RaceDayCT Poll: Will You Attend Or Watch The Whelen Modified Tour Event At North Wilkesboro

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour make its first visit to the North Wilkesboro (N.C.) Speedway Saturday for the running of the Brushy Mountain Power Sports 150. The event features an entry list of 39 cars. Today’s poll question asks, will be attending the event in person, watching the event on FloRacing or not watching or attending? Vote below.


  1. Flo Racing

  2. I’ll watch it if it ends up on network tv, but for me the FloRacing fee is better spent on my next race tickets.

  3. Fast Ed, Considering what you’d spend on gas and lodging just to follow the Tour the 150 it takes to secure Flo is the deal of deals I think. Would you spend 15 bucks 10x a year at a front gate to watch races live? forgetting gas and food it’s a great deal really

  4. Fast Eddie, get yourself a calculator. Maybe there is a calculator on your smartphone, unless you still use a flip phone.

    There is no comparison of Flo vs attending the event at the track. It’s a matter of if you want to be at the track or not.

    If watching the races is important, regardless of where or how, Flo is a deal that can’t be beat. The cost to attend the track is orders of magnitude greater than Flo. Total cost of two track visits is easily far more expensive than a season of Flo.

    For me, it doesn’t matter. Being at the track is the only way to go. When I can’t make it to the track, I use Flo as a backup.

    I must say, there is nothing like the aroma of racing gasoline.

  5. Cereal Killer says

    It is $50 for a ticket to attend this race. I’ll stick with Flo for this one.

  6. It’s not going out on a limb to say with this particular forum community a great deal of value if placed on “old school”. Strange to speak of Fast Eddie as if it were behind his back but he’s an old school fan isn’t he. It’s not about the money it’s about being there. Travels all over creation to see bigger events, camera in hand, more tour modified races live then probably anyone here and has done it for years. Commentary all first hand and always interesting. Old school for sure but maybe the best pure fan as well.

  7. It was $30 plus fees if purchased by the 24th.

  8. Suitcase Jake says

    I am still working on the Yankee candle SMELLS of the RACETRACK formulas …. Burnt 116 Fuel…..Hot Brakes…. Burning Clutch…. Tire smoke….
    Keg Beer and Cigar Smoke ….. Sausage Onion & Peppers… Fried Dough…
    Hot French Fries….. Clam Cakes….Thompson Diesel Generators fumes….
    Light these up and turn on FLO with your favorite Beverage , kick back and
    Enjoy ….

  9. Thanks Doug! As long as I can still go, I’m going to keep going! Part of my childhood I just can’t let go of! Usually $25-$35 in gas plus a race ticket for a day of fun and excitement at the track? Works for me!!

  10. Aaaaah… those Thompson diesel generator fumes… I think they used biodiesel for a bit, a much more attractive aroma. Smells like bunker fuel lately.

    And don’t leave out the distinct odor of gear oil.

  11. Suitcase, got 1 more for you, the burnt alcohol fuel smell from super modifieds.

  12. I am pretty much an all-online race fan these days. I used to go to a lot of races upwards of 40 plus some years. Now I try to make one a month and do a horrible job keeping to that schedule. Problem with attending live is the tracks have no consideration for their fans. They run too many divisions, run the main event last every night holding you hostage to sell more concessions. I don’t want to be getting out of a track at 11.30 then driving an hour plus home and I don’t want to leave before seeing the main division…..so I don’t go that often these days. The few events I go to I would say I sometimes regret going halfway through the event. During a delay I think I could be switching over to a dirt race right now. There certainly are benefits to going in person. The friends I have made over the years. It is nice to catch up with them. You can follow a favorite driver who isn’t running up front much better in person. The smells and sounds don’t make it through an online broadcast Overall, from a cost benefit analysis staying at home wins every time. Add up all the costs its about 50 dollars to go in person if I go alone. That is just a typical weekly show where the ticket price is lower. I get tempted to go in person for a new racetrack, a first race for a friend, or a well-run show where the main feature isn’t last on the schedule. Trying to decide if I want to go to Stafford Friday. Not sure after what I saw last week. I still have to watch the SK feature as I fell asleep sometime during it.

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