RaceDayCT Poll: What Did You Think Of The Aggressive Driving Between Justin Bonsignore And Ron Silk 

Aggressiveness between them was theme for the most of the race – and intently over the closing laps – between championship contenders Justin Bonsignore and Ron Silk Saturday at Riverhead Raceway in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Eddie Partridge 256. Justin Bonsignore came out on top of the the bruising bullring battle between the two. What did you think of the aggressive between the two on Saturday? Vote below.


  1. So worth the $40 admission and almost a 300 mile round trip!

  2. Everyone saying Silk isn’t a dirty driver. This year he has been. He’s been driving like he’s desperate. A few restarts that he was on the inside, he drove the 3rd place guy to the 3rd groove of a two groove race track. Austin Beers owes him a few. He did it to him last night and he did it to him at Oswego or Lancaster. I don’t think Justin’s initial tap was bad. It looked like short track racing. Silk then tried to punt him to the moon but Justin placed defense cause he knew it was coming. I’m surprised there was no call with Silk jumping the start where he took the lead.

  3. Should never use the bumber to pass. I think Silk started it but not 100% or

  4. Not cool; I’m sure I’m in the minority, but that’s not racing, imo.

    I grew up Sat nights at the Park, so I get bullrings.. that was demo derby crap. I’ve never been a fan of using the chrome horn to move the leader, be crafty, use the outside or find the inside lane without dumping the car in front of you.. in other words, “race”….

  5. Thank you, Goldy! Real racing requires patience, skills at setting up a pass, reading and interpretating another driver’s line and how a car changes. Too often, “racing” has descended into what transpired at Riverhead. Unfortunately, I think we are in the minority.
    Posters evidently love it, especially since it creates its own cycle of (in their eyes), “getting him back” at the next event. Lost on them is that such behavior becomes predictable, which is what they complained about initially.
    Prudish about contact am I? No, but simply not letting off and literally driving another competitor out of the way requires minimal talent and high risk, both to the safety of the driver and value of equipment. Alas, let’s enjoy the mods while we can!

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