RaceDayCT Poll: Should NASCAR Change The Rules To Make All Cup Series Races End Under Green

Monday evening’s Daytona 500 ended with William Byron scoring his first Daytona 500, but many were left wondering why the sport’s biggest event was forced into such a confusing and underwhelming conclusion. Today’s poll question asks, do you think NASCAR should change its rules to make all Cup Series races end under green? Vote below.

RaceDayCT Column – Let Them Race: Time For NASCAR To Complete All Cup Series Events Under Green


  1. Most definitely, races should end under green conditions, with maybe some exclusions. If a race at Daytona had to end under green, nobody would actually finish and it would come down to who could limp their car across the finish line first.
    One thing they could do is treat stages the way they do on road courses where the stage ends but racing continues, or, don’t count laps during the stage break.

  2. On these superspeedways, nobody is going to stay 2-wide in the closing laps. They are going to go as wide as the track allows, and that means making moves that usually results in pile-ups. It’s the nature of the beast.

    We are just going to have to accept that the closing laps of superspeedway racing is going to end like the last minute of close score basketball or football games. Incredibly horrible.

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