White Mountain Opening Weekend Double Header Avoids Rain, Features Action Aplenty

(Press release from White Mountain Motorsports Park)

Following a rainy start to the annual opening day car show festivities, the 32nd season at White Mountain Motorsports Park got off to a bang with a doubleheader weekend of excitement! Thunder in the Mountains returned in a big way on both Saturday and Sunday with ten divisions of racing action starting both the King of the Mountain track championship campaigns as well as the ACT Tri-State Flying Tiger Series and visits from the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) Super Late Models, Modifieds and the New England Supermodified Series (NESS) lid lifter!

It all started Saturday with a six division card of racing highlighted by the R&R Race Parts Open Street Stock Series and the start of the season for the Foley Oil & Propane Late Models. Jimmy Renfrew, Jr. nabbed the early lead in the R&R Street Stock Open 75 and found himself in a long-standing battle for the lead with former White Mountain Tiger champion Jason Woodard. The pot finally boiled over between the two on the lap 67 restart that saw Renfrew around and a steering wheel flying through the air. Woodard would take the win followed by Shane Gendron and Brandon Gray.

After pulling off the heat race and semi-feature wins, John Donahue was on a hat-trick mission to claim the HK Powersports opening night win in the Foley Oil & Propane Late Models. Starting off mired in the pack, it was Mike Jurkowski that claimed the early lead ahead of Oren Remick, Kyle Goodbout and Ben Belanger. A lap 40 mishap between Remick and Belanger put the Goodbout boy into overdrive through the final ten laps with just inches separating the finish! Mike Jurkowski would take the HK Powersports opening day win by just 0.042-seconds over Kyle Goodbout with Quinny Welch rounding out the podium.

HK Powersports Opening Night winners also included a hard fought battle between Nick Anderson and Kevin Boucher in the Ammonoosuc Asphalt Mini Late Models with Anderson coming out on top over Boucher and Matt LeBlanc. Littleton’s Donnie Baumgardner barnstormed the competition in a borrowed ride to take the Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Mini win. Piloting the Dave Driscoll-machine, Baumgardner took the checkers over McKenna Merchant and Jacob Roy. 

Andy Hill took the thrilling Wayne’s Market Dwarf Car Twin-20 lap segments in his return to the division followed by Ethan Tyrrell and Dave Gyger. The Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kid’s Division had so many entries that officials opted to split the growing group into two 15-lap features. Walker Fitch would take the first feature win over Kiptyn Aldrich and Connor Charbonneau while newcomer Hayden Bushey won round two over Clayton Houghton and Colby Stygles.

Sunday brought a new crop of drivers to New Hampshire’s Favorite Short Track with an opening weekend PASS invasion. Starting with the PASS Modifieds, heat race winners Zach Nichols and Spencer Vaughn led the first leg of the Weston’s Automotive Triple Crown to green. It quickly became the Ryan Ripley show out front, even after repeated challenges from Ryan Hewins and Spencer Morse. Coming down to a green, white, checker finish, Ripley nabbed the win and early control of the Weston’s Auto Triple Crown standings.

Rob Summers led the early goings in the New England Supermodified Series (NESS) 50 lap season opener but relinquished to a lightning quick Dave Duggan on lap 10. While Duggan won the battle, defending champion Dan Bowles was waging war, flying by Duggan on a mid-race restart and never looking back. Dan Bowles started off his championship defense with one in the wins column followed by Duggan and Russ Wood.

After coming home from Canada early Sunday morning, D.J. Shaw led the PASS Super Late Model 150 to green that same afternoon. Austin Teras quickly ensured that his Cushman Competition machine stayed in Shaw’s review mirror as Johnny Clark muscled his way into the top three pack. While Clark attempted to nab the lead, the pack faced heavy lap traffic again and again, all three considering three-wide moves to gain position on the others. Clark would get a bumper on Shaw on lap 64 but again faced lead-threatening lap traffic and a heartbreaking blown engine under the hood of fifth place runner Brandon Varney. While Teras battled hard in for one last shot, Johnny Clark struck down his 50th career PASS Super Late Model win at the Series’ 50th appearance at White Mountain followed by Shaw and Gabe Brown on the podium.

