Never Surrender: No Compromising Journalistic Standards Just To Offer Coverage

RaceDayCT Logo For SidSunday afternoon I was driving down Route 101 in New Hampshire headed toward Lee, N.H. on my way to cover the Tri-Track Open Modified Series event at Lee USA Speedway. 

Then I had a serious epiphany.

Wait, let’s call it rather a Sirius epiphany.

With the “80’s on 8” playing on Sirius-XM Radio in the car, suddenly Corey Hart came on. Not a huge Corey Hart fan here, though please don’t tell that to my good friend, the Corey Hart obsessive Penny Aicardi.

But there it was coming out of the speakers, Corey Hart singing that mediocre 80’s hit, Never Surrender.

And suddenly it hit me that I couldn’t do what I was about to do.

I wasn’t going to surrender the values of journalism that I’ve lived by for more than 20 years to cover one racing event.

For nearly 19 years I was a sportswriter for the Hartford Courant. During that span I learned exactly what the standards of professional sports journalism are.

When I started RaceDayCT in 2012 I built it on the foundation of those same standards and principles of journalistic ethics that I learned at the Hartford Courant.

One of those standards is that a professional media outlet does not pay for a media credential to cover an event. There’s a lot of reasons why that is.

One reason being that, once you pay to “cover” an event you’ve changed the viewpoint you’re watching that event with. You’re judging then based as a customer and not an objective media member.

Another reason is that any organization requiring some media members to pay to cover their event but allowing free admission to others to cover it, is playing a game of censorship in an attempt to keep out those they deem will be critical in any way of what they’re doing.

Don’t want any criticism or fair judgment of your event? Then only let in the media you know will sugarcoat everything going on there.

On Friday May 8 I was informed by Tri-Track Open Modified Racing Series public relations director Kyle Souza that RaceDayCT would not be granted a media credential to the event at Lee. Souza cited “limited space” for media at the track as the reason for denial.

On May 11 series promoter James Schaefer released a statement stating essentially that the finances of the race dictated that series officials would only grant a certain number of admission media credentials to legitimate media outlets

“The amount of credentials will be few,” Schaefer wrote in the statement.

On May 12 I made an agreement with series promoter Dick Williams that I would make a $35 “donation” to the event purse if series organizers would grant RaceDayCT a working media credential to the event.

I rationalized it to myself that I wasn’t paying to enter the event.

And as I realized on Sunday morning as I drove to Lee USA Speedway, that was a huge mistake.

I was still paying to get in. I was buying a media credential. And I decided at that point that I wouldn’t allow myself to do that. I wouldn’t allow myself to break the standards of professional journalism that I’ve lived by for more than 20 years just to cover one event for this website.

I pride myself in providing the most comprehensive and encompassing coverage of Modified racing in New England at RaceDayCT and Sunday’s race was an event that deserved that coverage, but not at the cost of compromising the principles of ethical journalism to do it.

I decided at that point to go to the event, pay for admission like anyone else, and watch the race without covering it.

And it really only took a few moments being at the track to realize I made the right decision not to cave in to the unfair and unethical demands set forth by the series organizers.

Within an hour of being at the track I had met three acquaintances involved in short track racing who expressed to me that they had entered the event, free of charge, using media credentials granted by the series.

None of those three people were there working for any sort of media outlet or had any intentions of providing any sort of content to any media outlet.

RaceDayCT was denied a credential on the basis of “limited space” and then later on the basis that the series organizers couldn’t afford to be handing out media credential admission to anybody that asked for them. But yet, here there were, multiple individuals with no intent on doing any sort of work media related for the event, who were granted the same credential admission RaceDayCT was denied.

If you don’t like me or how I operate the website I operate, I really have no issue with that. I really didn’t get into the business of journalism because I wanted to make friends. But at least have the courage to just say that rather than make up fairy tale reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing.

If you believe in the actions you’re taking then there’s really no reason to lie about them to make yourself feel better about what you’re doing.

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  1. Jason Thompson says


  2. Shawn Just let it go

  3. Good for you Shawn, although it would have been nice to read your views on the racing I don’t blame you at all, integrity should not be compromised.

  4. Bob Freeman says


    I have to admit that I found your decision to make a donation somewhat odd, but it was your choice and I respect that. The series has two dates this fall at the Speedbowl that your coverage would be more or less promoting even with the event held up at Lee. Likewise, as a series, it draws competitors from all areas, including Connecticut. These competitors all have fans on the local level. Last I knew, standing room only events were not occurring at any local speedway and they are in desperate need of promotion. This was (and is) a foolish decision by series leadership. It is too bad this decision had to be made on your end, but I think it is one you ultimately had to make.

