Cody Blake Makes It Two Memorial Day Classic Triumphs At Thunder Road

A victorious Cody Blake celebrates after his second career Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic win at Thunder Road on Sunday (Photo: Thunder Road)

On a beautiful Sunday morning, Thunder Road officials announced the creation of the Squier Cup for the Late Model Triple Crown at the Nation’s Site of Excitement starting with the 61st Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic. Twenty-five Maplefield/Irving Late Models filed into the pit area, quite the full one as a matter of fact with the 3rd annual addition of the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series.

Defending King of the Road track champion Stephen Donahue brought the Memorial Day Classic field to green alongside three-peat track champion Jason Corliss. With Corliss on the hunt for two-in-a-row on the granite monument, the competition up front was fierce. While Donahue dominated the early going, Corliss used a mid-race caution to catapult into the lead and steadily grew the distance between himself and the field under a long green flag period. 

Meanwhile, Donahue was facing heavy pressure from Cody Blake, Jimmy Herbert and Scott Dragon, the remainder of the top-five in their own pack ten car-lengths back from Corliss. Unfortunately for Corliss, a late race caution with ten laps remaining set up a final showdown, this time with Cody Blake. Blake used the bottom to his advantage in a side-by-side battle to steal the lead with three to go and never looking back. Cody Blake would take down his second career Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic, celebrating with his father, ‘Burger’ Blake and his five-week-old daughter, Piper, in a multi-generational victory lane! Corliss would come home second followed by Jimmy Hebert in third.

Former NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Jon McKennedy brought the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Granite City 100 to green. Following several single-car spin cautions, McKennedy continued his dominance with an ever-growing black car in his mirror. ‘Big Money’ Matt Hirschman mashed the peddle and overtook McKennedy on the outside groove to claim the lead on lap 31 and ran away with it until a lap 59 heartbreaker for Matt Swanson, laying down a thick smokescreen from under the hood.

Back under green, Ronnie Williams and Woody Pitkat roared back into the top five after jumping pit-side for fresh rubber. Williams continued his melee to the front while McKennedy pulled into the pits on lap 81 after suffering mechanical woes that took his #79 out of contention for the afternoon. The biggest drama would hit on lap 89 as Williams and Hirschman began to get physical for the lead, ending with Hirschman around on the backstretch and Williams sited a penalty on lap 94. The finale set up one last go for the win with Steven Kopcik duking it out with Matt Kimball but at the end Kopcik would steal the win followed by Woody Pitkat and Kimball across the line.

The green-to-checker 40-lap main event for the Lenny’s Shoe & Apparel Flying Tigers went off without a hitch. Leading from the pole, Williamstown’s Matt Ballard kept his foot in the firewall with a rear-view mirror full of Chris LaForest throughout the feature. Deeper in the pack, point leader Brandon Gray and defending track champion Kyle Streeter were mired in heavy side-by-side traffic. The just-under 10-minute feature event saw Matt Ballard take his first career Flying Tiger win on the holiday weekend followed by Chris LaForest, matching his career best finish from opening day in second and Kevin Streeter rounding out the podium.

The rk Miles Street Stocks were led to green by fan-favorite Juan ‘Paco’ Marshall but quickly ‘The Mail Man’ Patrick Tibbetts took over at the head of the pack in their 25-lap feature event. A clean and green race was cut off by a series of late-race cautions that restacked the field and made for a rough go on Tibbetts part with a flat right front tire sending him pit-side for repairs and leaving behind a dominant run in the lead. With a bump and occasional bang, ‘The Caveman’ Kasey Collins took over and never looked back to take the win, speechless in victory lane. Former champions Jamie Davis and Dean Switser, Jr. rounded out the podium.

Under the control of Anderson Boyd and Jaiden Del Toro, the Burnett Scrap Metals Road Warriors came to life to close out the Sunday program. Veterans Nate ‘Tater’ Brien, the ‘Chicken Man’ Brodie Frazier and Tyler Wheatley made short work of the cars ahead of them, criss-crossing through the field to claim the top-five spots within eight laps. While Tater drove away with it, Zach Garvey fought to hold his second place run against the onslaught, and did so valiantly! Nate Brien would take the Memorial Day win followed by Zach Garvey with Brodie Frazier coming home third.