The ACT Tri-State Flying Tiger Series brought twenty-nine machines to White Mountain on Sunday. Tripling as the Tri-State Series, White Mountain weekly series and Central Asphalt Paving Triple Crown Series opener, Sunday’s 75 lapper for the Tigers was a grand slam! Although a rough go made for a rough race, Brandon Gray resumed his 2023 dominance and powered up to take the lead early on and never looked back to take the win. Cameron Ouellette impressed in a patient drive to take second while Luke Peters drove from eighteenth to third to round out the podium.

Thunder in the Mountains returns on Saturday, May 25 with the 6th annual Spring Board 100, the launching first race of the Wall’s Ford Platinum Late Model Series! Alongside the exciting Late Model highlight includes continued track championship action for the Fisher Auto Parts Flying Tigers, Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Minis, Wayne’s Market Dwarf Cars and Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Division! 

For more information, contact the White Mountain Motorsports Park offices at (802) 244-6963, [email protected], or visit www.whitemountainmotorsports.com. You can also follow us on Facebook at @WhiteMtnMotorsports.

White Mountain Motorsports Park – N. Woodstock, NH

HK Powersports Opening Day

Saturday, May 18, 2024


Foley Oil & Propane Late Models – (50 Laps)

1.         42NH   Mike Jurkowski           Claremont, NH

2.         17NH   Kyle Goodbout           N. Woodstock, NH

3.         78NH   Quinten Welch           Groveton, NH

4.         31VT    Stephen Donahue      Graniteville, VT

5.         60VI     Thomas Smithers, VI   Gilmanton, NH

6.         83VT    Stacy Cahoon             St. Johnsbury, VT

7.         66VT    Jason Corliss               Barre, VT

8.         38VT    Tyler Cahoon              Danville, VT

9.         68NH   Tanner Woodard        Waterbury Ctr., VT

10.       10NH   Bryan Mason              Milan, NH

11.       26VT    John Donahue             Graniteville, VT

12.       92VT    Jaden Perry                 Hardwick, VT

13.       39VT    Mike Foster                 Williston, VT

14.       54VT    #Colin Cornell             W. Burke, VT

15.       04NH   Shawn Swallow           Groveton, NH

16.       67NH   Jordan Davis               Whitefield, NH

17.       92NH   Will Avery                   Campton, NH

18.       57NH   David Labreque          Thornton, NH

19.       99NH   Ben Belanger              Whitefield, NH

20.       21NH   Oren Remick               Monroe, NH

21.       20NH   Richie Brown               Wentworth, NH

DNS     0NH     Jimmy Renfrew, Jr.     Candia, NH

DNS     36ME   Howie Switser             Whitefield, NH

R&R Race Parts Street Stock Open Series – (75 Laps)

1.         68VT    Jason Woodard          Waterbury Ctr., VT

2.         7          Shane Gendron          Tyngsboro, MA

3.         00VT    Brandon Grey             E. Thetford, VT

4.         24        Jeff Alley                     Machias, ME

5.         35        Kris Watson                Kenduskeag, ME

6.         33VT    Matt Sonnhalter         Randolph, VT

7.         7C        John Cushman            Danvers, MA

8.         52        Brad Bushey               Cambridge, VT

9.         78        Tyler Pepin                  Barre, VT

10.       68NH   Nate Hamblett           Derby Line, VT

11.       03        Josh Gerand                W. Wareham, MA

12.       79        Travis Lovejoy             Carmel, ME

13.       00NH   Jimmy Renfrew, Jr.     Candia, NH

14.       21        Clark Brooks                Raymond, NH

15.       98        Steve Dickey, Jr.          Milford, NH

16.       71        Donny Silva                 Hudson, ME

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Minis – (25 Laps)

