Kasey Beattie Takes A Late Model Trifecta At White Mountain

(Press release from White Mountain Motorsports Park)

One hundred and thirteen teams flooded the White Mountain Motorsports Park pit area on Saturday afternoon, setting up for one of the biggest showdowns of the season at New Hampshire’s Favorite Short Track. Headlined by a set of Twin 100s, Saturday saw the conclusion of the second annual Wall’s Ford Platinum Late Model Series and the return of the $5,000 to win R&R Race Parts NH Street Stock Open that left plenty of thrills for the crowd on hand and provided an early champion for the record books. 

The Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Minis started out the jam-packed evening with trouble early to leave John Knight in control of the field. Youngster McKenna Merchant dove underneath him on the backstretch to lead lap 8 at the line. With the championship battle continuing in earnest behind her, Merchant kept her foot in the throttle before lap traffic stopped her advance and relegated her back to sixth while Chris Moulton swept around Knights for the lead. Moulton mashed the gas against his championship opponent Kristian Switser to claim the win on the track, post-race technical inspection discovered an illegal engine under the hood giving Switser the win with Jake Hayes in second and Merchant rounding out the podium.

After working up from a mid-pack starting position, Luke Shannon Sr. took over the heap on lap 3 of the second Dwarf Car segment. After stalking the leader, Jason Wyman looked to the outside groove for a little more speed while Luke Shannon Jr. worked mid-pack traffic looking to sweep the twin 20-lap segment event. The two raced side-by-side through the final ten circuits as the hot-shoes in segment one drove desperately to meet them before time ran out. Jason Wyman got the 0.022-second advantage on Shannon at the line to take the overall win with just 4 points total over Luke Shannon Sr. and Vermont’s Ethan Tyrrell.

Courtesy of a +8 earned in his qualifying heat, Justin Prescott paced the R&R Race Parts Open Street Stock field to the green flag. The first caution would fly on lap 14 for the 88 of Adam Lovejoy in turn two as several teams, including White Mountain stand-outs Thomas Smithers VI and Tanner Woodard, jumped into the pits for early adjustments. Prescott again took the restart lead over Rob McRae at the flagstand as Jason Woodard followed the Thunder Road Late Model rookie. Even through a series of spin-caused yellow flags, Prescott and Woodard battled hard at the front. Just after the halfway point, Charlie Baldwin put on a serious charge for the lead under Prescott before Jimmy Renfrew Jr. spun in turn two. 

Baldwin snagged away the lead from Prescott just before the lap 60 spin for Geoff Rollins in turn three but lost that top spot to Prescott back at the line. Baldwin bounced back on lap 65 with a rear-view mirror full of Kris Watson as he continued to fight Prescott. Prescott gained back the upper hand with fifteen laps left and started to pull away with ten remaining. With two-to-go, Jason Woodard pulled up to tap bumpers and never stopped even as time ran out. Justin Prescott pocketed the $5,000 win plus an over-$1,000 prize for leading 73 of the 100 laps. Jason Woodard took down second with defending Street Stock Open 100 champion Kris Watson taking the third-place trophy back home to Kenduskeag, Maine. 

With Kevin Boucher and Brett Jackson leading the charge, the Ammonoosuc Asphalt Mini Late Models launched for their 40-lap Matt Clay Memorial Midseason Championship make-up. With Boucher quickly taking charge, the fight was on for second as Dustin Jackson, Josh Dunn and others duked it out before Dick Lamotte’s infield spin on lap 14 called the caution. Boucher ran off with the restart lead but not without close followers Nick Anderson and Haywood Herriot, sub-driving for Cody LeBlanc. Anderson dove under Boucher to lead lap 25 with Herriot and Dustin Jackson in tow on the inside line. While Herriot came close, Nick Anderson brought it home for the double-point win followed by Herriot and Kevin Boucher on the podium.

Joey Laquerre overtook the lead immediately after taking the green flag in the Fisher Auto Parts Flying Tigers feature, but Colin Cornell and John Donahue looked fast on the outside groove behind him. Cornell hopped to the outside of Laquerre on lap 8, stole away the lead on lap 10 and never let up, stretching his lead all the way to half-a-lap by the time he took the checkered flag. John Donahue and invader Joel Hodgdon rounded out the winner’s circle.

To end the night the Foley Oil & Propane Late Models returned to wrap up the 2023 Wall’s Ford Platinum Series with a 100-lap affair in the tight championship battle. With American-Canadian Tour hotshoe Erick Sands at the helm and White Mountain regular Matt Anderson to his outside, the Wall’s 100 came to life. Kasey Beattie entered the picture early to steal away the lead on lap 2 as Scott Dragon, Bryan Wall Jr. and Anderson followed in line. Anderson’s strong luck disappeared on lap 13 in a shower of sparks under his left front. Beattie and Sands continued their hard-nosed fight at the front with Quinny Welch and current American-Canadian Tour top rookie Tanner Woodard getting a front-seat view.

