RaceDayCT Poll: Where Do You Think The Craftsman Truck Series Could Race In CT Next Year

There’s speculation that NASCAR may be looking at a Connecticut track to host a Craftsman Truck Series event in 2025. Which Connecticut track do you think that event would take place at? Vote below.


  1. I could see NASCAR sending the Trucks to Lime Rock as kind of a “makeup” for ISMA taking Lime Rock of their schedule in recent years.(NASCAR and IMSA are under the same umbrella)

  2. the way kligerman has been acting on social media the last year or so makes me think its limerock.

    wish it was thompson though.

  3. BigOrange61 says

    How about Thompson road course?

  4. I’m thinking Stafford.
    Look. They are connected, have the facilities and resources to put it on. NASCAR knows what they will get and what it would like at Stafford, due to the success of SRX at Stafford. Stafford has better seating, and safer barriers as well.
    Honestly, I want Thompson, but imo, due to lack of investment of the facility, I just don’t see that happening. Nothing against Lime Rock, but personally speaking, I’m just not a road course fan.

  5. JMB has a great suggestion. I think that would be very entertaining.

  6. MCRACER6 says

    Wouldn’t the track need to be a “NASCAR” sanctioned facility????

  7. Fast Eddie says

    I think Stafford would be the best choice, although I don’t know that NASCAR and Stafford could “shake and be friends”. SRX was a success for the track, but that had no official NASCAR connection. Maybe they could reach an agreement to keep their independence but be “NASCAR affiliated for a weekend. Thompson would be a good choice, but I think they would need a lot of improvements, as would Waterford. I don’t think Waterford would ever have a chance without an ownership change. Lime Rock would probably work, but I’m not a huge road course fan myself.

  8. Fast Eddie says

    Hey Bobf, I should have just agreed with your comments! 🙂

  9. Stafford and nascar are in the outs. Dought they will race there

  10. Big Mike says

    I don’t think the Craftsman Truck Series would race at an oval that does not have SAFER barriers around the entire track. Stafford does not have that, unfortunately. I can not imagine it will be anyplace other than Lime Rock.

  11. Captain obvious says

    Stafford isn’t affiliated with NASCAR, so can they actually have a truck race?

  12. MCRACER6,
    There are no NASCAR sanctioned facilities in Connecticut.

  13. Captain Obvious,
    A track does not need to be NASCAR sanctioned to host a NASCAR event. There are no NASCAR sanctioned tracks in Connecticut.

  14. Fast Eddie;
    No problem! There have been plenty of times where I should have just read your post as well!
    But I do read all your posts! Always thoughtful Eddie!

  15. I said Limerock. But a few people in the comments have reminded me of the safer barriers at Stafford. So maybe Stafford is a viable option. I would love to see that happen. Probably not enough to go see it in person, as you are probably talking a minimum 50 dollars and 10 for parking. Nascar has run truck races at non Nascar sanctioned tracks. The trucks ran El Dora and Knoxville when they weren’t Nascar sanctioned. I am sure there are others but those two stand out.

  16. Bay State Bubba says

    They should throw everyone a curve ball and go to Seekonk. 🤣
    Someone would be calling Matt Hirshmann.

  17. Suitcase Jake says

    I look at it this way … Logic.. is the study of correct reasoning. It includes both formal and informal logic. Formal logic is the study of deductively valid inferences or logical truths. It examines how conclusions follow from premises due to the structure of arguments alone, independent of their topic and content. Informal logic is associated with informal fallacies, critical thinking, and argumentation theory. It examines arguments expressed in natural language while formal logic uses formal language. When used as a countable noun, the term “a logic” refers to a logical formal system that articulates a proof system. Logic plays a central role in many fields, such as philosophy, mathematics, computer science, and linguistics. :Thompson is HOSTING NASCAR RACES IN 2024 : SO LOGIC SAYS : it will be THOMPSON AND THE MEN FROM MAINE WHO COULD PULL THIS OFF…. LOL Have fun = Be Happy …LOL

  18. Think you hit the bottle a little too hard tonight, Suitcase. Word on the street is that it’s going to be Limerock Park. Better amenity’s, plenty of room for overflow of fans and traffic, Concessions, viewing points have all changed sense the days of the old Bush North races. New Owners should be applauded for all the new improvements to the facility to bring it up to the 21st century. Take the Grand Prix track COTA of the schedule and let the trucks race where they belong on a1.5 mile Bullring !

  19. Suitcase Jake says

    Super fan …, Just trying to add a little humor along the way… Just beer for me .. but anyway which race would you like to go to …? the HIGH BANKS at Thompson with trucks side by side trading paint … OR Limerock twists and turns single file mostly follow the leader until a braking zone pass opens up .. I would pick Thompson every time…

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