Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Moving To Star Classic Weekend For 2024 Season

The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series will be on the move at Star Speedway for the 2024. 

The division’s traditional late July visit to the track is moving to September in 2024. 

The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series will run Sunday Sept. 15, 2024 as part of the Star Classic weekend at the Epping, N.H. facility.  

“It’s a positive move overall for our series and we’re excited to become part of such a historic event weekend at the track,” Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series managing partner Ed Bennett told RaceDayCT. “This is a move that makes sense for everybody involved.” 

It’s the third date confirmed for the 2024 season for the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series and the third announcement of the division serving as an anchor event of a historic event weekend at a track in 2024. 

It was announced on Oct. 10 that Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series will make its first visit to Thompson Speedway on April 6, 2024 Speedway as an anchor event for the track’s Icebreaker weekend. 

It was also announced in May that the series would return to Thunder Road International Speedbowl in May of 2024 for the track’s 61st Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic.


  1. Can we also get the SBM back to 125 laps? 😀

  2. Fast Eddie says

    Marshall, agreed! I think any Open Modified event on a 1/4 mile track should be 125 laps. 100 laps just seems too short on a track that size.

  3. It was my biggest peeve when they ran seekonk as well. 125 would have been awesome there.

  4. Fast Eddie says

    I wonder if this will replace the MRS race on Sunday or if it will be part of Saturday night, basically replacing ISMA? Maybe Star will go back to a two-day race? Will the MRS be there on a Saturday at some point? Hhhmmm….

  5. I would like to sign your petition. I completely support your cause.

  6. @Fast Eddie I’m fine with 100 laps for most races since that’s what the drivers seem to want. The SBM just felt like a special race because it was slightly longer… a whole six miles but it still felt special! It was a great race this year at 100 laps but it just felt weird not getting the extra distance. But if the drivers feel like it’s too much on them and their equipment, it’s cool, I get it.

  7. Crazy in NY says

    I think it will take much of the strategy out of the race as that RR change tire likely won’t be needed by most teams now. More evolving by Uncle Ed I guess.

  8. Crazy In NY,
    There was no announcement from the series on any possible race distance for the event. Did I post anywhere that they’ve decided already on a race distance? Or are you just taking stabs at people based on unconfirmed information left in comments made by other people?

  9. Where’s the Zig. Classy guy, should be taking a victory lap on his NWMT schedule prediction but so far nothing. Too bad we don’t have anyone like Zig for the Tri Track schedule prediction.
    So far Thunder Road, Icebreaker and Star. Stafford’s Fall Final must be in the on deck circle. Waterford has to be two again so is that it? Don’t get greedy you guys. The Tour has been drinking some Slim Fast on their schedule so keep yours tight and bright. And bright it is so far the three signed up kind of huge don’t you think?
    Sex big events. Oops typo six big events but maybe a Freudian slip. Six big sexy events almost guaranteed to be winners in car counts and butts in the bleachers. Star might be a weak link but sexy none the less.

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