RaceDayCT Poll: Do You Think Martin Truex Jr. Will Retire After This Season

The most constant question lately when it comes to the NASCAR Cup Series silly season is will Martin Truex Jr. retire after this season? The 43-year old, who flirted with retiring last season and has hinted regularly that this season could be his last, still has not made a decision. Today’s poll question asks, do you think Martin Truex Jr. will retire after this season? Vote below.


  1. Capt. Mike Qbvious says

    Martin Truex has entered Mark Martin and Brett Favre territory on the subject for me. In other words, I’ll believe it when I see it. The more someone talks about doing something and doesn’t follow through, the harder it is to take them seriously on the subject.

  2. Yes, he will retire.

    The PERFECT driver to replace him? RYAN PREECE!!!!!

  3. Chevelledude says

    One can only hope darealgoodfella 🙏 🤞🏻I myself would love to see that.

  4. Sharpie Fan says

    My thoughts exactly! 🏁

  5. While I agree, it would be nice to see Ryan in a coveted ride, Truex would have to retire first, and that hasn’t happened yet.
    I think Preece’s window for cup will close after this season, unless he wins. And unless that happens soon, rides will start to be filled without him.
    For me, its Preece’s age thats the biggest detriment now. So many “kids” in the feeder system that owners can move up if they wish. Too many Jessie Love’s, ect. Just business.
    I think the bigger question I wonder about now is, where do the 3 other charters end up from Haas?
    While Front Row did not specify that the 3rd charter they will add next year came from Haas, one has to figure it did. 2 open seats at Front Row with McDowell gone. 3 charters out there up for grabs. I think 23XI may be in the market. Others have mentioned RFK, though I’m not sure they have the financial clout unless there is a sponsor lurking in the background we are not privvy to. Silly season.

  6. August Schrader from Oswego, NY says

    As usual DaRealVainFella will be wrong.

  7. Suitcase Jake says

    Hopefully Ryan has IMPRESSED HIS PARTNERS with his talks and commitments … Will he have United Rentals , Mohawk Northeast, Morton Buildings & Hunt Brothers Pizza to bring along to a NEW CHARTER ..??? That would tremendously change his chances to get a Ride for a couple more years in Cup . I do agree with Bobf, He really needs a Win or an Excellent Run up the points Ladder or it may be over , I hope the Goodfella is correct… That would be awesome returning to Gibb’s …. Let’s see what happens… If Ryan can bring these Sponsors along that would be Great for his future in Cup….

  8. You guys are talking like Preece is the odd man out… wrong. If you give him the points he was penalized for the illegal parts, he’s right up there with the other SHR cars. He has also learned well how to get the most out of what he has top work with. Watch how he climbs in each race. He gets boinked by another car or miscues by his team, yet he takes it on himself and drives forward as best as his equipment lets him.

    Currently, here’s the SHR cars and points place:

    17 #14 Chase Briscoe
    23 #4 Josh Berry
    24 #10 Noah Gragson
    26 #41 Ryan Preece

    Give the #10 and #41 the points they were penalized for illegal parts and they are ahead of the #4 Josh Berry. Josh Berry isn’t getting it done in the marquee #4 car.


    I’d prefer a team other than JGR, simply because the little twat on that team. Love to see Preece team up with Reddick and Wallace, and other teams.

  9. Dareal that has to be your best post on Race Day CT. Are you going for most popular RDCT frequent poster award? anyway, I like your thought process. Preece did run well in the Gibbs xfinity car a few years back. So who knows. My concerns for Preece is the results haven’t been great, and I don’t think he brings much in the way of sponsorship. I am not sure that is the recipe for landing a top ride in Nascar. Honestly, he needs a win. I have my hopes for Martinsville, Dega and Daytona maybe IA this weekend coming off the stage points last weekend. The team is heating up. Really hope Preece finds a Cup ride in some decent equipment next season. He is really the only reason I watch Cup races these days.

  10. Blind Squirrel Who Found A Nut says

    Agreed csg. It was one of his better posts.
    Occasionally a blind squirrel finds a nut!

  11. csg, thanks, I try to raise the bar once in a while.

    I mostly post when the stupidity gets excessive. Now that you have been told, pay attention, you and a couple others will get it. The more stupid, the more I have to post to counter and neutralize the stupid. Or I just give up.

    The Fords are sucking this year, they can’t hang with the Toyotas and Chevys. That isn’t helping Preece.

    The SHR cars are just not good. They don’t have the power. Ryan is good, but there are things a driver just can’t overcome. I think Preece is the better driver of the group: Gragson, Briscoe and Berry. There have been times when Ryan’s car could not hang in a draft and fell off. That’s not good at all.

    I’d love to see Preece in a Hendrick or JGR quality car. Put Preece in a quality car, the results will happen and sponsors will follow.

    The only way any SHR car is going to win is if all the cars ahead wreck out.

    Preece, Bubba, and Reddick sounds like a good team to me.

  12. Does anybody the terms of Truex’s contract? He might get retired.

  13. Just out, Truex will not race full time in 2025.

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