Woody Pitkat Tops Milton Cat Modified Racing Series Event At Star Speedway 

Woody Pitkat (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

The 2018 Milton Cat Modified Racing Series champion took back his throne for a day with the series Sunday at Star Speedway. 

Woody Pitkat of Stafford won the 100-lap Milton Cat Modified Racing Series feature Sunday at Star Speedway. 

It was the eighth career Modified Racing Series feature victory for Pitkat over 64 series starts since 2006. 

Pitkat topped a podium that featured all former Modified Racing Series champions. 

Three-time Modified Racing Series champion Kirk Alexander (2004, ’05, ’07) of West Swanzey, N.H. was second. Anthony Nocella, the 2017 Modified Racing Series champion from Woburn, Mass., was third. 

Matt Kimball of Bennington, N.H. was fourth and 2021 Modified Racing Series champion Brian Robie of Sunapee, N.H. was fifth. 


  1. 30 cars.4 heats and a consi…hmmm..pretty good if i do say so myself…

  2. Ringling Brothers says

    What a joke. Run like a clown show. They couldn’t figure out who was in charge of the race. Was it MRS? Was it the promoter? Was it the track owner? MRS threw Mark Bakaj out of the track before the feature because the track owner wasn’t happy with how Mark raced against his daughter’s boyfriend. Really really bad look for MRS to cave in to stupid shenanigans from a track owner who is always starting drama. Somebody supports your series, drives three hours plus to your event, spends money on tires, fuel, etc, qualifies for your feature and then gets told by a series official that they have to leave the track because the track owner doesn’t like them? What a joke. This is what happens when you have a group of idiots running an event.

  3. Yeah Crudbus look at the WHOLE PICTURE YOU FOOL

  4. Willy Doucette and Kevin Rice should be embarrassed for being part of doing something like what was done to Mark Bakaj there today. Mark Bakaj is the kind of guy these guys say they try to support. Then behind the scenes they throw him out because a track owner wants to pull some weird flex? I’ll never support another event that has anything to do with Kevin Rice or Willy Doucette. You guys did a real racer wrong today.

  5. Wow 52 was like 5th in points and they tossed him because the Track Owner said so?

  6. Willie Doucette showed he won’t stand up for his drivers. I won’t ever support another Mrs event. Mark Bakaj is a clean racer and a nice guy who never bothers anyone. And he has supported the Mrs for years. Willie screwed up bad on this one. Scummy by everyone involved there.

  7. Ahh guys. Sounds like an injustice was perpetrated at the MRS event. It’s clear there’s anger afoot but how about a little help for the ignorant. What the hell happened!!! You’re making it sound like Bakaj you is a very low drama guy was drawn and quartered for no reason. Is there another side to the story?

  8. Doug this might help with some context – Forthcoming rant warning

  9. Thanks. That piece by Ferrigno was impressive. A comment that followed said there’s two sides to every story and they’re right. But Ferrigno and Bakaj are at the absolute bottom of the list of trouble makers and the responses that followed tell a tale about the Star management as well.
    How do you screw up a relatively successful MRS race with this kind of nonsense? You crapped on Woody’s win. We love Woody, he should be the star not the douches that run Star.

  10. Was Woody running Dougs 88 or the 6 he is running on the tour?

  11. Ricky,
    The 88.

  12. Was hoping the new owners of the mrs could help bring it back, but this was a bad move. Bakaj is one of the good guys in mods. Star owner is a drama queen. He loves this stuff.

  13. WMASS…..no better than your tour….

  14. Hillary 2024 says

    I read the official statement from the MRS. They say the decision was made solely by them and not management. But management was involved also. So who knows. Also can anyone find out who those 30 competitors were that raced? I can’t find anything. From the website social media or even race monitor. What a poorly run series.

  15. This is the way some folks want racing to be in terms of what’s available with regard to results. An intimate affair shared only with the competitors and those that paid to attend. Looks to me the MRS web site couldn’t be further behind the curve in terms of being updated. Star for whatever reason is very sketchy in their tie in to Race Monitor.
    The message must be you want to know what goes on at an MRS race, buy a ticket. That’s fair isn’t it?

  16. Hillary 2024 says

    Christ. So asking results to a race is too much to ask? Are they purposely not posting results because they don’t want anyone to know that didn’t attend? 🤣

  17. Crudbus, YUR REPLY SHOWS how clueless you really are!

  18. WMASS…yep I’m clueless…especially coming from you..keep on rooting for the 01

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