RaceDayCT Poll: Should The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Bring The Qualifying Redraw Back?

For many years the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour used a qualifying redraw to set the starting field for events. Following time trials at events a random number was chosen from a group among the top qualifiers to reset the starting order near the front of the field. The format was dropped a number of years ago, with the starting field being set straight up from the results of time trials. NASCAR officials are looking at bringing the redraw format back for selected Whelen Modified Tour events in 2024. What are your thoughts on bringing the qualifying redraw back to the series? Vote below.


  1. chevelledude says

    I Don’t Think You Should Be Penalized For A Great Qualifying Effort.

  2. If they don’t use the draw after time trials they should go to random draw for time trials. Or Eliminate TT altogether- just use the practice times for starting positions- put the top 5 in a group qualifier fastest wins the money and starts 5th

  3. No. The drivers and owners hate it.

  4. What about the pole award???

  5. G I M M I C K.

    Just like heats are.

    Certainly more entertaining, though.

  6. Darryl Money doesn’t have a problem with it

  7. As a fan, I think it’s a great idea. It will only add to the competition, rather than watch the fastest cars jump out front right at the start for a large portion of the race. It may also give some of the other competitors more of a chance to run with the front group as well. Let the #1 qualifier get the pole award, and with that be the person who pulls the redraw number.

  8. Makes perfect sense. Run more races without pit stops like at Riverhead with that nice hard tire that lasts forever. Start the fastest cars in front like the 51 and 16. The teams with the most money and resources and don’t bother them in the slightest having to pass the pesky other cars at least until they have to lap cars starting with Fifield. Just let the two race each other in a kind of NASCAR match race through an obstacle course. That’s the ticket don’t change a thing NASCAR you’re doing just fine.

  9. Capt. Mike Qbvious says

    Yes, the drivers and owners hate it — all seven of them that ran the full season last year. Drivers and owners would be wise to remember that without fans, they don’t have a series. If a qualifying redraw gets more fans watching, then I’m in favor of it.

  10. Sorely needed and long overdue…

  11. For the race winners where did they start the race?

    From the pole…6
    From 2nd……4
    From 3rd……..3
    From 4th……..2
    From 6th………1
    From 8th……..1
    From 16th…….1

    -Of the 6 tracks the winner won from the pole 4 were at tracks a third mile or less, half the races run on smaller tracks.
    -The 51 won 5 races only one was not from the pole (NHMS).
    -51 won 7 poles, 64 won 6 poles so 2 cars won 72% of the poles.
    -The odds are 56% the winner of any race will be one of the first two to qualify. 72% the the winner will come from the first three cars to qualify.
    -While Bonsignor was winning primarily from the pole, Silk had no poles and was the outlier winning a race from 8th and 16th place.
    -Just 3 cars won 72% of the races

    Ken Massa:
    “They’re tweaking little things. I’ve heard they’re going to do a redraw at [events where there is no tire changes allowed]. And that kind of pissed me off. I hate anything that is based off of luck.”

    Winning poles and winning races from the pole is kind of the 51’s thing so you can see why Massa would hate the idea of messing with the qualifying order. He may very well feel he’s been loyal to the series for a really long time, spared no expense to consistently be the fastest car in qualifying and to inject an artificial handicap that nullifies the advantage he has earned would be a slap in the face.
    It’s pretty clear that if the 51 had not had the driver error in one race and a part failure in another they would have won the championship handily based on their dominance in winning from the pole. On the other hand the 16 team showed a greater ability to overcome adversity from further back and win without ever starting on the pole.
    All handicap systems, inversions and redraws are fundamentally unfair but they’re done to make races more interesting. The Tour modifieds are not CUP or Xfinity. If they’re not going to have heats they really need to follow through with the redraw even if it ticks the 51 team off.

  12. If there is a draw why bother qualifying? I get the reason but not fair to good qualifiers only good for qualifiers not having their best day!

  13. Midnight Economist says

    Capt. Mike Qbvious says: “Yes, the drivers and owners hate it — all seven of them that ran the full season last year. Drivers and owners would be wise to remember that without fans, they don’t have a series. If a qualifying redraw gets more fans watching, then I’m in favor of it.”

    Mike, I totally agree with your statement. I’ll just add that the owners who have clamored for more television time and higher purses for years, you need more fans, especially new ones. If your customer aquision cost is starting 6th at the mercy of an inversion pill draw (or Eldora-style wheel of misfortune) then you might want to rethink your stance on it.

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