The brave drivers of Thunder Road return to action on Friday, June 7 with McGee Hyundai of Barre presenting the annual Friday Night kickoff to weekly racing at the Nation’s Site of Excitement. The McGee Hyundai of Barre Friday Special is headlined by a visit from the New England Supermodified Series (NESS) as the lightning-fast rockets take on the highbanks with blistering 10-second lap times! The Maplefield/Irving Late Models, Lenny’s Shoe & Apparel Flying Tigers, rk Miles Street Stocks and Burnett Scrap Metals Road Warriors will also be in attendance for the start of weekly championship racing at Thunder Road with a 7:00pm Post Time on Friday, June 7!

For more information, contact the Thunder Road offices at (802) 244-6963, [email protected], or visit You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @ThunderRoadVT. 

Thunder Road Int’l Speedbowl – Barre, VT

Sunday, May 26, 2024

61st Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic feat. the Monaco Modified Granite City 100


Maplefield/Irving Late Models – 61st Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic – (125 Laps)

Race #1 for the Inaugural Squier Cup Triple Crown

1          99VT    Cody Blake                  Barre, VT

2          66VT    Jason Corliss               Barre, VT

3          58VT    Jimmy Hebert             Williamstown, VT

4          31VT    Stephen Donahue      Graniteville, VT

5          9VT      Chip Grenier               E. Barre, VT

6          0VT      Scott Dragon               Milton, VT

7          49VT    DJ Shaw                       Center Conway, NH

8          64VT    Christopher Pelkey     S. Barre, VT

9          16VT    Brandon Lanphear     Morrisville, VT

10        40VT    Nick Sweet                  Williamstown, VT

11        27VT    Kyle Pembroke           Montpelier, VT

12        18VT    Kaiden Fisher              Shelburne, VT

13        04VT    Justin Prescott             Fairfax, VT

14        01VT    Stephen Martin          Craftsbury Common, VT

15        36VT    Joel Hodgdon             Craftsbury Common, VT

16        55VT    Keegan Lamson          Berlin, VT

17        86VT    Marcel J. Gravel          Wolcott, VT

18.       17VT    Darrell Morin              Westford, VT

19.       14VT    Phil Scott                     Montpelier, VT

20.       48VT    #Taylor Hoar               South Hero, VT

21.       71VT    #Jesse Laquerre          E. Montpelier, VT

22.       7VT      Cooper Bouchard       Hinesburg, VT

23.       68VT    Brooks Clark               Fayston, VT

24.       4VT      Scott Coburn              Barre, VT

25.       8VT      Chris Roberts              Washington, VT

Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series – 3rd annual Granite City 100 – (100 Laps)

1          1          Stephen Kopcik           Newtown, CT

2          88        Woody Pitkat              Bellingham, MA

3          43        Matt Kimball               Bennington, NH

4          55CT    Teddy Hodgdon           Danbury, CT

5          5CT      Chris Pasteryak           Moosup, CT

6          76        Brett Meservey           Brewster, MA

7          60        Matt Hirschman          Northampton

8          50        Ronnie Williams          Lebanon, CT

9          99        Tyler Hines                  North Haven, CT

10        04        Joey Jarvis                   Windsor, VT

11        24        Todd Patnode             Swanzey, NH

12        79        Jon McKennedy          Chelmsford, MA

13        25        Matt Swanson            Harvard, MA

14        55        Joe Doucette               Framingham, MA

15        08        Nick Halkowicz           Shelton, CT

16        55x      Jacob Perry                 Kannapolis, NC                                   

17        13        Max Zachem               Oakdale, CT                             

18        06        Les Hinckley                Windsor Locks , CT

19        25NH   Brian Robie                 Sunapee, NH

Lenny’s Shoe & Apparel Flying Tigers – (40 Laps)

