RaceDayCT Poll: How Many Whelen Mod Tour Events Should There Be At Monadnock In 2024? 

JDV Productions owner Josh Vanada announced Saturday that his company will take over operations of Monadnock Speedway in 2024. JDV Productions promoted one NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour event at Monadnock in 2022 and two events in 2023. There is some speculation that with JDV Productions taking over operations of Monadnock that there could be three Whelen Modified Tour events at the track in 2024. Vanada said Monday that it’s still too early to say how many Whelen Modified Tour events will be at Monadnock in 2024. Today’s poll question asks, how many Whelen Modified Tour events do you think there should be at Monadnock Speedway in 2024? Vote below.  


  1. Been a total of 5 lead changes in last 3 whelen tour races at monadnok and 4 of them were in 1 race and 1 of those was caused by lapped car fortin blocking herschman to get him out of the lead dirty. 1 lead change in 2 races this year. Its like F1 there. Cars that started 1-2-3 saturday finished 1-2-3 like they qualified. I dont wanna pay 45 bucks to watch a race that got won in time trials. Bad track for racing.

  2. I think the narrow operating window, may-sept basically, really wouldnt allow more than 2 without cannibalizing each other.

    I think riverhead had the same issue.

    Thompson/Stafford are probably the only tracks that could theoretically hold 3 this day in age, because they can run in April and into October.

  3. If Riverhead can do three, why not Monadnock as well? So there weren’t lead changes, but you need to watch past the top three to appreciate the racing, especially when cars start getting lapped. You have cars battling for position and trying to stay on the lead lap, with the leaders trying to figure out a way around them. You had the cars involved in the lap two incident trying to get back to the front. There was a lot more going on if you watched more then the first few cars. Also, keep in mind who was up front; 51 learned at Riverhead, 64 learned on ROC and PA bullrings, and 06 learned at Monadnock. Barring any issues, you would expect them to be frontrunners there.

  4. The more New England shows the better… 90% of the tour drivers and owners are New England guys. Why drive to florida or Virgínia for several days and get paid peanuts. New Symrna race is joke as well . Every one off season now is cut in half so u can plain a week away to race down in Florida in February then have month half off till next race again. Symrna over 10,000 dollar deal before you even take green flag . Basically u need to win to break even . 3rd on back you lost your shirt . Makes no sense. It’s 2023 let’s race for some real money. If owners stuck together and refuse to race for these ridiculous purses maybe nascar would increase purse . Squeaky wheel gets grease. Circus clowns putting on events and making zero profit . Insane …

  5. knuckles mahoney says

    1 race at Monadnock, and 1 at Riverhead is plenty. Tracks are too small and boring.

  6. Whelen Mod Tour is a joke 😂

  7. I love how ALWAYS THE WMT purses are ridiculous but the TRI TRACK, STAFFORD, THOMPSON, MRS, ROC, SMART purses are allllllllll GREAT~~~~~~~

  8. Geography Teacher says

    You might want to look at a map Phil. 90% from New England on the tour isn’t even close. Top 20 in points right now, 6 drivers are from New England out of 20. That’s 30%. And 3 of those drivers from New England have raced for owners from NY or Pennsylvania this year. Most drivers and owners now are from NY. There is 10 drivers in the top 20 from NY, 2 from Pennsylvania, 1 from Jersey and one from North Carolina.

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