Thompson Speedway Celebrates 2023 Season At Banquet Of Champions 

(Press Release from American-Canadian Tour)

Thompson Speedway 2023 division champions (l-r) Corey Fanning (Limited Sportsman), Nick Johnson (Late Model), Jared Roy (Mini Stock), Alexander Pearl (SK Light Modified) and Troy Talman (Sunoco Modified) Friday (Photo: Nick Teto/ACT)

A capacity crowd of over 200 officials, drivers, team members, sponsors and families packed the Speedway Clubhouse at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park for the 2023 Banquet of Champions on Friday. All five divisions were on hand and well represented as they celebrated their accomplishments with positive comradery and excitement for the upcoming year. 

All five 2023 champions expressed thanks to their teams and supporters in their speeches, many hinting at positive plans for the upcoming year with the expanded Thompson oval schedule released by the American-Canadian Tour (ACT) and Pro All Stars Series (PASS) promotion team. Buzz continues to surround the Sunoco 604 Modifieds with SK Light Modified Champion Alexander Pearl and Sunoco Modified champ Troy Talman also looking into the new division for 2024. 

Mini Stock champion Jared Roy is set to defend his title in 2024, as is Limited Sportsman top-seed Corey Fanning. While 2023 Late Model hot-shoe Nick Johnson said he was looking at a more limited schedule next season, he will return on a part-time basis when possible.  

The 2024 Thompson Speedway oval schedule has been released by the ACT and PASS offices highlighted by three NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour events, the first-ever visit from the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series, a Memorial Day Monday special and an expanded 12-race schedule with Thursday, Wednesday and Sunday night racing throughout the summer months. Rule Books have also been released by ACT and PASS as everyone prepares for the busy season ahead. 

For more information about the American-Canadian Tour, contact the ACT offices at (802) 244-6963, [email protected], or visit  You can also get updates on Facebook and Twitter at @ACTTour. 

For technical information concerning all PASS divisions, and for media or marketing questions, please contact [email protected] or visit Don’t forget to “Like” the Pro All Stars Series on Facebook or follow on Twitter @PASSSLM14 to keep up with breaking news as it happens. 

For general Thompson Speedway inquiries, call (860) 923-2280, email [email protected], or visit You can follow Thompson Speedway on Facebook and Instagram at @ThompsonSpeedway or on Twitter at @ThompsonSpdwy. 


  1. Suitcase Jake says

    Great that Thompson continues to Race, We all Love the High Banks & have to thank the ” MEN FROM MAINE” for keeping the place open and now expanding the Schedule along with 3 NASCAR Modified Tour Shows to boot . Tri – Track coming to Thompson is super exciting also… Will big Money get the monkey off his back at Thompson this year ????? Will Matt join his father Tony on the Win List at the HIGH BANKS,, He joined Dad with a Sizzler Win , then checked off Riverhead & now possibly Thompson in 24… Tony has 5 Nascar Modified Champions with 3 different teams… with 35 Career Wins on Tour he ranks 4th on the all time Win List….With all the Tour Races along with Tri- Track and open shows …. Will big Money Finally get His FIRST WIN AT THOMPSON …??? I will go out on a short limb and say that Big Money Matt will Visit Victory Lane this Year @ Thompson..!!!
    this may turn into a question for Shawn’s daily Poll …????
    What do the RDCT readers think about this …..????

  2. Suitcase Jake,
    Just for clarification, Tom Mayberry is from Maine and Cris Michaud is from Vermont.

  3. I am really curious on how the 604 modified divivion does. While I doubt we need another modified division I understand the thinking with the new division and I think its sound. I know the bare 604 goes for about 9k. Need carbs belts pan and headers. I dont know how much a sk engine costs. My guess the 604 is a less expensive option. The market for the 604 is much larger than the SK. The 604 produces about 400 hp. No idea how much a SK dynos at maybe around 350 as I seem to remember people saying its 250 down from the 600hp tour type. The SK may be producing more power these days. If they are close maybe we can run the SK and 604’s together with some weight adjustments. The 604 has been a very successful option for pavement late models and dirt late models. Do we need it with the success of the SK option but really aside from Stafford where are the SK’s a success? The 604 division may struggle but if they stick with it I think it can be successful especially if they can run them with the SKs with some rule tinkering. What is everyones thoughts?

    Oh and I am very happy about the Thompson expanded schedule.

  4. I believe the 604 is the best option – the sk engine is way too expensive these days. More tracks in New England are running the 604 than sk engines. Yes they should allow the SK engine run with the 604 and the other way around with weight added to make them both competitive just like they did with small blocks vs big blocks. The SKL is the most competitive and the highest car count at stafford – why is that? I think it is because of the crate engine

  5. Csg, just as intrigued as you are about the 604’s. I think that is what the nhstra mods run. I saw a couple of times when one almost won an mrs race at monadnock, so they can be pretty competitive on a bullring. And I agree that hopefully the rules will allow sk’s and 604’s to run togther to make for bigger fields.