1.         33VT    Matt Ballard               Williamstown, VT

2.         56VT    Chris Laforest              Barre, VT

3.         67VT    Kevin Streeter             Waitsfield, VT

4.         07VT    Sam Caron                  Milton, VT

5.         90VT    Cameron Ouellette     Barre, VT

6.         23NY   Cam Gadue                 Highgate, VT

7.         45VT    Adam Maynard           Milton, VT

8.         64VT    Jason Pelkey                Barre, VT

9.         4VT      Cooper French             Northfield, VT

10.       00VT    Brandon Gray             E. Thetford, VT

11.       37VT    Kyle Streeter               Waterbury Ctr., VT

12.       31VT    Logan Powers             Middlesex, VT

13.       31NH   Shawn Fleury              Middlesex, VT

14.       15NH   Brendan Moodie        Wolcott, VT

15.       78VT    Tyler Pepin                  Barre, VT

16.       20VT    Robert Gordon           Milton, VT

17.       3VT      Michael MacAskill      Williamstown, VT

18.       26VT    Luke Peters                 Groton, VT

19.       8VT      Mike Billado               Grand Isle, VT

20.       9VT      #Logan Farrell             Barre, VT

21.       52VT    Brad Bushey               Fairfax, VT

22.       5RI       #Kyle Gravel               Wolcott, VT

23.       77VT    Ryan Field                   Wolcott, VT

24.       13VT    Ty Delphia                   Waterbury, VT

25.       22VT    Travis Patnoe              Wolcott, VT

rk Miles Street Stocks – (25 Laps)

1.         98        Kasey Collins               Berlin, VT

2.         43        Jamie Davis                 Johnson, VT

3.         16        Dean Switser, Jr.         Waterford, VT

4.         74        Tyler Whittemore       Barre, VT

5.         7          Kyle MacAskill             Williamstown, VT

6.         57        Trevor Jaques             Milton, VT

7.         9          Zach Audet                 Johnson, VT

8.         08        Ryan Foster                 Waterbury, VT

9.         79        Juan Marshall             Pittsfield, VT

10.       55        Parker Gagne              Fairfax, VT

11.       24        Todd Raymo               Swanton, VT

12.       8          Paul Rocheleau           Georgia, VT

13.       1          Cam Powers                Middlesex, VT

14.       51        Thomas Smith             Williamstown, VT

15.       99        #Fred Fleury                Graniteville, VT

16.       39        Derek Farnham           Bethel, VT

17.       73        Paige Whittemore      Graniteville, VT

18.       2          Haidyn Pearce             Chelsea, VT

19.       13        Travis Gay                   S. Burlington, VT

20.       96        Thomas Peck               Waterbury, VT

21.       34        Patrick Tibbetts          Plainfield, VT

22.       3          Michael Gay                S. Burlington, VT

23.       04        Scott Weston              Berlin, VT

24.       6          Terry Pearce Jr            Chelsea, VT

25.       50        Eric MacLaughlin        Milton, VT

DNS     54        Josh Lovely                  Williamstown, VT

Burnett Scrap Metals Road Warriors – (20 Laps)

1.         16        Nate Brien                  Williamstown, VT

2.         77        Zachary Garvey           Milton, VT

3.         17        Brodie Frazier             E. Montpelier, VT

4.         95        Taylor Sayers              Barre, VT

5.         31        Tyler Wheatley           Brookfield, VT

6.         19        Neal Foster                 Moretown, VT

7.         50        Nick Copping              Barre, VT

8.         54        Dan Garrett, Jr.           Berlin, VT

9.         81        Mike Slingerland        Fairfax, VT

10.       27        Derrick Mann              Graniteville, VT

11.       43        Anderson Boyd           Berlin, VT

12.       8          Jaiden Del Toro           Barre Town, VT

13.       71        Jason Kirby                  Milton, VT

14.       76        Easton Garvey             Milton, VT

15.       33        Brayden Murphy        Barre, VT

16.       96        Bill O’Connor              S. Washington, VT

17.       05        Brandon Premont       Johnson, VT

18.       72        Christopher Herring   Montpelier, VT

19.       23        Jennesta Garrett         Middlesex, VT

20.       7          Kendall Zeno               Waterbury, VT

21.       70        Mason Frazier             E. Montpelier, VT

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