Inside The Numbers: Ron Silk And Justin Bonsignore Domination Of Whelen Modified Tour 

Justin Bonsignore (left) and Ron Silk (right) having fun at an autograph session Sunday at Thompson Speedway (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

In 2023 Ron Silk and Justin Bonsignore put on a title chase for the ages on the Whelen Modified Tour. 

In the end it was Silk celebrating his second series title after a season-long battle at the top of the standings. 

Thus far in 2024 it looks like there is no end in sight for the tight competition between Silk and Bonsignore. 

Silk won Sunday’s Icebreaker 150 at Thompson Speedway to get his second win in three starts this season. Silk also won the season opening event on Feb. 10 at New Smyrna (Fla.) Speedway. Bonsignore won the other event this year, on March 29 at Richmond (Va.) Raceway. Bonsignore finished second to Silk at New Smyrna and Silk was second to Bonsignore at Richmond Bonsignore was fourth Sunday at Thompson. 

Dating back to the Whelen Modified Tour season opener in 2023 at New Smyrna Speedway, Silk and Bonsignore have combined to win 13 of 21 Whelen Modified Tour events. Silk has seven wins during the span with Bonsignore recording six wins. 

Some other statistical highlights of the pair over the last 21 events: 

– There have been 16 consecutive events run on the Whelen Modified Tour where either Silk or Bonsignore finished in the top-three. 

– Over the last 21 events there have only been two races when neither Silk or Bonsignore finished in the top-three (Richmond – March 2023 & Lee USA Speedway May 2023). 

– Silk and Bonsignore have finished first and second together in seven of the last 21 events, including twice in three events thus far in 2024. 

– Silk and Bonsignore have finished together in the top-three in 10 of the last 21 events. 

– Of the 42 available chances at finishing first or second place in Whelen Modified Tour action over the last 21 events, Silk and Bonsignore have combined to take 22 of those spots. 

– Silk and Bosnignore have been first or second together in the series standings following the last 18 Whelen Modified Tour events and after 19 of the last 21 events. 

– Silk has been first or second in the series standings for the last 21 events. Bonsignore has been first or second in the standings for 19 of the last 21 events. 


  1. Drunkinirishman says

    I really love statistics and the analysis of them…
    Here are the comparable statistics for the Monaco Tri Track series over the last 21 races.
    Please note: To arrive at 21 races for the MTTS the results go all the way back to the end of the 4 race season of 2020.
    Obviously, the longer elapse of time is not directly comparable to the 1 season plus 3 races of WMT… But for the sake of you that love to debate…
    As most in this forum would expect, the 60 team is dominate. Mr. Hirschman has won 8 of 21 races at 38%. Also, he has finished top 3 in 12 of 21 races 57%.
    No other driver in that time span has won more than twice.
    There have been 10 different winners in the 21 races for MTTS as opposed to 7 different winners in the WMT.
    The 60 team won the 2023 title by 50pts over the 88. The 88 had 0 wins and 1 top 3 finish. 7 drivers ran the entire schedule.
    The 60 team won the 2022 title by 44pts over the 89. The 89 had 0 wins and 0 top 3 finishes. 7 drivers ran the entire schedule.
    The 60 team won the 2021 title by 19pts over the 9. The 9 had 2 wins and 2 more top 3 finishes. (4 total) 11 drivers ran the entire schedule.

    The type of competition you enjoy is in the eyes of the beholder..

  2. They like watching Hirschman steal candy from babies.

  3. Crazy in NY says

    [ They like watching Hirschman steal candy from babies.]
    Like night follows day you know Capt Ignorant is going to chime in with his wisdom. yes yes like winning races anywhere is a breeze. Begs the question though, If it’s “stealing candy from babes” what are those studs on the Tour that are so much better than he out “stealing” their own share of this “candy” ? You haven’t been watching this year have Da twerp. The “babies” have been stealing Matt’s rightful place in victory lane. SMH……

  4. Take a look at Hirschman’s average finish last season on the WMT and then try to tell me he can’t handle the WMT. He races for a team that doesn’t have the funding of the 16 and 51 teams, but can hang with them and even win on a partial schedule. Maybe in Nascar it’s partly about buying wins.

  5. Yeah, they love to watch Matt dominate the off-off-Broadway events/series on those itty-bitty bullrings. Can’t stop talking about it, as if he is some sort of demigod.

    Something like that goes on in the NWMT and it’s all wrong, mean, nasty and evil.

    You Matt fans make yourselves look like morons.

  6. His lack of knowledge is obvious. says

    Tomorrow Dareal will know less than he does today and today he does not know much.

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