Welch moved into second around Sands on lap 56 to begin chasing down Beattie with a caution for Reilly Lanphear’s slide through the infield grass and up into turn one stacking them up once again. Multiple caution-induced restarts continued to pour gas on the flame between Beattie and Welch at the front as they continually fought it out over and over again. Through it all, St. Johnsbury’s Kasey Beattie proved to be class of the field, able to secure a trifecta by taking the Wall’s Ford 100 event win, the 2023 Wall’s Ford Platinum Series Championship and was crowned the 2023 White Mountain Motorsports Park King of the Mountain by virtue of his point lead two weeks prior to championship night at the track.

White Mountain Motorsports Park kicks off another epic weekend of racing next Saturday, September 16th with the 45th American-Canadian Tour Fall Foliage 200. The doubleheader Saturday night is headlined by the ACT Tour Fall Foliage 200 along with the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) Super Late Models, the New England Supermodified Series (NESS), PASS Modifieds and the Fisher Auto Parts Flying Tigers.  

For more information, contact the White Mountain Motorsports Park offices at (802) 244-6963, [email protected], or visit www.whitemountainmotorsports.com. You can also follow us on Facebook at @WhiteMtnMotorsports.

White Mountain Motorsports Park – N. Woodstock, NH

Wall’s Ford Platinum Series & R&R Race Parts NH Street Stock Special

Saturday, September 9, 2023


Foley Oil & Propane Late Models – Wall’s Ford 100

1.         45NH   Kasey Beattie              St. Johnsbury, VT

2.         78NH   Quinten Welch            Groveton, NH

3.         68NH   #Tanner Woodard       Waterbury Ctr., VT

4.         36NH   Erick Sands                  Derry, NH

5.         0VT      Scott Dragon               Milton, VT

6.         38VT    Tyler Cahoon               Danville, VT

7.         28NH   Ricky Bly                      Sunapee, NH

8.         83VT    Stacy Cahoon              St. Johnsbury, VT

9.         00NH   Jimmy Renfrew Jr.      Candia, NH

10.       04NH   Shawn Swallow           Groveton, NH

11.       49NH   Matt Anderson            Franklin, NH

12.       21VT    Reilly Lanphear           Waterbury, VT

13.       42NH   Mike Jurkowski            Claremont, NH

14.       77NH   #Bryan Wall Jr.            E. Kingston, NH

15.       17NH   #Kyle Goodbout           N. Woodstock, NH

16.       99NH   Ben Belanger              Whitefield, NH

17.       22WC  Mike Clark                   Littleton, NH

18.       57NH   David Labreque           Thornton, NH

19.       21NH   Oren Remick               Monroe, NH

20.       8NH     Connor McDougal       Wakefield, NH

21.       02MA  Geoff Rollins               Merrimack, NH

22.       47NH   Brockton Davis            Whitefield, NH

23.       07NH   Mark Patten                Belmont, NH

24.       22VT    Peyton Lanphear         Waterbury, VT

25.       02NH   Randy Potter               Groveton, NH

$5,000 to Win R&R Race Parts NH Street Stock Open  – (100 Laps)

1.         44VT    Justin Prescott             South Hero, VT

2.         68VT    Jason Woodard           Waterbury Ctr., VT

3.         35        Kris Watson                 Kenduskeag, ME

4.         01        Bill Helliwell                Litchfield, NH

5.         89        Jimmy Renfrew Jr.      Candia, NH

6.         2          Charlie Baldwin           Hudson, NH

7.         4VT      Chris Riendeau            Weathersfield, VT

8.         52x      Rob McRae                 Barica, MA

9.         4          Tommy O’Sullivan       Wilbraham, MA

10.       57        Justin Beecher            Billerica, MA

11.       45        Adam Maynard           Milton, VT

12.       7C        John Cashman             Danvers, MA

13.       03        Josh Gerard                 W. Wareham, MA

14.       33        Geoff Rollins               Merrimack, NH

15.       07        Christopher Buffone   Belchertown, MA

16.       24        Scott Zilinski                Irving, MA

17.       16z       Dillon Zullo                  Claremont, NH

18.       1          Travis Lovejoy             Waterboro, ME

19.       30        Andrew Morin            Nashua, NH

20.       55        Jamie Longley             Newton, NC

21.       68NH   Tanner Woodard         Waterbury Ctr., VT                  

22.       7          Shane Gendron           Tyngsboro, MA

23.       97        Adam Gray                  Granby, MA

24.       60        Thomas Smithers VI    Gilmanton, NH

25.       83G      Shawn Gilpatrick         W. Newfield, ME

26.       4K        Jared Kimball              Arundel, ME

27.       88        Adam Lovejoy             Sanford, ME

28.       LL         George Baldwin          Lowell, MA

29.       52        Brad Bushey                Cambridge, MA

DNS     05        Craig Bushey               Fletcher, VT

Ammonoosuc Asphalt Mini Late Models – Matt Clay Memorial (40 Laps)

