Double Up: Pair Of Segment Wins Gives Ryan Preece SK Modified Victory At Thompson

Ryan Preece celebrates victory Wednesday at Thompson Speedway

Ryan Preece celebrates victory Wednesday at Thompson Speedway

THOMPSON – Life hasn’t been all that good for Ryan Preece of late in the SK Modified division at Stafford Motor Speedway.

On July 18 Preece lost an opportunity for victory when a late race battle with Keith Rocco went bad between the two at Stafford. On July 25 Preece was battling for second in the inaugural NAPA Auto Parts SK 5K when he spun after contact with Ted Christopher on the last lap.

Wednesday Preece came to Thompson Speedway looking for some better times in an SK Modified, and he found just that.

Preece won two of three segments Thursday to capture the overall SK Modified victory at Thompson Speedway.

The race was contested in two 20-lap segments and a final 10-lap sprint.

Preece, of Berlin, won the second segment and the 10-lap sprint. He finished fourth in the first segment for a cumulative finish points of six.

Kerry Malone of Needham, Mass., who finished second to Preece in the final segment, finished second overall with a cumulative of eight with a second place in the first segment and a fourth in the second segment.

Todd Ceravolo (3rd, 3rd, 4th) of Gales Ferry and Cam McDermott (5th, 2nd, 3rd) of Scituate R.I. both finished with a cumulative of 10 overall for the event.

Rocco, of Wallingford, won the first segment of the night but retired during the second segment with mechanical issues.

Preece started sixth in the second segment and was up third by lap six. On lap seven he went by Tyler Chadwick for second. Three laps later he got by McDermott for the lead and went unchallenged the rest of the way.

Preece started on the pole for the final segment and had Malone hovering throughout, but held on for the win.

“That was phenomenal,” Preece said. “I knew at the end of that second [segment], I knew what we were missing and we tried to make an adjustment and we missed it a little bit, but my hat’s to [crew chief] Mike Paquette and this whole Falmouth Ready Mix crew. They did a phenomenal job. This car is lightning fast. I’m having a lot of fun.”

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  1. concerned racer says

    Looks like another great night of racing at “Bomb”son Speedway………Maybe management should pull the plug on the SK division because of lack of cars..(15)…A lot of names didn’t even show up……….I wonder if the concession lines were long..?…..Let me know when they start building them condos on the front straightaway………

  2. Dave Collard says

    15 cars put on a pretty damn good show to me… The top 5 were all really close and going for it. The only race that was more or less a footnote on the night was the sportsmen that went realtively clean for once.

  3. concerned racer says

    Thompson management could care less if the racers put on a good show or not, they pulled the plug on the lights because of poor car counts…They consistently had 8 cars in an amateur class and unplugged it less then half way through the season…….If a “premier” class of SK only has 15 cars (of which 5 are competitive) then that’s a joke and hypocritical by the tracks management from my perspective…

  4. Concerned racer who wasn’t there for the sk race?

  5. Don’t worry Thompson will soon have some competition from palmer motorsports park. Then we will see if they need to come kissing everyone’s a$$ to come back to their nascar racing program. 15 cars is not a great showing for a track that hasn’t had a racing event in 2 months. Even on a crappy night at either of the two tracks they get 20 cars.

  6. concerned racer says

    Without naming names to slight anybody, there are 39 drivers on the thompson roster for 2014′ at the beginning of the season, and you only get 15 cars in the features the “premier” division of the night…….Thompson has a problem and it’s not with the economy…. Stafford had 27 cars in their SK field last Friday and even the Waterford s–tbowl had 18 cars last Saturday……….Not only are the fans not showing up, but the racers are starting to look in their rear view mirror also….

  7. Dave Collard says

    But of those 5 cars they put on a helluva better race than the Lights could ever imagine doing… Who wants to watch Griswold try to wreck out his closest competition each week? And it is pretty clear on the radio they’re not putting up with competitor crap this year and escorting people that do wrong off the property. Something went on in the back pits after the final Light race that involved the state police. That to me sounds like the best two cars weren’t going to be welcomed any longer this season thus the plug was pulled based on earlier car counts and a pretty clear lack of interest for whatever reason the the SK Light teams. They clearly wanted another division otherwise why is the Vintage Outlaws running in place of them each week?

    There were only two less cars than the last two races there that did not show up.. I don’t see what the fuss is about. As a fan I think the program has been really good thus far over there.

  8. concerned racer says

    Dave, I respect your opinion but disagree.

    The management made a decision and pulled the plug on the Lights well before the feature race and the brawl afterward…….Concerning the fight, it was blown out of proportion and absolutely nothing happened…..It’s part of NASCAR racing and to now say that was part of the decision is crap……….

    To justify a 15 car count in the SK class or an avg of 16.5 cars for the shortened season is really lame………Stafford is averaging 25 plus and Waterford almost 20 for a bull ring in the SK classes..

    And with all the above said the crowds are dwindling there (Thompson) also….

  9. The tracks in connecticut made a big mistake by letting all the different touring series come and race at their tracks. There is no need for two modified tours. Between the two you have over 60 mods. If you went to one, the trickle down affect would put drivers and cars back into sk mods at there local track. Also no need for act tour and mini stock tour. The vmrs is really sk modified guys that wanted to go to different tracks to race that couldn’t win on the Whelen modified tour. One of the two needs to go.

  10. Short track supporter says

    Whoever is “concerned racer” is clearly not a person who is for the short track community.

    Leave your negativity in your house.

    Open up your own race track if you know it all or have all the right answers. There sandbox. If you don’t want to play in it, go somewhere else

  11. concerned racer says

    That is exactly what I am doing “Short minded supporter”, I have gone to play in someone else’s sandbox (Stafford and Waterford), and not Thompson anymore…

    And by the way , I am not only a short track fan, but a participant (racer) also……….

    What you call “negativity” is what I call “opinion”….If you don’t like other peoples opinions then stop reading them and commenting on them.

    Oh, yeah , I have another opinion too, I’ll bet you are connected to the Thompson facility in some form or manner and are just trying to justify your treatment to the rest of us who support NASCAR racing locally…

    Maybe we can buy units next door to each other when they start building condos on the old front straight at Thompson in the next few years….

  12. Dave Collard says

    Concerned… no worries. I’m all for good fair debate that doesn’t involve name calling.

    Perhaps part of the problem was the last minute idea to try and garner teams up and run the season? From the Facebook page posts it made it seem like they were trying hard to get everyone on board. A mutual lack of interest then? I feel like part of the problem is people who race can’t afford to close up shop as often during the week to race any longer.

    As far as the tracks attendance goes, I thought Wednesday had the best crowd of the season so far… the MRS brought a decent crowd in but once people did show up at the track around 6 to 630 it was a nice crowd for a midweek event.

  13. Shawn – Where are the results from the Limited Sportsman, Mini Stock, and Vintage races from Wednesday??? Evidently your Thompson bias shows through.

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