RaceDayCT Poll: What’s Your Favorite NASCAR National Series

A pretty simple question today. Which NASCAR national series is your favorite? Vote below.

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  1. Can I write in SRX??

    Half kidding, but, yea, I watch Cup, only for Ryan and he had a pretty dismal, survival race en route to 16th place finish?

    Seems I always have an axe to grind with the Cup broadcasts, I don’t know why that is?? It’s possible I’ve become that cranky old dude “get off my lawn!”.. as I watched yesterday, seems they just try too hard? It feels contrived, I don’t know.. I’m not a FOX guy and Rick Allen grinds me like no other, so it’s not just a network thing. I do like Dale in the booth, he’s just become a natural..

    I’m not sure what the alternative is I seek, but I often feel like I did when I watched the Super Bowl this year and they showed the Flyover… it was played in a effing Dome!!

    I guess I don’t “get” entertainment…

  2. Goldy, you are a gem 💎!!!!

  3. IMSA. It’s national, and now owned by NASCAR, so shouldn’t it count?

    I find the Cup series as best watched via DVR delay to skip ahead and on mute. I’m also not a fan of the commentary. It really went downhill back when DW used to shout “Look at those sold out stands!” when they were half full at most. Was it free shiny aluminum jacket day?, was everyone in the rest rooms?

    I DO like the the experience of Cup and Xfinity races when I can join a friend who has VIP access, with hot pit, garage, and luxury box access, but I’m not so sure I’d still like it from a general grandstand seat.

  4. Suitcase Jake says

    I tape and watch all 3 , Xfinity seems to be my favorite, the races are shorter with less of a time commitment, watching the up and coming drivers like …. Jordan Love….Boy is he off to a HOT START – NOT – Won 1st stage at Daytona lead most of 1st stage ,, only to get wrecked.. Then Had the Pole at Atlanta… Lead almost every lap but when overtime got extended.. ran out of gas while leading…. WOW hopefully his luck will turn quickly, Love won 10 out of 20 ARCA races as a ROOKIE last year… Goldy …, Turn off the sound & listen to the MRN Broadcast on the internet or radio if available in your neck of the woods….Ryan will make some hay when we get away from these high speed wreckfests….. Somebody is going to get killed in these high speed plate demo derbys….Plate racing sucks as Many Drivers have said over and over. I thought Ryan Newman would have been a wake up call to nascar …???? But no…. It’s too bad…

  5. Suitcase;
    For me, truck race much more entertaining than the first two stages of the xfinity race.
    Stage 3 xfinity pretty decent. Austin hill phenomenal , coming back to win it with damaged stuff in a “plate” race.

    I still feel, as do many, restrictor plate racing is what it is at daytona/talladega.
    But at the newly configured Atlanta, imo a different animal. The drivers really have to drive at atlanta, and make constant throttle decisions in the race, as compared to a “holding it wide open” scenario like daytona. For me, Atlanta gave the drivers back more decision making and driving control. Been a while since we have seen a 3 wide finish like that coming to checkers, for half a lap without wrecking.
    Sure, big one happened at atlanta but really, a driver put a car where there wasnt a hole. I expected better from him than that, and that took out a boatload of cars. Spotter issue?
    For me, I like the Atlanta race now, no snoozefest, and drivers have more control at atlanta than other plate venues. Racing is a dangerous sport, and as we all know, it doesn’t take a super-speedway, for drivers to be hurt or worse. They take the risk. Yes, definitely super speedways way more dangerous, no argument.

    As for Preece, how much more of a hole can you put yourself in? Daytona, good car, stupid speeding mistake, and lucky break never fell his way.
    Atlanta? Preece luck. Caught up in a bad one, significantly damaging car. But thats the same for all. Look what happened. They persevered all day, and finished ahead of the rest of the Haas team cars. 16th, with nursing hurt car. Battled back knowing he was out of it all day. Thats the good news.
    The bad news? How much more can an organization shoot themselves in the ass. Both the 10 and 41 roof rails pulled when they got to atlanta. Both the 10 and the 41 docked 35 driver and owner points as the result of the roof rail “infraction”. Both Preece and Gragson in MINUS point numbers, in 36th and 37th, and its only race number 2 in the season!
    Those short tracks we hope Preece excels on, well, looked what happened last year…. Speeding penalty. I dunno…. If Ryan has 9 lives with Haas, he just might be on #9. They cant have any more of those types of issues, or…
    While I’m sure the roof rail issue is probably a crew chief or engineers fault though, but dont know for sure. I’m not sure why the driver incurred that 35 point penalty.
    And yeah, I’m sure everyone is taking notice of Jessie Love, including Haas.
    I’m gonna go in a limb here, and say that the first Haas car to win in cup this year is Berry. Rodney Childers is the best crew chief in that organization. I attribute a great deal of Harvick’s success to him. Sorry for being windy. That 41 has me frustrated though.. Jmo.

  6. robert ross marshall says

    do not watch nascar just follow the modifieds dirt modifieds are much better racing

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