Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Event At Thompson Postponed; New Date To Be Announced 

THOMPSON – After a day of seemingly endless weather woes at Thompson Speedway Saturday, Mother Nature finally leveled a knockout punch to the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series early in the evening of Icebreaker Saturday. 

Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series officials announced just after 7 pm that the Constantine Paving & Sealing 75 would be postponed due to rain.

The makeup date for the event will be announced at a later time. The event will not be run as part of Sunday’s Icebreaker schedule at Thompson.

The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series was making the division’s first appearance at Thompson this weekend. 

The division struggled through three heat races, battling through multiple rain delays. Over the course of the day at Thompson there was constant drizzle, rain, sleet and even briefly snow. 

It seemed that the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series would be able to start its feature just before 7 pm, but light rain returned and the decision was made to discontinue trying to get the feature in. 


  1. Disappointing day. Never had a race day quite like that. Was it Tri-Track or NASCAR that decided to pull the plug on them not running tomorrow? Assuming the latter. Not good for fans that bought a 1 day ticket. I will be there tomorrow too, but, the Tri-Track race was the one I was itching to watch. No rain date and another $50 down the drain I guess.

  2. Kayman,
    No way really to work with the logistics of doing a Saturday ticketed day on Sunday with all that is already scheduled for Sunday. The only way to make that work would be to run the remainder of the Saturday show and allow only Saturday ticketholders in, then clear the grandstands entierly and bring the Sunday ticket holders in.

  3. Maybe Thompson should have run 3 heats for the 12 mini stocks..Thompson wasted alot of time but did a great job with track drying…The mod race should have been after the PASS race

  4. Muddbus,
    I think even if they ran the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series immediately following the PASS race they would have still struggled to even get to halfway and definitely would not have gotten to 75 laps.

  5. Fast Eddie says

    The thompson folks did the best they could with the weather. Although it would have been better with more draging tires. Got to see more than I thoght given the weather.

  6. Hillary 2024 says

    The best they could? So have double features for the “sk’s” that have 10 or less cars and screw and cancel the truck division all together.

  7. Just Saying says

    Saturday at Thompson was the worst day I ever had a Thompson Speedway in 40 years they should be embarrassed for what they did to all the teams and drivers and owners one day admission 50$ for three heats in the open Mods,that’s what I got to see for 50$, so did I here that they rescheduled for October 11, another screw job by the administration

  8. Just Me - The Original says

    Since everyone was going to make it into the race, should have forgone the heat races and start by the practice times.

  9. Fast Eddie says

    Surprised the tritrack race wasn’t right afer the PASS race. I think they would have run most if not all of it.

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