SRX Series Cancels 2024 Season

In a surprise move, the SRX Series announced Thursday that the series is cancelling its 2024 season. 

A statement posted to social media from the SRX Series read:

“It is with deep disappointment that we announce the postponement of the SRX’s fourth season. We entered the next phase of our racing series with great anticipation and excitement for what was ahead. Our exceptions, however, have been tempered by market factors that have proven too much to overcome. 

“Time has run out to put forth the kind of events our fans, partners, drivers and tracks deserve. We’re thankful to each for their commitment, their contributions and their support as we brought a new idea to reality. 

“The racing industry continues to evolve and we are actively exploring strategic options for the series’ long-term potential. We made this announcement now to allow our partners the time and flexibility to best serve their interests.

“We will provide updates on future plans for SRX when they’re available.”

The SRX Series had announced five events for the 2024 season with a sixth event expected to be announced. The 2024 schedule had included events at Stafford Speedway (July 11) and Thunder Road International Speedbowl in Barre, Vermont (July 18). Other events were scheduled at Slinger (Wisconsin) Speedway, Berlin Raceway in Marne, Michigan and Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond, Wisconsin.

Stafford Speedway had hosted SRX Series events each season since the division’s inception in 2021.

The track hosted the first event in series history on June 12, 2021. That event was won by former Stafford regular and six-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Doug Coby. The series returned to Stafford in its second season, with the track hosting the third of six events that year on July 22, 2022. Ryan Newman won the 2022 event

Last year Stafford hosted the division’s season opener again, with Denny Hamlin scoring victory in the July 13, 2023 event. The second event of the 2023 season was scheduled to be run at Thunder Road but due to catastrophic flooding in central Vermont, SRX Series management was forced to cancel the event. Stafford stepped in to host the second event of the 2023 season with Newman winning the July 20, 2023 event

Stafford began selling tickets for the 2024 event recently. Stafford officials announced that all tickets purchased will be refunded with the next five days.

“SRX officials contacted us this afternoon and have informed us that the 2024 SRX season has been canceled,” Stafford Speedway chief operating officer Paul Arute said. “We had a great run with the series and want to thank the entire SRX staff for entrusting us in launching and hosting the series. Thanks to our loyal fans, the three sold out events hosted at Stafford were incredible.”

The SRX Series founded by Tony Stewart, Ray Evernham, Sandy Montag and George Pyne. Evernham parted ways with the series following the first season. Earlier this week Evernham announced a revitalization of the former International Race of Champions series.

Stewart won the division’s inaugural championhip in 2021. Marco Andretti was the series champion in 2022 and Newman won the title in 2023.


  1. Rafter fan says

    I won’t miss the SRX event at Stafford, but I’m disappointed that the track will miss the opportunity for another “windfall event” that can provide $$ for improvements to the facility, etc.

  2. 🍃 High Steaks 🥩 says

    I was scratching my head when Evernham & Kaufman bought the IROC franchise considering Rays involvement in SRX. It seemed conflicting at the time considering similarities in the two series… it makes sense.

    Only question remaining is did the cancellation of SRX spur the IROC move or was the IROC acquisition the nail in the coffin for SRX?

    Regardless, hopefully we get to see the IROC series at Stafford considering the proven success of the SRX series there. 🤞🏼

  3. I was honestly never impressed with the series. Given how many series that are criticized for struggling with car count it seemed awkward to be excited for a 12-car field. The cars were ugly, the “superstars” felt lacking, and the rules just seemed like the current NASCAR obsession with “entertainment” taken to the extreme. I don’t like seeing a racing series die, but given the number of times the “best drivers in identical cars” idea has failed maybe it’s just an idea that doesn’t work.

  4. High Steaks,
    Ray Evernham was not currently involved with the SRX Series. He cut ties with the SRX Series following the 2021 season.

  5. Hillary 2024 says

    Wild that just 5 days ago tickets went on sale for Stafford. What the hell happened??

  6. I kind of thought the return of IROC might be an issue for SRX but I didn’t think it would end this quickly. Given they announced a schedule were selling tickets, had a tv deal in place I figured they would make a go of it this season. Honestly if it wasn’t for the races at Stafford and the big crowds it attracted, I wouldn’t care. It stinks for the local track. I thought the original concept with a local racer was an interesting concept, but they did away with that. Tough to put on a good race with 12 cars especially if they crack up a few of them early. Maybe ESPN goes to a short track and revives the original Thursday night thunder series with grass root racers. We can dream can’t we. Most people I talked to said it wasn’t worth the money, and they weren’t planning on attending. I wonder if Stewarts drag racing efforts was a determining factor. It sucks for Thunder road. They never got a race. I do find it interesting they mention both postponement and cancellation. Postponement indicates it might come back. Cancellation doesn’t. If I were a betting man I would guess we have seen the last SRX race.

  7. 🍃 High Steaks 🥩 says

    Thanks Shawn, I was not aware. Wonder if Rays departure from SRX was amicable?
    Regardless, one of the most disappointing aspects will missing out on local drivers gauging their skills against the big names from other series. I know that there are strong opinions on every driver but no matter how you feel about guys like Doug Coby I thought it was a proud feeling to see a local driver top the field of big names albeit many retired.

  8. A couple things. First just feel terrible for Thunder Road. Caught a bad break last year with the impacts of flooding, Stafford benefits on the rebound, the track, management and fans up in Vermont deserved to have their event. Second, why now? They had the data of numerous years including last years change up. They line up tracks and drivers. give press releases but now realize fan interest and the market has changed?
    Oh well, there’s always Cleetus McFarland’s three ring circus perhaps that’s Stafford’s next golden goose.

  9. Fast Eddie says

    Too bad Thunder Road did not get their chance at the SRX, as they certainly deserved it. Apparently Tony Stewart is all in on chasing the NHRA Top Fuel championship. He has a good chance at it as well, the team finished #2 last year in Top Fuel and his first full year driving he finished #2 for the Top Alcohol Dragster championship. pretty damned good for a “new guy”!

  10. Hmmmm
    Kind of out of the blue.
    So conjecture only. Like everything, its gotta be about money.
    I wonder if ESPN was gonna back out. Advertising revenue not there maybe?

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