New England Auto Racers (NEAR) Launch New Website

Press Release from New England Auto Racers

A must see for all New England Auto racing enthusiasts.

Keeping up with the times is a never-ending battle, and finally after eight months of hours and hours of data gathering, design work and preparation the new website for NEAR will go line October 4th. 

NEAR has partnered with Vault productions Tom “Sid” DiMaggio on this endeavor and can’t be more pleased with the results. Sid, a racing buff himself has gone above and beyond the expectations of the Board and has prepared a top-notch must-see site that is sure to offer hours of viewing for both the young and old racing enthusiasts. 

“It was an honor to redesign the NEAR website. I hope it becomes a valuable resource for New England racing history. There’s so much cool content within all the new Hall of Famer bio pages, including videos of each of their inductions. There’s some cool history on some of New England’s biggest events and regional series. And we are still working on more historical content to add in the coming months. Plus, all the info you’ll need on upcoming NEAR events will be at your fingertips. I really hope the new site will provide a greater outreach for all the effort NEAR puts into preserving racing history.” Said DiMaggio.

This website, offers historical information of not only NEAR’s Hall of Fame inductees and ceremonies of the past 25 years, it will also be your one stop shop for all things New England Racing.

Wanna know who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1998 and see the inductee’s individual acceptance speeches check it out, they are there. 

Wanna know where the cars and stars will be on display next in New England check it out, the information will be there.

Wanna see interviews of Dr Dick Berggren and Mike Joy with Dale Junior, the link is on

Wanna see the champions list of some of the most prestigious auto racing events in new England like the Spring Sizzler or the Oxford 250 go to

So, check it out,, add it to your favorites, and join us on the great adventure of reconnecting with New England racing history, you will not be disappointed.

And don’t forget the deadline for getting your tickets for the 2023 25th ceremonies for the Hall of Fame at the Log Cabin Holyoke Ma is October 15th. The ticket order form can be found at, come celebrate with us as we inductee a stellar line up of racing legends: Brad Leighton, Ted Marsh, Mike Ordway Sr., Andy Santerre, John Stygar, Mike Weeden, and veterans Joe Howard and Al Hammond. 


  1. Suitcase Jake says

    WOW …. Great Job …. I can check things easily and not have to rely on Memory… Which is always a good Thing… LOL ….

  2. I second that WOW. The old site was appreciated but kind of a clunky mess that was really hard to navigate. This is a Maserati by comparison. Complete with video links via YouTube of induction ceremonies and interviews. Chick Stockwell my first stop, Ray Miller the second. Great interview with Ray Miller, what a guy. Not just an impressive race car driver but accomplished business person as well. In the early 80’s he was as force at Stafford. Working all day at Pratt & Whitney, on some Friday nights he’d have to do battle with Evans who occasionally dropped in. An amateur against a professional, full time race car driver and he more then held his own. Clicked on John Hoenig for what reason I don’t know but got a great capsule summary about how Thompson Speedway was created. A classic tale of making lemonade out of lemons after the 1938 Hurricane.
    That’s mentioning my points of interest but the message is anybody can click up anything they have an interest in, it’s just so easy now.
    One thing is certain. The guy that created this masterpiece will without a doubt be in the NEAR Hall of Fame. There are certain people in local racing that are so special they’re unicorns. So talented, prolific and tenacious no one can duplicate what they do in our little corner of the racing universe. DiMaggio is one of them.

  3. Capt. Mike Qbvious says

    Very cool. It’s nice to have at least the basic history of most major New England events all in one place.

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