Ryan Preece Transported To Hospital Following Terrifying Cup Series Wreck At Daytona 

Ryan Preece’s car during a horrifying crash Saturday during the NASCAR Cup Series event at Daytona International Speedway (Image: NBC Sports)

NASCAR announced at 11:04 pm Saturday that Ryan Preece was transported to a local hospital following a terrifying and violent wreck late in Saturday’s Cup Series event at Daytona International Speedway. 

With five laps remaining Preece’s car turned abruptly left and then got sideways into the grass on the backstretch. While traveling sideways the car got airborne beginning a horrifying sequence of flips before coming to rest on all four wheels. 

Emergency crews removed Preece from the car. Preece, a Berlin native and former NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion, could be seen on camera during the NBC broadcast standing up with emergency officials. He was then placed on a stretcher. 

NASCAR announced at 11:04 pm that Preece was “transported to a local medical facility for further evaluation.” 

A post from Preece’s race update social media account at 11:24 pm read: “Ryan was transported to a local hospital where he is undergoing standard tests, he is awake, alert and obviously shaken.”

At 11:52 pm the following was posted on Preece’s official X (formerly Twitter) account: “If you want to be a race car driver, you better be tough. Dammit. Fast @racechoice @FordPerformance Mustang. I’m coming back.”


  1. I Pray Ryan is Alright . Good sign he got of car. That kid can not catch a break. It looked like erik jones punted him!!

  2. Say what you want about this new car. I don’t think the old one holds up as well as this did.

  3. OMG!!! Praying Ryan is ok, and the trip to the hospital was just precautionary. That was a violent wreck. Although they said he flipped 10 times, I counted 13-14. I don’t know if it’s good or bad that the car remained mostly intact not even shedding a wheel. Once again, hoping he’s ok thoughts and prayers for him.

  4. “I Pray Ryan is Alright . Good sign he got of car. That kid can not catch a break. It looked like erik jones punted him!!”

    I’m with you on this one Reg

  5. Yeah the car did it’s job there. Like Ryan’s social media response. Ready to get right back at it. Must be a Ryan thing or a racers thing. Blaney’s crash was much worse and he has ok. Straight into the wall at 190 or barrel roll into next week. Pick your poison.

  6. NurfbarNJ, what are you smoking? “Blaneys wreck was much worse, but he was ok” Blaneys got hooked and hit the safer barrier, the car crumpled like it was designed to do and the barrier did it’s job absorbing the impact. Preece violently rolled through the infield, taking 2 or 3 horrendous hits with the ground, a much worse fate. The car being intact the way it was is concerning, as usually as the car sheds parts, it also loses energy. I think both Ryan’s would agree Preeces wreck was worse.

  7. I have no idea what the record is for barrel rolls but that had to be in the hunt for the most. Spinning in the air terrifying but when it hit the pavement all I could think of was now is the time for all the attention to head and neck restraints to pay off. Looks like they did.
    Hopefully the hospital is precautionary for testing and recovery.

  8. You can’t compare each wreck as each one is different. Prayers for Preece

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