RaceDayCT Poll: Your Thoughts On The 2024 Whelen Modified Tour Schedule

On Friday NASCAR announced the 2024 Whelen Modified Tour schedule. Let us know your thoughts on it. Vote below.


  1. I think having the southern races on the schedule makes it so much easier for teams to pick and choose instead of committing to attend every race. Yeah that’s rather obvious but it also hurts car counts in the northern races because teams are more likely to skip a race or too if they have already missed one.
    TT announces they are the anchor event for Icebreaker. They also said they had the choice of Saturday or Sunday and chose Saturday to make it a one day show. NASCAR schedules the tour on Sunday. I would be fascinated to learn the thoughts and timing of those decisions.

  2. Way to go Camerissa, my hero. Learning the inner workings of how the MMTTS and NWMT event landed where they did would be fascinating but too deep a dive for we in the Peanut Gallery. I won’t even sully the topic with conjecture considering how unique the final product as become.
    A Saturday anchor event? OK if they say so but why does there even have to be that claim in the first place? The MMTTS and Tour on succeeding days in the same place is a first to my recollection. Both very popular, the fact they’re in the same location at the big regional opener is huge. These guys at ACT/PASS are the kings of race promotion are they not? Think about how racing was at deaths door at Thompson, the pandemic and look where it is now. Don’t forget also that they proved that three tour mod races on the same weekend could work something that was unimaginable not that long ago.
    Admit is, as fans don’t we gaze at the local tour mod racing universe to see which star is burning brightest? A couple years ago Stafford was the brightest star announcing an epic new format Sizzler. One that in two years has obviously been successful. But be honest, this is bigger isn’t it? Stafford purposely decided to turn inward a while back letting only a Super Late Model and MMTTS races enter the schedule. I’ll say it, Stafford should have at least one Tour race. Forget tradition from a pure race promotion standpoint it would a guaranteed winner. It’s small minded of them not to find a way on streaming rights for one event. Or blame the Tour if you want it doesn’t make any difference it should be happening and it’s not.
    Stafford is what it is, successful, will stick to their own formula no matter what and combined with SRX it’s working out great. But in my view Mayberry and Michaud are leaving them in the dust in the race for brightest star. These guys apparently have few people, tracks and sanctioning groups they don’t get along with. They can organize the heck out of a big events, perpetually think outside the box then call the audibles necessary when things go badly like weather.
    The MMTTS vs NWMT who’s your daddy race fans? We don’t need no stinkin daddy the ACT/PASS boys say, we’re just promoting great events.
    The most remarkable part is they’re doing it as side job.

  3. Or simply stated another way, thank you Mr Michaud and Mr Mayberry!
    Couldn’t agree more, they don’t have to do this at all, as they have their own organizations. They also have Pass mods as well if I’m not mistaken, which they aren’t (yet to my knowledge anyway) trying to push here.
    The patriots hall of fame was yesterday.
    These guys should be given an award for helping save a venue on deaths door imo.
    I hope they get some turnout for the regular “weekly” divisions as well.
    Its like they have found a way to “reach across the aisle” to different organizations and get them to the party. On one weekend no less.
    Gonna be a busy pick 6 weekend for sure!
    As for mmtts, I understand why its at the bowl. But I sure miss the haunted hundred at Seekonk.

  4. Suitcase Jake says

    Send Michand & Mayberry to Washington DC to reach across the aisle and get something done down there …. LOL it’s just a joke so please no …..censorship ..Everything is RIGHT in my RACING UNIVERSE !!! Thompson Speedway has risen from death’s door and now has 3 MODIFIED TOUR RACES back on the schedule !!!!! Each race on the HIGH BANKS is it’s own challenge according to the number of LAPS …. 100 …125…150…175…200 or even the HISTORY FILLED THOMPSON 300 …. They are all EPIC and so so many people call Thompson their FAVORITE PLACE TO WATCH THE MIGHTY MODIFIEDS CIRCLE THE 5/8ths MILE. HIGH BANK .HIGH SPEED
    2 grooves still very RACEABLE and best place to Introduce someone to Modified Racing…. Thank you M & M pass act guys for SAVING THE BIG T..
    i really thought it was gonna be a relic of the past glory ….

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