RaceDayCT Poll: Your Opinion Of Nick Anglace Being Stripped Of SK Light Victory At Stafford

Nick Anglace taunts fans during his victory lane ceremony before he was disqualified from the victory Friday in the Monaco Ford SK Light Double Down at Stafford (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

On Friday night at Stafford Speedway, after a length post race review by track officials, Nick Anglace was stripped of his victory in the Monaco Ford SK Light Double Down feature. Today’s poll question asks, do you think Anglace’s aggressiveness in the feature warranted being stripped of victory? Vote below.


  1. I voted no, as I’ve seen much more egregious moves not penalized in the past; however, if this sets a precedent, and subsequent moves like that get the same penalty, I’ll be all for it.

  2. David Fisher says

    His comments afterward were more aggressive than the move for the win. No DQ required here. He seems to be a bit of a butt, but that is a determination from a 30-second interview, so completely unfair. Again, not a move that should have called for DQ.

  3. Just Saying says

    Are you people serious? What race were you guys watching? He pushed too fast cars into the marbles the kids a freaking moron, and he’s been like this since he started if he wants to drive like a moron that enter a demolition derby

  4. Just Saying says

    Besides, he was underweight in tech so he’s a cheater to , that’s why they disqualified him not cause of his professional driving skills

  5. Crazy in NY says

    3 cheers for Tom Fox. Again..that isn’t racing. I could pull off that move too that’s how I know the difference between a hack and a real driver. Look at the replay…he clearly was trying to park her on West St. Bottom shots are fine …IF….you can keep it on the bottom. Clearly, he did not. Easy call, I think. plus his (what? me?) cockiness in VL was a bit much. Ran Chapman up in the same corner earlier taking him out of contention. Nice run Meg you didn’t deserve that fate. SMS scores high marks again. Best Lite race I’ve ever seen.

  6. She ran him clean for how many laps to get by him, this idiot could be the poster boy for YOU CAN’T F IX STUPID , you knew it was going to happen, that’s the way he has always been but not his fault, very one else .do yourself and everyone else a favor and stay home Fridays

  7. MCRacer6 says

    1. You moved Megan Fuller, spun on her own in turn 4 overdriving to correct it…a track favorite…strike 1
    2. Brian Sullivan…Monaco Ford driver…strike 2
    3. No class in victory lane…strike 3

  8. Should’ve kept his trap shut after the race

  9. The Chapman incident was far worse than the Fuller incident. Weight aside, if he doesn’t run Chapman into the fence and/or keeps his mouth shut in victory lane they probably don’t yank the win for over aggressive driving.

  10. The Guy is a disrespectful, dirty driving idiot. Glad Stafford officials did the right thing. Telling the fans you have no respect for other drivers is disgraceful. Then, his car can’t make weight, I’d like to see that scale sheet. Anyone can win, when you cheat with the weights, and push any competition into the wall. Now his fellow competitors know how he feels about them, this could turn out to be an expensive season, because you know when it’s dump or be dumped, dump always wins. Karma is a vengeful bitch.

  11. This kid is a dill weed. Drives the same idiotic way around town too. He has tailgated me in his WRX more than once. Makes me go even slower.

  12. Suitcase Jake says

    Anglace is not in touch with reality… He acts like a spoiled 4 yr old.. Wasn’t He the one who parked his car on frontstretch and flipped off the Stafford Flag Man & Race Director & the Stafford Owners and left car on track & walked away while flipping everyone the FINGER !!!! They had a 5 or 6 lap battle side by side and then he ruined it by that Bonsi move on the last Corner … His actions in Victory Lane were Obnoxious at best… What a Clown … get a job in the Circus they Take Clowns like you ….They allowed him back after the other Crazy Incident and now He acts up again .. He should be banned from Stafford …

  13. Crazy in NY says

    and the Tour goes on and on …. says

    Where did you get the idea Stafford (Tom Fox) pulled the win for comments by Anglace in victory lane? He was penalized for rough driving, and he also didn’t make weight. Commenters here and other places had an issue with his words/ demeanor with the mic on him.

  14. Getserious says

    Yes, Suitcase Jake, he was the same fool hothead who flipped everyone off and got kicked out for a while.

  15. Dale3champ4ever says

    Have seen this time and time again. Enough said

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