Icy Emotion: Al Stone Tops Street Stocks At Thompson Speedway Icebreaker 

Al Stone III celebrates victory in the Street Stock feature Saturday at the Icebreaker at Thompson Speedway (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

THOMPSON – Al Stone III owns a racing resume that most short track racers would dream of having. 

The 40-year old veteran is a five-time Street Stock division champion at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. He’s also the Speedbowl’s all-time winningest Street Stock driver with 64 victories at the track. 

On Saturday at Thompson Speedway though, one might have thought Stone was a kid getting his first career feature victory. 

Stone, of Durham, held off Ryan Waterman on a lap 18 restart and went on to win the 25-lap Street Stock feature. 

Over the years Stone has run sparingly in the division at Thompson. Saturday his first victory in the division at Thompson since 2010 and the victory had him choked up victory lane. 

“I’m feeling a little bit emotional, like a little baby here,” Stone said. “It’s been a long time since we won up here.

“… Up here, these guys are the best of the best. Racing against these guys, to beat them, all these guys that have been here for a long time. Getting this win is like a monkey off our back.” 

Ryan Waterman of Danielson was second and Aaron Plemons of Uncasville was third. 

Stone plans to run full-time in the Street Stock division at Thompson in 2024. 

“This is a blast,” Stone said. “We’re really proud of this. We’ve been working hard on this car. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.” 


  1. Hillary 2024 says

    They were not long ago the best division at Thompson. Tons of cars and awesome racing. Sorry but they stink now.

  2. Suitcase Jake says

    I disagree, They have always put on great racing on the high banks, Limited Sportsman , now Street Stocks . They will rebuild and add numbers again now that they have 8 races and more stability with the GUYS FROM MAINE here to STAY .. The 604 modifieds have a really great chance to become a lower cost modified to operate … I think this division will really grow into an excellent racing division with the close competition the Crate 604 engine provides.. The racing looked really competitive on their first action on the high banks…!!! 50 YEARS at THOMPSON !!!! very very glad we made it this far , because it wasn’t looking good a few years ago….Now with the Nascar Tour Modifieds back for 3 Races , The future looks BRIGHT at THOMPSON .. Which should make us all VERY HAPPY !!!!!!!

  3. Hillary 2024 says

    I love Thompson but what planet are you on to say that those 604 mods were even remotely entertaining? 8 left at the end of the first race and 6 in the second. If I hadn’t known any better I’d think I was watching practice. And where were all those 604’s from up north? If they didn’t come for icebreaker weekend do you really think they’ll make the trip on a Wednesday or Thursday? Guess we’ll see but I hope they didn’t make a big mistake getting rid of the Sunoco mods.

  4. People complaining about the 604 mod count when icebreaker had 7 SK’s
    on Sunday last year.

    I’m not saying 604’s are the answer moving forward. I think its worth trying though.

    SK teams had clearly lost interest in running Thompson. They can only bang their heads against the wall so long.

  5. Hillary 2024 says

    I had forgotten about the 7 sk’s last year. So if you look at it that way, 10 is a improvement. They had to try something. Hopefully it gets better. It’s just sad that when they came out for their double features, it was a good time to use the restroom.

  6. Suitcase Jake says

    I am really hopeful that the lower cost 604 crate will keep the Sunoco Mods at T …. I see Hillary and Zigs views and time will tell … If they can build the car count into the teens this year , as some teams are waiting for the 604 crates to arrive, The winner # 7 just got his Engine in Monday Night so i am sure there are other Modifieds still waiting for their power plants to arrive …the good news is this… SK and Sunoco and Sk lights cars can just drop in the 604 and go Racing at the High Banks…!!! I think it will become a solid Division and If Keith Rocco shows up that would really help move things along….I believe Todd Owen and Mike Christopher would really help too…But as always ” TIME WILL TELL ” i hope so for the MEN FROM MAINE….They deserve some positive things to happen……Also a set day of racing would help them if possible with the Owners of T….The old Sunday afternoon twilight shows were the BEST….!!!!

  7. Longtimefan says

    I remember his first win in 2010, Doug Coby was in victory lane with him. it was bound to happen again, and Stone got it done. Congrats to a well deserved win. There will be many more.

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