Do You Think Shirley Muldowney Should Be In The New England Auto Racers Hall Of Fame

Shirley Muldowney was a legendary driver at the highest levels of NHRA drag racing. Muldowney, a Burlington, Vermont native, became the first woman to win a major championship in motorsports when she captured the 1977 NHRA Top Fuel title. She went on to become the first person (male or female) to win three NHRA Top Fuel championships. The now 83-year old Muldowney long ago met all the requirements for induction into the New England Auto Racers Hall of Fame, but has not been inducted. The Hall of Fame recently inducted its 25th class of inductees. Today’s question asks, do you think Shirley Muldowney deserves to be inducted into the New England Auto Racers Hall of Fame? Vote below.


  1. chevelledude says

    Who in there right mind would vote NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fast Eddie says

    Let’s see… First woman licensed in a gas dragster, then in a Funny Car, and then in a Top Fuel dragster… Also, the first woman to win an NHRA national event AND the first woman to win an NHRA championship in a professional class… And oh, by the way the first PERSON to be a 3-time NHRA Top Fuel champion. HHhhmmm… sounds like a no brainer to me!!

  3. chevelledude says

    Wow! Are We Back In The 60″s? For God Sakes “Big Daddy”, Himself Stepped Up For Her. I Guess Male Chauvinism Is Not Dead!!! Fast Eddie Is Just Simply Stating Facts!

  4. “Who in there right mind would vote NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Makes one wonder…

  5. Barry,
    Who would vote no? Well, apparently most of the individuals who have made up the NEAR Hall of Fame nominating committee for the last 20 years or so.

  6. Shawn,

    Of course, I mean this poll.

    Has she ever been nominated or considered for inclusion? If not, maybe there’s too narrow of a base of knowledge outside of circle track racing on the committee?

  7. Barry,
    Yes, she has been nominated multiple times and each time she did not receive the needed amount of votes from the committee for induction.

  8. I think it is crazy she did not get in the very first time. Shows it is only for the very special people and no women. What a shame she is amazing and she proved herself in a male sport. Very disappointed they couldn’t see her the same as men and her accomplishments. 😞

  9. Shirley broke the proverbial “glass ceiling”. She paved the way for women in motorsports, becoming a role model for little girls, and women everywhere. If not for Shirley, and Janet, we may have not got to witness the talented women who idolized, and followed her lead across all motorsports. It is insane that she has not been voted in. Women belong in motorsports, as they’ve proven with numerous championships across many forms. And Shirley belongs in the hall of fame

  10. chevelledude says

    Motorsports hall of fame of America, International Hall of Fame, Automotive Hall of Fame, World Championships, and Not In! Bob Tasca Is In This So Called Hall. Really, What The Hell Did He Do?

  11. Not a real Hall of Fame, just a good old boys club.

  12. Let’s not be throwing the baby out with the bath water. That NEAR web site is outstanding. Always a good reference it’s become outstanding since the Sid DiMaggio redesign. Want to get the skinny on any of your favorite drivers it’s easy now. They hold up the traditions and history of racing in the Northeast and we should appreciate they do it.
    Nominee’s for Hall of Fames have always been fraught with controversy. How long did it take Stefanik to get into NASCAR’s Hall of Fame?
    How about this opinion piece be considered a beginning not and ending.
    Shining a light on what appears to be an oversight. A chance to take another look at Muldowney’s resume and reconsider her maybe even on a special circumstance basis. If there are real reason’s for excluding her at least provide those so we have both sides. Perhaps one of the two women on the selection committee may care to weigh in.

  13. Chevelledude, I think it was Bob Tasca Sr., huge in the 60’s and 70’s with Ford’s corporate involvement in racing. He also is credited with coining the phrase, “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday!”

  14. Doug, good theory. If you’re a die hard circle track person, you might not know much about drag racing history. Hopefully this article enlightens them a little. Thanks Shawn!!

  15. chevelledude says

    Your Comparing Apples To Oranges!! NASCAR Hall Of Fame VS NEAR. Really!!!

  16. chevelledude says

    I Know What Tasca I Was Talking About. Again I Say, BFD!!!

  17. I feel the 6% that says no are jealous or just against women as equals. She has met the criteria and it is such a shame. Shirley was amazing and can compete with the best and has so much skill.

    Why hate just appreciate all Shirley’s accomplishments.

  18. Gary Sr. MacGregor says

    Shirley is a inspiration to the sport .
    She deserves credit.

  19. I honestly didn’t know she was from New England. It seems like she should be admitted just for the fact she was an accomplished women in a predominantly male dominated sport. Are there other drag racers from NE admitted. Having only one drag strip in NE that I know of and most of her racing taking place outside of NE is maybe the reason she was overlooked. Are there any women in the NE recing hall of fame? I am pretty sure Mrs Venditti owner of Seekonk was enshrined along with her husband, Not sure about Rene Dupuis or that lady who won a championship at VT’s Thunderroad in the ACT late models. Honestly, I can’t remember her name but remember it being a big story at the time. I am not familiar with the requirements the HOF looks at for consideration. Not sure if any of these racers had a long enough and successful enough career to be considered.

  20. They really should take the old web site down. Folks searching for information might end up driving a VW Bug when they could be driving a Corvette.

    See this is why the N.E.A.R. web site is so good. Bertha Small. From Czechoslovakia, ends up in Fall River, Mass owning a repair garage and racing stock cars through the 1950’s. Can’t even get into the paddock at some tracks so she stands outside the gate managing the team. She and Irene Vendetti the only woman I could find in a quick scan of the inductee list.

    Sam Posey might be a good comp for Muldowney. Road racing guy with roots at Lime Rock but an internationally known figure outside of circle track racing in any event.

    Does Muldowney even care about some regional backwater hall of fame she’s kind of a big deal even into her 80’s. Looking pretty spry, active in social media, promoting products, new web site in the works looking forward to being at the Gator Nationals in the spring.

    Yup, if that’s her Facebook page (blue check verified) it would appear she cares. Mr. Courchesne’s opinion piece right near the top with the same type of response as here.

    OK Ms Muldowney who did you tick off? Down there in North Carolina you must have stiff armed someone up hear connected to the hall of fame this makes no sense. To the two ladies on the selection committee what say you. Can’t you get those old farts you’re associated with to get off their asses and do the right thing? Your treating a unicorn like a mule leaving her outside the gates like tracks used to do to Bertha Small. Thing is it’s not the 1950’s any more.

  21. She was born in VT, but appears to have left New England in her teens. Could that be why she’s left out of NEAR?

  22. chevelledude says

    Who Cares Where She Was Born And Moved Too!! The Greatest Modified Driver Of All Time NEVER LIVED IN NEW ENGLAND. Stop Making Excuses PLEASE, What is this ‘The Little Rascals” He-Man Woman Haters Club. Richie Deserves To Be There! And No Not Trying To Compare The Two! My Point Is Stop Using New York For An Excuse!!

  23. Fast Eddie says

    Csg, we have 3 active dragstrips in New England, NE dragway with 2 1/8 tracks in Maine, winterport & oxford plains. We have an “almost N.E.” track at Lebanon Valley just padt the mass pike in NY. Past tracks were in Colchester Ct, now the consumer reports test track, Norwood, Beverly, New Bedford, & Orange MA, Sanford & Norrigewok Maine, Pease AFB, Loudon, &Laconia NH, Charlestown RI, and Milton VT. Not all but most of them…

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