You Make The Call: Who Will Win The SK Modified Championship At Stafford Speedway

You Make The Call 286 BoxWith the Icebreaker in the rearview, next up on the racing schedule locally is the NAPA Spring Sizzler weekend to kick off the 2015 season at Stafford Motor Speedway.

Anticipation has been building all winter for the stacked field of competitors Stafford has put together in its premier NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified division.

“It’s like a 40-lap shootout of a [Whelen] Modified Tour event every week there,” perennial championship contender Ryan Preece said recently of the SK Modified division at Stafford.

Preece, the 2011 SK Modified champion at Stafford, has finished second in the standings the last two years in battles each year that essentially came down to single positions on the track in the final event.

So the question is, can Preece get over that hump in 2015? Or can Ted Christopher get championship No. 10 at Stafford? Or will it be Keith Rocco celebrating his first title at the track since 2010? Or someone else?

You make the call.

Vote below for who you think will win the 2015 SK Modified championship at Stafford Motor Speedway.

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  1. Don’t rule out Matt hirshman. He’s on the roster but don’t know if he is full time.

  2. Gregsacskfan,
    I don’t think Matt is running full-time, though I think he hopes to run a few events.

  3. Sect.D row 25 says

    If it is going to be Preece he better be in position to only have to start the Fall Final. Even with the blocking and running up the track I believe I saw done by Dan Avery, Kid Dump, And Ronnie Williams, Preece was able to make it to the front but he couldn’t control Rocco making sure TC finished in front of him for just enough points. I understand all was legal and all that and that’s the game, Im just saying if it is to be Preece he wont want to find himself again vulnerable to these tactics. It will be hard to beat anyone when they have three others on track working for one goal. Avery and Rocco are certainly talented enough to make those things look like good hard racing, and maybe that is just what it was around the 2 car. Williams on the other hand looked foolish taking every swipe he could at the 2 car.

  4. Hey Sect.D take the blinders off,they run everybody that way every week

  5. ModFan Home Tracks says

    Sect D must have missed a lot of races, or needs a Section 8. The 2 car runs aggressive just as much as anyone. I remember the 2 turning the 88 into the back stretch wall running first and second with 4 laps to go at Stafford. The Kid never did that to the 2 all year or after. I can argue the 88 ran pretty darn clean and hard all year. With a little more luck, he was right there for the championship. The 10 Avery ran consistent and strong. He competed every week hard and clean. The 59 Williams kid put on a show last year. He ran hard and clean with all the big boys and will be one to watch this year. I’ve heard drivers like TC, Foster, Woody and even Mark Arute say this kid can wheel a modified and will compete and win many races in this division.
    Sect 8, please get a better seat!! You’re missing the best racing in the country.

  6. Sect.D row25 says

    The two of you may want to reread my post, take your time and sound it out. I wrote about manipulating the finish of one race and that’s it. To tell me what Foster thinks is comical. That team will start on the front row every week and be lucky to come home 12th. You may as well tell me what Tommy Membrino Jr. thinks. Again I wrote about one race not a season but to be honest I don’t expect either of you to comprehend this post any better than my first.

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