RaceDayCt Poll: Did NASCAR Do The Right Thing In Reinstating Whelen Mod Tour Driver JB Fortin

On Thursday RaceDayCT reported that JB Fortin had been reinstated by NASCAR and would return to action with the Whelen Modified Tour in Saturday’s Eddie Partridge 256 at Riverhead Raceway. NASCAR made that news official on Friday. Today’s poll questions asks, do you think NASCAR did the right thing in reinstating JB Fortin? Vote below.


  1. As much as I hate JB and think the NWMT, Riverhead Raceway and modified racing in general are better off without him.

    The only answer is yes.

    The rule book was followed through the whole process. I’m sure he wouldn’t even have missed a race if he just did what they wanted him to do right away without the all the woe is me stuff.

    If NASCAR didn’t want him to ever come back, they would have given him a stiffer penalty. And would have had to defend that decision through the appeals process.

    The penalties for JB were relatively minor at the end of the day. Stubbornness and pride kept him out longer.

  2. They need cars

  3. I have no opinion, but Shawn,,,, Max McGlaughlin has an Xfinity ride for 8 races next season, I was a big fan of Magic Shoes

  4. As long as paid the fines and fulfilled the requirements to be reinstated by NASCAR he deserves to to race.

  5. Maybe he and Max Zachem can kiss and make up when they see each other next.

  6. @zig13 generally I agree with your comment, except I think more than pride kept JB Fortin on the sidelines. According to him the NASCAR penalty was too high to pay, and given how tight finances can be for regional race teams it’s hard to disagree. Without the fine being reduced on appeal he might not have returned.

  7. Did the other driver that drove into the side of JB have to go through anger management also? Seems like he should’ve

  8. Whatever the process was that brought a team back that had expressed a complete resignation and lack of interest in pursuing other events let alone a return to the Tour is beyond my pay grade. I’m just shocked they felt so strongly about racing a series they never gave up. Or was it the other side that had a change of heart?

    RaceDayCT 7/28
    JB Fortin On NASCAR Appeals Process: “It’s Basically A Waste Of Time”

    The consensus is that they followed the protocols and earned their way back. How about this? The appeal was initially rejected was it not? Perhaps it is NASCAR that did the bending over backwards considering the pressure they are under now with defections both announced and apparently in the pipeline.

  9. Stuart A Fearn says

    a few races with car counts the lowest in generations and all the sudden a reinstatement! shocking

  10. Reading the press release, the final appeal knocked $2,500 off JB’s fine due to a technicality. No change to any of the other 3 family members.

    If you think $2,500 was the difference keeping a team like him off the tour, i have a bridge to sell ya.

    This is a family that has raced for decades. And they couldn’t race on the tour or at Riverhead anymore while suspended. you tell me who bent the knee.

    All of that talk about not coming back was simply that. talk. The fortins love to hear themselves talk. Cant let themselves seem like they were the ones in the wrong.

  11. Well this may be bad news for Missy Fifield fans as this may deter from finishing in the top 10 in points on the Almighty Tour….#whatajoke

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