You Make The Call: Which Whelen Modified Tour Rookie Will Win First?

You Make The Call 286 BoxOn any given week on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, the depth of potential winners in the field is stunning.

And in 2015 that group of potential winners will only get deeper with a crop of strong rookies joining the series, some full-time and some part-time.

The registered rookies class in 2015 boasts a crop of drivers with tremendous credentials.

Steve Masse of Bellingham, Mass. is a multi-time winner on the Valenti Modified racing series

Antonhy Nocella of Woburn, Mass. is a former winner on the Valenti Modified Racing Series and was a winner at the prestigious Rumble In Fort Wayne Midget event in December.

Chase Dowling of Roxbury won seven features as a rookie in the SK Light Modified division at Stafford Speedway in 2013 and then became the youngest winner SK Modified division winner, at 16-years old, last year.

Troy Talman of Oxford, Mass. is a former SK Light Modified division winner at Thompson Speedway and Stafford Speedway.

Derek Ramstrom of West Boylston, Mass. is a former Thompson Speedway champion and former Pro All Stars Series winner.

So who among them will win first, or will it be another one of the standout rookies that could crack victory lane with the series?

Post your vote below for which rookie could be the first to win on the Whelen Modified Tour.

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  1. Andy Boright says

    How about none? Not to discredit any of the rookies because I have seen a few race and have been impressed by Masse & Ramstrom, but why must racing fans be subjected to over-the-top hyperbole on a 24/7 basis? Isn’t there anyone out there who can write a press release based on facts and not pipe dreams?

    How many rookie teams win on the NWMT?


    How about just saying it’s one of the biggest rookie classes in series history and leave it at that?

    The people doing pr for a lot of the race tracks & series these days just plain suck at their job.

  2. Andy- i cant imagine how depressing your life must be

  3. Andy is Wrong says

    Hey Andy guess what. I don’t know if you follow the tour or anything but tommy Barrett jr won at bristol last year. Guess what else… It was a rookie team.

    Maybe people don’t suck so bad at there job.

  4. The 22 won Bristol with a rookie last year. Just saying.

  5. Andy Boright says

    The Chris Our team was not a rookie team, Mike Stefanik ran on the series with that team the year before.

    Get your facts straight!!!

  6. If the question is straight up who will win first I would say steve masse. If its who will win first this year though I would have to say none. The WMT really is not so much about driver anymore it is a money to the front series and I just don’t see any of those teams as big money teams. Tommy Barret won last year but come on now he is a balls to the wall kid,and that 22 is very potent car and was NOT a rookie team but a proven team with a rookie driver. I miss the days when it wasn’t who can dump the most cash but who can set up the car and have someone wheel it. Not to mention having to work overtime just to afford to attend a WMT race exspecialy at Thompson!!!!!! Hope everyone enjoys the icebreaker but they won’t be getting my hard earned money that’s for sure.

  7. Andys an ass. Plain and simple. He speaks nothing positive ever, anywhere, anytime. His negative rants are meant to tear down anything he believes is wrong in racing. He can never be constructive, only tear down. Just look at any board he ever posts on. It’s all negative. And never offering solutions. Things will never be good enough for Andy. Why don’t you try being a little positive or upbeat. Or like mom used to say, if you got nothing good to say shut your trap.

  8. seekonkfan says

    Sounds like a trick question to me. Masse already won at Thompson in the North South shootout race. Yeah , they dq-ed him because he entered the South race and Nascar didn’t want a North guy winning . Wouldn”t have looked good. Wasn”t his fault only 8 Southern cars showed up. He dominated the whole race.
    Masse,Ranstrom,Nocella all have won in MRS and have good teams. As for the 01, well her lap times are over 2 seconds slower than the leader, given a 20 second lap, if officials let her stay out, should be 10-15 laps down. The only reason that car runs WNMT is because they weren’t qualifying for the MRS.

  9. Andy Boright says

    Hey Mike, try to get some reading skills!!!
    I have made several suggestions in the past, and I have even made one or two in this thread, too bad you can’t get past your own prejudice to see that. My suggestion to you is to read again my original post (or maybe have a friend do it for you) and see if you can find a suggestion.

    There are tracks and series that manage to get the word out and generate interest in their product without going over the top, I would be happy to share those with you if you like.

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