Door Not Fully Closed On Whelen Mod Tour Event At Waterford Speedbowl In 2015

Bobby Santos III celebrates a Whelen Modified Tour victory last June at the Waterford Speedbowl (Photo: Darren McCollester/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Bobby Santos III celebrates a Whelen Modified Tour victory last June at the Waterford Speedbowl (Photo: Darren McCollester/Getty Images for NASCAR)

On Wednesday officials from NASCAR released the 2015 schedule for the Whelen Modified Tour.

There were few surprises left to be revealed upon its release, as most tracks on the schedule had previously released their own 2015 schedules.

What was a surprise to some though was seeing that the Waterford Speedbowl was not on the schedule.

The legal issues that have stemmed from an Oct. 18 foreclosure auction and left the track ownership in limbo have forced scheduling for the 2015 season to be put on hold.

Bruce Bemer was the high bidder – at $1.75 million – in the foreclosure auction of the Speedbowl. The Glastonbury businessman has said he intends to continue to run the property as a racing facility, but legal objections to the sale have tied matters up in court, leaving Bemer still waiting to close on the property.

But Whelen Modified Tour series director Jimmy Willson said adding an event at Waterford to the series schedule – should ownership issues be resolved – could happen.

“Nothing is out of the question from that standpoint,” Wilson said. “Waterford has been a very good event for the Whelen Modified Tour. I know we would certainly like to have the opportunity to go back there in the future, but obviously a lot of things would have to get settled very quickly to be able to do anything like that. Historically, NASCAR doesn’t normally add to a schedule once it’s released, but in rare instances there are some examples of that happening. I certainly would say it’s not out of the question.”

After a six-year hiatus the Waterford Speedbowl returned to the Whelen Modified Tour schedule in 2012. The series ran events there the third weekend in June in 2012, ’13 and ’14. Doug Coby won the 2012 Whelen Modified Tour event. Ryan Preece won in the series’ visit in 2013 and Bobby Santos III won the most recent Modified Tour event at the track last June.

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  1. Somebody boom up and give pizzaman a little $.And all will be fine.Track will make the money back.

  2. Fork the pizzaman over some dough

  3. Give him $0

  4. What would be so earth shaking for NASCAR to add Waterford to their schedule at
    just about anytime? It’s not as though the season is right around the corner or the track
    is a long way off from the base of it’s patrons. Other tours alter schedules as needed.

  5. Pizzaman holds all the cards.He can make or break the whole deal.Someone is going to have to pay him off for this whole deal to come clean.He has his poker face on just waiting.He will get something.Very smart.

  6. This whole deal,The auction,the investors,Terry Eames,the whole deal sounds and smells fishy to me,lets hope not for the sake of the speedbowl.I think there are people getting the shaft and others are going to come out smelling like roses.T.E is as crooked as they get.Thats a wolf in dressed like a sheep.Some how he has his hands in this looking for for money.

  7. seems they could have placed a “TBA” date on the NASCAR schedule where a Waterford date could exist. Assuming that once all the squabbling is over, the eventual track owner could say yay or nay.

  8. Andy Boright says

    I don’t know, adding a 15th race to an already jam-packed schedule could be pretty tough to do, especially when you only have from April to October to run those races.

    What the series needs to do is cut out all the B.S. and get a nice 20 race or so schedule together. There is too much “fluff” built into the series costs. There is no reason why this series can’t be at places like Seekonk, Beach Ridge, Chemung, Wall, etc, but NASCAR has to do a much better job containing costs, and the series needs to be run & based out of the Northeast.

  9. Shawn – a recent story in The Day said there’s a hearing re: the Speedbowl on Monday (Jan 5). Do you have any more info?

  10. Rafter,
    Just know there will be a hearing. I will be there on Monday.

  11. What was the results of the hearing

  12. Waiting for results of hearing.

  13. Was there anything Tuesday said on the hearing?.

  14. There was no hearing Tuesday. The court proceedings ended Monday with Ed DeMuzzio having 20 days to formally appeal the approval of the sale price.

    No Resolution Monday In Court For Waterford Speedbowl Foreclosure Auction Issues

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