RaceDayCT Poll: Will You Be At Stafford Speedway Or Thompson Speedway On Friday Night

Weather related cancellations and postponements have been the theme for short track racing across New England in 2023, and it seems that will be the overriding topic right to the end of the season. On Friday Stafford Speedway’s NAPA championship night was rained out. The event will now be run on Friday Oct. 6. The first day of the three-day Sunoco World Series at Thompson Speedway will also take place on Friday Oct. 6. Today’s poll question asks, where will you be on Friday Oct. 6? Vote below.


  1. Robert Babcock says

    Stafford to see Ryan Waterman win the CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

  2. Hillary 2024 says

    Well it’s looking like there should have been an option for ” Depends on which track doesn’t get rained out”. It’s a ways out but as of today there is a chance of rain both Friday and Saturday. That could really screw things up. Can you even combine everything into a one day world series as they have done in the past? I don’t think that’s feasible anymore with 3 tour type mod races. What a crappy race weather year it has been.

  3. Seekonk got rained out on Friday and Saturday also. Their championship nights will also be next Friday and Saturday. It will probably rain next weekend also.

  4. With the weather looking iffy for Friday- Stafford should schedule the rain date for Monday- most people are not working. I always liked the mid week races back in the day

  5. Hillary 2024 says

    Well, Thompson is getting screwed over even further. The PASS super late model race has been canceled for the world series due to lack of entries. Crazy that the track being run by pass can’t get any pass drivers support. Gonna rain anyway I suppose.

  6. Rafter fan says

    If Stafford and Thompson run this weekend as scheduled (I know the weather forecast is iffy), will there be any SKs at Thompson on Friday night?

  7. Fast Eddie says

    I’m heading to Thompson but may end up at Stafford on Friday. Thompson is closer and opens earlier, so I can see who showed up during practice. It depends on the weather mostly, and the Modified car counts may come into play as well. If it’s dry in both places I know Stafford will be good for around 50 Modifieds. I also know the LM’s and street stocks will have good car counts as well. If the Thompson counts look thin I’ll head a little farther west.
    I think the PASS pro stock count may have a lot to do with it being a non-points race and they’re running at Oxford next Friday.

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