1.         55        Nick Anderson             Oxford, MA

2.         7NH     Heywood Herriot*      Berlin, NH

3.         71        Kevin Boucher             Grafton, NH

4.         37        Dustin Jackson             Bethlehem, NH

5.         76        Garrett LaBounty        Orleans, VT

6.         31        Brett Jackson               Bethlehem, NH

7.         409      Nick Houle                   Granby, MA

8.         11NH   Josh Dunn                    Enfield, NH

9.         1NH     Ken Marier                  Newfields, NH

10.       8          Jeffrey Martin             Barre, VT

11.       7MI      Matt LeBlanc              Berlin, NH

12.       90        Desmond Skillings       Antrim, NH

13.       18        Dick Lamotte               White River Jct., VT

14.       51VT    Chris Judd                    Windsor, VT

15.       00        Jamie Peterson            Belmont, NH

16.       10        Issac Rollins                 Hudson, ME

*Sub Driver for Cody LeBlanc

Fisher Auto Parts Flying Tigers – (35 Laps)

1          54VT    Colin Cornell               E. Burke, VT

2          26NH   John Donahue             Graniteville, VT

3          36VT    Joel Hodgdon              Craftsbury Common, VT

4          15NH   Joey Laquerre             E. Montpelier, VT

5          26VT    #Luke Peters               Groton, VT

6          3NH     David Baron                Nashua, NH

7          00VT    Matthew Potter*        Marshfield, VT

8          82NH   Frank Sweeney            Belmont, NH

9          34ME   David Vaughn              Naples, ME

10        34VT    Mike Bailey**             S. Barre, VT

11        36NH   #Nathan Hamblett      Derby Line, VT

12        46VT    Aaron Maynard           Lyndonville, VT

*Sub Driver for Brandon Gray

**Sub Driver for Jim Paquette

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Minis – (25 Laps)

1.         16NH   Kristian Switser           Waterford, VT

2.         09        Jack Hayes                   Littleton, NH

3.         99        #McKenna Merchant  Waterford, VT

4.         18        Donnie Baumgardner N. Woodstock, NH

5.         57        Todd Derrington         Littleton, NH

6.         12        John Knight                 Franklin, NH

7.         69        #Aiden Young              Dalton, NH

8.         16x      #Patrick Switser          Woodsville, NH

9.         26        Corey Martin               Northfield, VT

10.       02        Dustin Wilson              Bethlehem, NH                       

11.       33        Brayden Murphy         Barre, VT

12.       0          Keri Driscoll                 Gilmanton, NH            

13.       19        Dave Driscoll               N. Woodstock, NH

14.       1          Scott Senecal              Lisbon, NH

15.       17x      Connor Rueda             Barre, VT

16.       14        Jillian Baumgardner    N. Woodstock, NH                  

17.       10x      Tim Corey                    Whitefield, NH

DNS     01        Jeff Champine             Whitefield, NH

DNS     29        Marcus Jenness           Thornton, NH

DSQ     15        Chris Moulton*           Pepperell, MA

Disqualified for Illegal Engine

Wayne’s Market Dwarf Cars – (15 Laps)

1.         88        Jason Wyman              Easton, NH                  (3+1 = 4)

2.         8          Luke Shannon Sr.        Groveton, NH              (5+2 = 7)

3.         23        Ethan Tyrrell               Worcester, VT             (2+5 = 7)

4.         13        Luke Shannon  Jr.        Groveton, NH              (1+7= 8)

5.         41        Jeff Ainsworth             Bethlehem, NH           (7+3= 10)

6.         1          Stephen Donahue       Graniteville, VT           (6+4 = 10)

7.         93        Dave Gyger                 Campton, NH              (4+6= 10)

8.         52        Chad Dufour                Littleton, NH                (8+8= 16)

9.         3NH     Daniel Brofman           Berlin, NH                    (9+9= 18)

10.       55        Ken Wright                  Danbury, NH               (10+10= 20)

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