  6. For those that are curious go to the Thompson Facebook page and a ways down you’ll see links for the 2024 rules. With regard to the 604 crate engine the Racing America home page has an article dated 10/20/23 “New ‘Bottle Cap’ Crate Engine Option Available for PASS Competitors in 2024” not far down on the right hand side.

    According to the information I kept from past conversation the SK engine dyno’s out at something around 370 horsepower. Nothing on cost but safe to say it’s well over 20K for a complete engine new.
    Is there really any reason for the SK engine now or is it an anachronism? Great idea in the mid 1980’s when the modified division at Stafford was dying off due in part to expensive engines but those days are long gone. The 604 crate engine is a really good, reliable engine, more powerful and for a fraction of the cost. Some version of it is run all over in all kinds of divisions so you wonder why on earth are Stafford SK’s still running the more expensive, less powerful built engine? With a two barrel no less pretending it saves money. It’s the expensive alternative now isn’t it?
    ACT/Pass developed the Bottle Cap engine in association with LCM Racing Engines. Engines straight from GM, tested and broken in at LCM the purchaser providing only the distributor and fuel pump and they published a cost of $8800. That likely has changed or will change, suffice it to say it’s a good deal for an engine that’s more powerful then a much more expensive SK engine. The engine initially developed as a low cost alternative for ACT/Pass Late Models but looks like it will be the standard for Thompson 604 crate mods. Run a non Bottle Cap sealed 604 is fine but add 50 lbs.
    A lot of cross currents going on here and perhaps someone right in the thick of the change can make sense of it. Looks like ACT/Pass are broadening the market for the engine they had already developed. Who from this area is going to buy a Bottle Cap engine they can race for a very limited schedule at Thompson but no where else in southern New England? One would expect a number of teams up north running the 604 class would come down but how many?
    Then there’s the elephant in the room Stafford. It ain’t broke so why fix it? Getting good fields through a full schedule so apparently spending tens of thousands for SK engines is not a problem for now. A whole supply chain of parts and shops building the engines that would be deeply impacted by a switch to a 604 crate engine. Same applies to the built Late Model engines are they really needed at this point?
    If Creepy Bruce’s Speedbowl wasn’t such a mismanaged mess you’d think with their anemic car counts they’d have little to lose by going to the Bottle Cap engines. Find some way to equalize them with existing SK’s then hope for a full transition over time.
    Seems like this is all a really big deal that at some point we’re going to be hearing a lot more about. No ACT/Pass at the Sizzler this year so one wonders if the Michaud/Mayberry 604 gambit has ruffled some feathers.

    From the Stafford SK Rules page:

    “These SMS Spec Engine rules are intended and designed to create a standardized rule package to reduce cost, increase the level of competition, and to promote a better technical atmosphere by involving the engine builders in the process of technical inspection.”

    OK fine but I don’t think you’re really being sincere with the part about reducing cost.

  7. Suitcase Jake says

    A good SK engine is around 440- 460hp on the dyno … They allow more changes to it than the Crate 604…So the SK would have to add weight to run with the 604 Crates…. But that’s fine.. Eventually everyone would have a 604 and it would be cheaper option for the teams and level the playing field and would produce tight racing like the SK lites currently have wherever they run.. I hope the division gets lots of interest and grows like the SK Lites have at Stafford…

  8. Stop over thinking it Doug! Bla BLA BLA ( Please Already) Just be happy there is a option to keep our open wheel modifieds alive and Well

  9. 😷 😷 😷 darrealgoodfella 😷 😷 😷 says

    I’m glad that the Thompson oval is back in the game!!!! The Mighty Modifieds are back at the best track for mods!!!!

  10. While I’ve been known to appreciate a good wine, not a fan of whine at all.
    So your observation “super fan” is that I’m not conducting myself in this forum in the manner you think I should. That apparently should lean more toward your entries that tend to be inane one liners. Your entry here being a perfect example.
    With all due respect sorry I can’t do that. Don’t like it, don’t read it.
    Happy Holiday!

  11. Not certain where some are getting their intell from but; in 1995 our Stafford SK engine from a reputable builder dyno’d at 392HP. The same engine builder has informed me that current numbers are in the 440-460 range that Jake posted. Where the 370 number comes from is beyond me.

  12. Thanks for all the great information. I didn’t realize these 604 were already being utilized by PASS and in the NHSTRA mods. That makes me more optimistic they might catch on pretty quickly at Thompson. It would be nice to get Waterford on board. It’s a smaller track where I think the horsepower short comings can be overcome with some weight rules. Stafford likes their rules, and it has worked, so I don’t see them coming on board. Interesting thoughts on the lack of ACT or Pass at Stafford this year. I noticed their absence but didn’t associate it with Thompson’s new 604 class. Maybe its that or maybe it’s because Stafford ran against Thompson Friday night world series. Whatever the reason, It stinks Stafford really doesn’t have any variety when it comes to touring series on their schedule. There is nothing to really look forward too. Every show is the same.

