RaceDayCT Poll: What Month Would You Like To See The Cup Series Run At New Hampshire Motor Speedway?

The 2024 NASCAR Cup Series scheduled is expected to bring some major changes across the board to a lot of the traditional spots for many events. It has been rumored that the July Cup Series event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway could be moving to a different place on the schedule. So today’s poll question asks, what month would you like to see the the Cup Series compete at New Hampshire Motor Speedway? Vote below.


  1. Norman R. Roulx says

    Leave it in July, just another dump move by NASCAR. How did NASCAR get so popular and now loosing out. They are about about the money. July weather best for NH southern climate can accommodate racing in any month. So sorry the new generation at the helm is so stupid when it come to fans. I say if you do not want to be in NH just leave.

  2. Hope people like june.

  3. Suitcase Jake says

    Well , Norman , I can tell you never got heat stroke and sunburned in the Aluminum frying pan at the July Shows…. I used to sell my July tickets and go to the fall Race because it was MUCH more ENJOYABLE than July Races… LOL I had Season tickets from year ONE when they had INDY CARS and Busch Grand Nationals on the schedule.. At ONE TIME those Tickets were like GOLD ,, I could sell my Tickets for Great Money.. At the end I couldn’t GIVE THEM AWAY…SEPTEMBER is the BEST WEATHER and FOLIAGE …

  4. Capt. Mike Qbvious says

    My only problem with September as a date is that it’s the time of year when local tracks/series are getting into their big end-of-season shows. No track/series in their right mind would want to go head-to-head against a Loudon Cup race, so a September race would leave one fewer day/weekend to schedule those big local shows, and potentially create even more schedule conflicts than we already have.

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