1.         18        Donnie Baumgardner N. Woodstock, NH

2.         99        McKenna Merchant    Waterford, VT

3.         11        Jacob Roy                    Danville, VT

4.         57        Todd Derrington         Littleton, NH

5.         51        Tyler Thompson         Lincoln, NH

6.         92        Jason Goodbout, Jr.    Lincoln, NH

7.         16x      Patrick Switser             Woodsville, NH

8.         17        Connor Rueda             Barre, VT

9.         09        Jack Hayes                  Littleton, NH

10.       17NH   Scott Senecal              Lisbon, NH

11.       02        Dustin Wilson             Bethlehem, NH

12.       12        John Knight                 Franklin, NH

13.       32        #Kylee Potter              Marshfield, VT

14.       1          Landyn O’Donnell       N. Haverhill, NH

15.       69        Aiden Young               Dalton, NH

16.       01        Jeff Champine            Whitefield, NH

Ammonoosuc Asphalt Mini Late Models – (40 Laps)

1.         55        Nick Anderson             Oxford, MA

2.         71        Kevin Boucher             Grafton, NH

3.         7          Matt LeBlanc              Berlin, NH

4.         12        Chris Sontag                Sterling, MA

5.         15        #Chris Moulton          Pepperell, MA

6.         16        #Kristian Switser         Woodsville, NH

7.         66        Normand Raymond, Jr.           Sherbrooke, QC

8.         17NH   Nick Miller                  Berlin, NH

9.         31        Brett Jackson              Bethlehem, NH

10.       57        Pat Houle                    Vernon, VT

11.       76        Garrett LaBounty        Orleans, VT

12.       13        Cameron Sontag         Sterling, MA

Wayne’s Market Dwarf Cars – (Two 20 Lap Segments)

1.         8          Andy Hill                     Waterford, VT (1+3=4)

2.         23        Ethan Tyrrell               Worcester, VT (3+4=7)

3.         93        Dave Gyger                 Campton, NH (2+5=7)

4.         41        Jeff Ainsworth             Bethlehem, NH (8+1=9)

5.         88        Jason Wyman             Easton, NH (7+2=9)

6.         52        Chad Dufour               Littleton, NH (4+6=10)

7.         16        Mitchell O’Brien          Deerfield, NH (5+7=12)

8.         55        Ken Wright                  Danbury, NH (6+8=14)

9.         3          #Avery Young             Hudson, NH (9+9=18)

Dad’s 4 By Tool & Supply Kid’s Division – (15 Laps)

Feature #1 – (15 Laps)

1.         18x      Walker Fitch               Marshfield, VT

2.         74        Kiptyn Aldrich             Woodsville, NH

3.         6          Connor Charbonneau Groveton, NH

4.         10        Landon Brawn             Websterville, VT

5.         23        Madison Potter          Marshfield, VT

6.         2          Cooper Cox-Benoit     Washington, VT

7.         17        Makenzi Sicard           Gilmanton, NH

8.         09        Khloe Goodbout         Lincoln, NH

Feature #2 – (15 Laps)

1.         15        Hayden Bushey           Fairfax, VT

2.         63        Clayton Houghton      Concord, VT

3.         05        Colby Stygles               

4.         45        Cameron Beattie        St. Johnsbury Ctr, VT

5.         93        Jackson Hunt              Derby Line, VT

6.         99        Sophia Beer                Lyndonville, VT

7.         19        Chloe Doyle                Northfield, VT

White Mountain Motorsports Park – N. Woodstock, NH

The PASS 150

Sunday, May 19, 2024


Pro All Stars Series (PASS) Super Late Models – (150 Laps)

1.         54        Johnny Clark               Hallowell, ME

2.         60        D.J. Shaw                     Center Conway, NH

3.         47        Gabe Brown                Center Conway, NH

4.         44        Trevor Sanborn          E. Parsonsfield, ME

5.         29        Austin Teras                Gray, ME

6.         02        Brian Whalley             Laconia, NH

7.         21        David Oliver                Standish, ME   

8.         09        Jeremy Davis               Tamworth, NH

9.         19        Rusty Poland               Naples, ME

10.       07        Nicholas Calvert         Steepfalls, ME

11.       25        Anthony Bello             Newtown, CT

12.       18        Michael Scorzelli         Feura Bush, NY

13.       32        Nick Jenkins                Brownville, ME

14.       5VT      Pat Corbett                 Williamstown, VT

15.       1v        Brandon Varney         Auburn, ME

16.       12        Dennis Spencer, Jr.     Oxford, ME

17.       32CT    Tom Abele, Jr.             Norwich, CT

ACT Tri-State Flying Tiger Series Central Asphalt Paving 75 – (75 Laps)

