pro feminist. A quick search of the stories over the years show Fifield got more then her share of favorable coverage without being successful on the track.

    2/14/22 Whelen Mod Tour Driver Melissa Fifield Part Of New Busch Light Accelerate Her Support Initiative

    8/15/21 Digging Deep With Denise: Visiting With Melissa Fifield

    11/13/19 Unmuffled Highlights From Melissa Fifield, Burt Myers And Andrew Molleur

    11/11/19 Burt Myers, Melissa Fifield And Andrew Molleur On Episode 63 Of Unmuffled

    9/10/18 Matt Swanson, Melissa Fifield Help NHMS Kick Off Speeding To Read Program

    6/18/18 Whelen Mod Tour Driver Melissa Fifield And NHMS Officials Reward Youth Reading Program Winners

    11/23/16 Don’t Hate The Player: Melissa Fifield Deserves Credit Not Criticism For NASCAR Award

    There’s more but that last one “Don’t Hate The Player” tells a story does it not? Over 100 comments on that one as the forum got lit up.
    What this is about is Courchesne taking a hit for our behavior. Since Fifield came on the Tour scene in 2014 the continuous, inexplicable, repetitive negative comments about her existence on the NWMT far exceeded the news worthiness of her performance exponentially. She hasn’t changed much, still showing up for races and driving around the apron. Years and years the same thing yet every year it drives a number of contributors to this forum nuts as they react to the mere mention of her name much like Pavlov’s dog.
    All this amounts to is guilt by association. Courchesne bending over backwards to allow commentary while providing a long leash. It’s seems pretty clear to me what’s in play, that I’ve been saying for years with the same negative reaction, it’s about the penis, Fifield doesn’t have one. Several other drivers not performing as poorly but definitely in the same class…nothing. Bring them up in a post and the Fifield army of haters will bring up the most finite differentiation to exclude the drivers with the penis. The latest being “he tries” whatever the hell that means. Like doing everything it takes to field a car that the Tour will approve to be in one of their events and driving all over the east coast isn’t “trying”.
    It’s the number of years the commentary has appeared and the shear volume of it that stands out as extraordinary. Fifield is what she is, it’s not a big story. She doesn’t change and yet the vitriol and demeaning rhetoric are as constant as the seasons of the year.
    Social media is superficial. Line after line of inane nothings, no thought, just reaction. A good platform to make significant news worthy information public, the sum of the inane reactions tells a story in itself about how it was received but each comment in the thread by itself a nothing burger for the most part.
    In the comment section you have a choice. Be too expansive like I am here or hit the easy button. Just react and that’s where Fifield comes in so handy. Nothing has changed with her but a convenient target, no thought required so tappy, tap, tap an couple lines taking another shot at her and you’re feeling engaged. Meanwhile Meg Fuller has announced she’ll be making her SK debut in a car prepared by KRR. A comment worthy tidbit but you need to be an engaged fan to read the content on social media to dig that up. A thoughtless bit of mockery of Fifield, no thought required just hit the easy button. Copy and past it from the last decade……same thing.
    Sorry Mr. Courchesne we got you in “Dutch” and my grandmother would say. I’m not as culpable on the Fifield all day sucker for the inane but surely am on a host of other topics I beat to death.
    Regarding Dennis Bailey I simply suggest look at the history of articles published by RaceDayCt that put Fifield in a favorable light. Blaming the publication for the sin of allowing we that are behaving badly is simply shooting before you aim.

  45. Doug,
    I think you’re getting two toxic indidividuals who dislike this site confused. Dennis Parker is the individual who sent the email to multiple marketing partners and supporters accusing this website of being abusive toward women. Dennis Parker has left more than 550 comments on RaceDayCT in the last six years, never using any regular username. Most of those comments were posted while he was on Travelers Insurance computer network. Dennis Parker is a Marine Claims Surveyor/Estimator for Travelers Insurance. Shane Bailey is just a guy who operates a Facebook page devoted to his love of the Whelen Modified Tour who gets upset and posts weirdly vague and accusatory posts on Facebook about me regularly.

  46. I’ve said it before Shawn.
    I have no idea how you handle all of this criticism while giving a platform for people to have a spot to voice their. opinion. And, I know you believe that everyone has the right to do that, if it’s respectful.
    But no matter where you are on this particular topic, it appears to have gone off the rails for you. I consider myself far from sexist.
    To lump every one of the commenters here into that category, because you give us the place to post is, well, disheartening at best.
    But I thank you, and hope you don’t throw in the towel. I get it though.

  47. Doug confused? Say it ain’t so……….

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