Sources: Todd Szegedy To Drive Bob Garbarino Owned Mystic Missile On Whelen Mod Tour In 2015

Todd Szegedy (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

Todd Szegedy (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

It’s been the gem of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour silly season since it was announced that team owner Bob Garbarino and driver Donny Lia were parting ways after the 2014 season.

Who would be the new driver of the Mystic Missile on the Whelen Modified Tour?

Now there seems to be an answer to that question.

Multiple sources close to the Whelen Modified Tour have confirmed to RaceDayCT that 2003 Whelen Modified Tour champion Todd Szegedy and Garbarino, of Mystic, have come to an agreement to have Szegedy behind the wheel of the Mystic Missile on the Whelen Modified Tour in 2015.

Reached Saturday afternoon, Garbarino would not confirm that a deal has been finalized.

“We’ve been talking,” Garbarino said. “We’ve talked. I’ve talked to a number of people. … I’m just in a vacillating stage. I’ve been there for six months or so.”

Reached Saturday afternoon, Szegedy had no comment concerning the opening with the team.

Szegedy ran part-time on the Whelen Modified Tour in 2014 after parting ways with the Mike Smeriglio III owned team after the 2013 season.

Szegedy had been driving full-time for Smeriglio from the start of the 2006 season and had 10 of his 18 career series victories with the team. He made six starts on the Whelen Modified Tour in 2014, five of them coming for Rob Fuller Motorsports.

Garbarino, who has run the Whelen Modified Tour since the division’s inception, has won three championships, with Lia (2007 and 2009) and Bobby Santos III (2010).

Szegedy is also expected to run 10-12 events for Lowell, Mass. based Modified team owner Kevin Stuart in 2015, with the Tri-Track Series and Valenti Modified Racing Series.

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  1. I hope an agreement can be reached. This is a great team and Todd is a great driver. They both deserve to remain on the Tour!

  2. chevelledude says

    I Wanted TC In That Car

  3. Youhavenoidea says

    A lot of people did want that too lol

  4. I be shocked if TC ever gets in that car. Bob and TC have different ideas of pay. Bob wants the driver to bring $$$ TC wants the driver get $$.
    Szegedy will be good in that car when he keeps the wheels on it. I think its odd that neither Todd or Bob are saying anything.

  5. darealgoodfella says

    Shawn… any idea when this will be confirmed?

  6. I don’t know what T.C. is doing but I do know one thing for sure. He can drive circles around Todd Szegedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Darealgoodfella, probably when NASCAR gets around to releasing their press release, which is the way way Mr. Garbarino typically prefers news gets released. Guessing likely Monday.

  8. I said this months ago. Watch for Garbarinos new LFR car. And Silk in the LFR house car.

  9. Youhavenoidea says

    Tc is doing his own deal just like last year I believe why change a good thing right?

  10. Jaun Mortime says

    Bob will stick with Troyer cars, Hutter motors, and race only NASCAR races. The last time he didn’t do one of those things Ronald Reagan was our President.

  11. justafella says

    rumor has it he has a spec motor on the floor in his shop

  12. justafella says

    rumor has it that Bob has a spec motor all ready to go

  13. Perhaps Hutter has assembled a spec motor for Mr. Garabino.

  14. Youhavenoidea says

    And rafter is correct in that one a Hutter spec

  15. match made in heaven ,t c is over the hill,at 50 plus better days have gone by.todd got a lot of racing left and has a deep desire to win….t c was one of the best , i rank him in the top 10 mod drivers of our time.todd will win some races this year and put on a show for all his fans..good luck todd…….im happy for you…….

  16. 2 rides in a week for szegedy good for you Todd an amazing driver a stand up gentleman with plenty of talent for another tour championship he deserves it the sport needs more people like him, lets hope bob knows who he has for a driver and goes LFR with a spec and that 4 is back in victory lane on multiple occasions either way it will be a championship caliber driver car and crew hats off to the new team 4

  17. JustaFella says

    Bob , are you serious ? MSR dumps him and Colby wins races and the championship the following year ! Todd will not win a race in 2015 unless they race on the road course at Thompson .

  18. Youhavenoidea says

    I agree with justafella that bob ur on crack TC may be older but he is far from over the hill, he works out every day and is in better shape then half of the field and rookies, although Todd is a good driver as well there is no comparison, I’m sure Todd will do good tho.

  19. TC will get an opportunity to watch Todd race the 4v. From the grandstands!! LOL.

  20. JustaFella says

    Mark , good things Dreams are free sounds like you do a lot of that .

  21. Very few owners have been involved with the NASCAR Modifieds to the extent of Bob. Over 54 years in Modifieds should announce DEDICATION to fans quit easily. He has always tried to do what is best for The Tour, His Team, and the Driver. All equal. The choice was made not only because Todd explained his hungriness to win again as a driver, but with Don Barker also joining as Crew Chief, the choice went in Todd’s direction. Bob Garbarino also knows well the NASCAR Spec motor ‘predicament’ and is doing everything necessary to win races and the Whelen Championship in 2015.

  22. Youhavenoidea says

    Mark how not smart are you even if TC doesn’t drive for anyone he still has 15 cars of his own to drive so I don’t think he will be sitting in the stands lol

  23. Grey Matter says

    Hmmm.. where was Ted when Todd won a championship in 2003? Oh.. right, not winning the championship. I’m not sure where people get the idea Ted is “good” or “better”. Yeah he has won races, lots of them and a champioship but at what expense? How many times has he put someone in the infield or in the fence because he simply can’t pass the car in front of him? There is reason Ted never went to higher levels of racing and it has to do with the thing between his ears and I’m also sure that Todd and Ted have the some number of tour championships. Calling Ted better than Todd is just a fanboy statement and for those who walk on their tippy toes.

  24. 54 years and only three championships

  25. Its fun messing with TC fans. Its been a long winter. I’m just stirring the pot a little. I hope they both have good seasons.

  26. darealgoodfella says


    How many other owners have run that long? 54 years is impressive and respectful credibility.

    How many other NWMT owners have three or more championships? And that is out of how many owners that have come and gone?

  27. darealgoodfella says


    It is too easy messing with TC fans. Easier than shooting fish in a barrel.

    All those wins for nothing. All those championships that just disappeared with one too many wrecks.

    And I like TC much more now that he isn’t wrecking as often.

  28. In answer to darealgoodfella – Len Boelher is the ONLY other owner to have 3 championships since the tour was started in 1985. Rare company, eh?

  29. JustaFella says

    Yes that’s that true , but they chased it for 47 years

  30. Youhavenoidea says

    Well in points of Greg you do realize that TC is the one of the few people and from around New England are that has raced in every form of nascar that exists. He will race anything u give him he may argue or put it down but he will race it. He even has cup and xfinity and truck Busch north series races and Rolex etc.

  31. Rich, thanks.

    Justafella made it look like only three championships was a bad thing.


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