RaceDayCT Poll: Does WiFi/Cellular Access Influence Your Decision To Attend A Short Track As A Fan

The biggest news on social media this morning concerned outtages across the country for some of the biggest mobile providers. We live in a world where people want to be connected all the time and at most times that’s the case. But there are some places where we go where it’s still hard to remain connected, whether through a WiFi connection or even a cellular connection. Some of those places includes some of the most well known short track’s in New England. Today’s poll question asks, does having Wifi and cellular connection influence your decision whether or not to attend certain short track racing events as a fan? Vote below.

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  1. It never bothered me before we had cell phones, and it doesn’t bother me now. It’s nice to get a break from “constantly connected” once in a while.

  2. I’d be will to take bets on how old you are, plays a role in how you answer this poll.
    I’m an old timer. I would just like to have decent weather, decent facility, (ie; restrooms) and maybe, a decent sound system. Where one could actually hear the announcers a time or two. Not going to a live race to play on my phone. I only need it in case I break down.
    But yeah, i’m old like I say……

  3. If it mattered to people, no one would attend races at Caraway.

  4. Always considered the track to be a “phone free” zone, so no not having WiFi wouldn’t influence my decision to attend a race.

  5. Last time I was at Caraway , close to no one was attending. I doubt strength of a cell signal was the reason though.

  6. Too bad there’s no way to tell the age splits of this vote.

  7. I think there’s a happy medium between being buried in a phone and it enhancing some activities.

    I’m a fan of Race Monitor or other live timing and scoring, like IMSA’s terrific app, during a race. I like to camp at tracks. If it’s a Friday, I’ll work the afternoon from the track to conserve PTO, which requires cell data. A cell signal is also useful for evening TV at multi-day events.

    However, I won’t skip an interesting event due to lack of connectivity.

    For the record, I’m 58.

  8. I recently noticed that in order to post things on social media apps using data/provider you have to wait until you are away from the grandstands because, there are so many people pinging off the same cell tower that it wot post no matter your phone. It’s like a concert- you can’t post or load anything until you leave. It be cool to use the track WIFI but, it’s probably an accident waiting to happen and should only be left for the track to do stuff like streaming to Floracing or Racing ScamAmerica haha.

  9. Zig, I’m 57, I’m lost without my phone, but don’t need it at the track, it’s just a distraction. Many times I either left it in the car, or shut it off. There may be some people who like to access timing and scoring, I’m not one of them. Remember, it’s not always the fastest car that wins the race, and if your starring at the phone chances are you’ll miss seeing the winning move.
    The other day I saw 2 people sitting on a bench, tapping away on their phones. They were having a conversation, not by talking, but texting. Go figure

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