1.         00VT    Brandon Gray             E. Thetford, VT

2.         90VT    Cameron Ouellette     Barre, VT

3.         26VT    Luke Peters                 Groton, VT

4.         15NH   Brendan Moodie        Wolcott, VT

5.         23NY   Cam Gadue                 Highgate, VT

6.         07VT    Sam Caron                  Milton, VT

7.         37VT    Kyle Streeter               Waterbury Ctr., VT

8.         15VT    Joey Laquerre             E. Montpelier, VT

9.         4NH     Shane Sicard               Barton, VT

10.       67VT    Kevin Streeter             Waitsfield, VT

11.       8VT      Mike Billado               Grand Isle, VT

12.       3VT      Michael MacAskill      Williamstown, VT

13.       13VT    Ty Delphia                   Waterbury, VT

14.       56VT    Chris Laforest              Barre, VT

15.       78VT    Tyler Pepin                  Barre, VT

16.       36NH   Nathan Hamblett       Derby Line, VT

17.       62VT    Jamon Perry                Hardwick, VT

18.       29VT    #Owen Cheney           Moretown, VT

19.       22WC  Mike Clark                   Littleton, NH

20.       82NH   Frank Sweeney           Belmont, NH

21.       34VT    Jim Paquette              Alburgh, VT

22.       49VT    #Austin Sicard             Gilmanton, NH

23.       77VT    Ryan Field                   Stowe, VT

24.       26NH   Stephen Donahue      Graniteville, VT

25.       31VT    Logan Powers             Middlesex, VT

26.       01VT    Michael Martin           Craftsbury, Common, VT

27.       43VT    #Kyle Willis                 Derby Line, VT

28.       92VT    Jaden Perry                 Hardwick, VT

29.       23VT    Matt Potter                 Marshfield, VT

New England Supermodified Series (NESS) – (50 Laps)

1.         25        Dan Bowles                 Epping, NH

2.         51        Dave Duggan               Milford, NH

3.         41        Russ Wood                 Pelham, NH

4.         11        Ben Seitz                     Bourne, MA

5.         47        Jim Storace                 Kingston, NH

6.         5          Rob Summers             Manchester, CT

7.         13        Bobby Timmons         Windham, ME

8.         45        Mike Mayberry           Naples, ME

9.         52        Vern Romanowski      Strong, ME

10.       97        Matt Swanson             Harvard, MA

11.       24        David Sanborn             Tilton, NH

PASS Modifieds – (50 Laps)

1.         09        Ryan Ripley                 Thomaston, ME

2.         34        Spencer Morse           Naples, ME

3.         70        Ryan Hewins               Oxford, ME

4.         52        Colby Benjamin          Belmont, ME

5.         7          Spencer Vaughn         Canton, ME

6.         6          Zach Bowie                 New Gloucester, ME

7.         1x        Henry Hudson             Harrison, ME

8.         32        Jacob Heathcoat         South Paris, ME

9.         25        Shawn Knight              South Paris, ME

10.       63        Thomas Oliver             Raymond, ME

11.       0          Alex Smith                   Old Orchard Beach, ME

12.       41        Mike Nichols               Livermore Falls, ME

13.       83        Dan Brown                  Turner, ME

14.       9          Alex Ricker                  Tamworth, NH

15.       85        Chanler Harrison        Freeport, ME

16.       33        Danny Morris              Lewiston, ME

17.       1          Brandon Varney         Canton, ME

18.       53        Ken Martineau           

19.       64        Matty Sanborn           W. Baldwin, ME

20.       21        Zach Nicholson           Scarborough, ME

21.       66        Jacoby Maines             Hollis Center, ME

22.       4          Billy Dixon                   N. Waterboro, ME

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