  13. Tell you what, I believe 470 to 492 HP more then the figure I passed on. It’s what I had, not accurate so I’ll simply thank you for the correction and ask while you’re at it what’s an SK built engine cost?
    So I guess if the SK engine has a full 20% more horsepower then the Bottle Cap crate engine it’s worth the 10 or 20K more it costs right?
    Here’s an interesting comparison. Bonsignor qualified on the pole at Monadnock at around 12.70 for the two Tour races at Monadnock. In the Winchester Open 100 at Monadnock winner Matt Kimball’s fastest lap was 13.04. The NHSTRA Mods at Monadnock typically clocked laps in the 13.05 to 13.27 range. Sure seems like if you can field a modified that at worst is 4% slower then a cream of the crop WNMT modified and save 10’s of thousands of dollars it’s something to consider especially on shorter tracks. After all if speed were that important Super Modifieds would be dominant.
    They call is silly season and I’m being silly. The Act/Pass move excluding Sunoco Modified out seems like a big deal, ACT/Pass not even doing a weight adjustment to allow SK’s to run. After all guys like Owen, Talman, Rocco and Christopher have supported the SK races at Thompson for a long time and now the goal posts have moved. Do they go out and pop for a Bottle Cap engine or call it a career in the SK’s at Thompson? Am I making too much of that?

  14. Darealmotorfella says

    You are making too much of it. 604 and spec SK are not comparable because of the carb and cylinder head material differences. For the cost of a new 604, an oil pan change (sk’s are setup for 6.5″ pan, stock 604 is 7″), ignition, carb, clutch button it would be well into $13k and I can build an SK engine for less and sometimes a lot less. You are better off starting with an SKL than SK if converting. If Thompson promoters goal is a bigger modified support division by getting NHSTRA 604 cars, they would be better off combining 604 and 602 (lites) into one class all on the same carb spec and equalized with restrictor and a little weight, just like they do with ACT late models.

  15. Sorry for being Inane Doug. (Boy, do I wish I finished college!) Sorry I find your comment’s verbose and sometimes irritating to read. Just make them short and sweet. Iam sure there’s plenty of others on this forum that feel the same way. Please don’t get whine and sarcasm towards the motorsports world that I love for over 50yrs confused. You need to drive out of your wheelhouse and witness what’s going on with our open wheel modified’s. Its not all about Stafford ! Happy holidays to you and yours

  16. How to spot an entitled contributor to an open forum.

    Does the person suggest his idea of what commentary should look like is the only way comments should be written?
    “Just make them (your comments) short and sweet.”

    Does the person interpret comments in terms of himself suggesting he’s the only one that’s important?
    “I find your comment’s verbose and sometimes irritating to read”

    Does the person suggest he represents more then just himself without any idea if it’s true or not?
    “ I am sure there’s plenty of others on this forum that feel the same way.”

    Does the person refer to the time he’s been interested in the focus of the forum suggesting it gives him greater authority?
    “Please don’t get whine and sarcasm towards the motorsports world that I love for over 50yrs confused.”

    Does the person feel entitled to tell you what you do wrong and what you need to do that would be right in his eyes without even knowing who you are?
    “You need to drive out of your wheelhouse and witness what’s going on with our open wheel modified’s. Its not all about Stafford !”

    Does the person spend more time criticizing fellow contributors then addressing the topic at hand?
    Two comments from “super fan”, neither showing any real interest in the topic.

  17. I guess I’m just a spoiled race fan Doug. (Another one liner for yah) by the way, we started off celebrating our Thompson Speedway Champion’s and it quickly turned into a rift between 604 crate’s and SK motor’s? Is it all about Stafford and Thompsen, or for the longevity of the open wheel modifieds though out the northeast. If we don’t start to have some universal rule packages for these mods and racetracks we are left with no competitors at tracks like Wall, Chemung, Mahoning, Evergreen, Bethel, ETC… Up here in southeastern N.Y.the car count has dwindled substantially over the last few years. Just don’t understand why these Dirt tracks can pay $10,000 to win and a 1,000 to take the green on a mid-week show for a 50 lapper on the Brett Deyo Super Short Track Series.? With CT. being the 6th wealthiest state in the U.S. (I would love to hear your editorial Doug on whether it’s a lack of promotion, sponsorship, or someone skimming off the top that’s keeping these teams from earning the money they deserve?)

  18. That was interesting so I’ll keep it short and sweet.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  19. As a fan, I think the big reason the dirt tracks can do what they do is two-fold: 1) The rules are more standardized in the dirt world. The big difference between series seems to be more tire brand related than anything. 2) The fan base is larger in the areas of dirt race tracks. A prime example is Lebanon Valley Speedway. I’ve seen big races and regular weekly races there. It doesn’t seem to matter to the crowd, the place draws full or almost full stands at all events. The pavement tracks don’t seem to have that type of fan following for regular weekly events. The bigger crowds for major events are not enough to make upn for that.

  20. pat raffone says


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