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Guest Tribute: Mike Stefanik A Hall Of Famer In Every Way

Joe Skotnicki is a longtime Whelen Modified Tour crew member, former NASCAR official and owner of the Race Of Champions Modified Series. He shared these thoughts below with us at RaceDayCT following the announcement that Mike Stefanik would be a 2021 inductee to the NASCAR Hall of Fame By Joe Skotnicki Mike Stefanik … “Michael” is an […]

Bad Look: Short Tracks Not Helping Industry Cause To Reopen Through Defiance

Last week Stafford Motor Speedway management announced they had received approval from Connecticut officials to open their facility for private practice sessions as part of the state’s first reopening phase in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic.  Stafford Motor Speedway Chief Operating Officer Paul Arute called the allowance by the state a good first step […]

Quarantine Chronicles Vol. 17: Ditch Practice, Masked Racers, Empty Cupboards & Darlington Memories

So how many people watched yesterday’s NASCAR Cup Series race from Darlington Raceway and thought to themselves: “Wow, this race is really awful since they didn’t let teams have any practice”?  Probably not too many people were thinking that.  Was Sunday’s race at Darlington any better or any worse because Cup teams didn’t have the […]

Quarantine Chronicles Vol. 16: Let’s Go Racing, At Some Point, Maybe; Rambo Tank Hunter

It’s the question everyone has. THE question. Over and over and over and over again, THE question.  Phone calls, text messages, e-mails, Facebook Messenger, smoke signals, Pony Express, Morse Code, tin cans & string. You know name it, someone in the last six weeks has used it to reach out and ask when will short track […]

Quarantine Chronicles Vol. 15: Of Charlatans And Their Vile Viral Videos

So anybody have any good YouTube videos to watch? Ok, in all seriousness …  We are living in a moment in time when very smart people who have greedy, selfish intentions are looking at all this fear, anxiety and misunderstanding as their time to shine and take advantage of people.  When people are worried and […]

Quarantine Chronicles Vol. 14: Facebook Civil Rights Lawyers And The Masks They Hate

Feeling a little punchy today … So social media has become a vast wasteland of bitterly divided people, fuming disagreements, name calling and just plain viciousness.  Oh my bad, it was that way before the COVID-19 global pandemic.  But yeah, those things have certainly been magnified exponentially over the last two months or so.  Which […]

Quarantine Chronicles Vol. 13: Ross Chastain Out, Penny The Star, Peter McNeeley And Mob Rise

Just another day of quarantine life, chasing down a “Noble Prize” for journalism … sorry, couldn’t resist. We’re only two days into the week and it hasn’t been all that good of a week for NASCAR Cup Series driver Ross Chastain.  Imagine being Chastain strolling around Quarantine Life thinking quite possibly you have two NACAR […]

Quarantine Chronicles Vol. 12: Let’s Go To Vegas, Royal Downer, Genius Binge And Steel Curtain Drawn

Sick of quarantine? Who wants to go hang out with Cousin Eddie, Wayne Newton and the rest of the gang in Sin City?  Like so many other businesses across the United States, Las Vegas casinos are shut down.  Along the path of our recent Quarantine Life history we’ve all heard plenty of idiotic statements from […]

Quarantine Chronicles Vol. 11: Magic 8-Ball Predictions, Waco And The Legacy Of The Christopher Twins

So this is our racing life now. Sitting around predicting when short track racing will happen again.  The prognosticators are many around the realms of social media. Some say before the end of May, some say 2021.  At least once a day I get a message from someone asking when short track racing will start […]

Guest Column: N-Word Scissorhands – Cutting Racial Slurs Out Of Short Track Racing

On Tuesday NASCAR Cup Series driver Kyle Larson was fired from Chip Ganassi Racing after uttering a racial slur during a broadcasted iRacing event. The following is a guest column on the topic written by veteran short track racer, web master and video producer Sean Foster. The views and opinions expressed in this column are those […]

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