  5. Well, that “donation” shakedown was very dubious, low, shady, etc. But then, what would you expect? Clearly there was intent to coerce a certain report result, or prevent a certain sort of reporting.

    If the product was really that good, there should not have been any concern about the reporting at all.

  6. Shawn,

    If they do not give you a working media credential to Waterford will you be covering the events?

  7. Lou,
    If the circumstances are the same, then no, unfortunately I won’t be covering those events.

  8. These open races need all the coverage, visibility and exposure possible. To deny media credentials was just bizarre.

    But it appears that it was done to send a message that any coverage of the Tri-Track events shall only be wonderful… OR ELSE!!!!!

  9. So instead of reporting on the race you decide to go back on your soap box. Another pathetic attempt at journalism. Couldn’t even get past your holier then thou opening paragraph.

  10. Tom Neff says

    My View: During my many years of covering auto racing for daily newspapers, weekly trade papers and magazine periodicals I observed two kinds of reporters – those dedicated to racing and the “others.” Sure the racing faithful were somethings critical but offered suggestions for the betterment of the sport. The others too often sought sensational material and “scoops.’ If one scoop out of a hundred proved true they considered themselves journalistic icons. Before coming of the electronic age in the late 1990s, the press I worked beside were there because they loved racing and spreading the word about a good day at the speedway. By 2000 the others became too numerous and I said to myself, “Quit before so many enjoyable years turn sour.” On a few occasions I had to pay at the gate, but I did it out of loyalty to my editors, readers and the sport I love…

  11. In auto racing, when one person loses, everyone loses. Auto racing has the most fragile balance in sports. I don’t think it’s fair to the teams, the sponsors, the fans, or the TTOMS that you weren’t there Sunday after (from what I understood) there had been a mutual agreement to the media credential problem. When a media outlet isn’t there, sponsors don’t gain the followers they need to justify being in racing. Drivers don’t get as much credit as they deserve. The TTOMS loses recognition it deserves for putting on a great race, hurting attendance at future events. Just my thoughts.

  12. I’m sure any sponsors of the Tri-Track ‘series’ are not happy at all about the denial of press credentials. The sponsors sponsor to get visibility… can’t get visibility when the potential options for exposure are denied.

    With all the selling and marketing of laps and all other sorts of fund raising for this ‘series’, to then deny media coverage is self-damaging.

  13. “On a few occasions I had to pay at the gate, but I did it out of loyalty to my editors, readers and the sport I love…”

    Well said Tom…very well said

  14. I think you lose the ability to claim “journalistic integrity” when you suggest to some race series that they pay you if they want you to give them coverage… It seems like you live in a glass house if you ask me.

  15. Tire guy says

    Speed 51 had great coverage, plus you didn’t have to read about all the drama! Really didn’t miss RaceDay at all!

  16. Sloan,
    I have never once asked any race series to pay me for any coverage. Not once. I think you’re mistaking my site for another well known site that was covering the events at Lee yesterday that does actually get paid by multiple series’ that they cover to cover them.

  17. For gods sake, Ill buy your pit pass…………..

  18. Bill Gear says

    Really professional Mr Courchese, your lead story on Monday morning after racing is how you suddenly had an epiphany to dis the very sport you care about? I work with computers for a living, how do you think it would be if I suddenly told a close friend sorry you’ll need to pay me to look at why your computer is running slow, all in the name of professional ethics. I think not, if you love your job, you do your job out of love.
    If you truly developed a love of the sport you would support the sport regardless! 100% true coverage. I think all those people who pay you to advertise on your website should look at if you really support grassroot racing or not? From your action over the past week it has been all about the the person in the mirror not about the sport. Time for you to grow up. I for one am happy I am not reading any gibberish from you about a great event.

  19. It’s a shame that u did not cover the best paying modified series in the northeast. This series is for the racers and fans not for the owners of tracks. Ever dollar goes back to the competitor, if you wanted to support racing in general you would have at least listed the finishing order. I will say this about your web site, it is mostly very informing which people like (cheers) but there is really no reason to report negative stories like the one you did attacking the series because you did not receive press pass. Nothing was gained by your story but it did hurt the best promoters in New England and modified racing in general which I think is your bread and butter, I love modified racing and I thought you did too. Do a story on Schaffer and Dick Williams and you will find out how special these guys are. And yes I will pay your way into the next race if you promise to report it

  20. Hopefully this issue won’t occur in the future. I feel it has made everyone look bad on all sides.

  21. modmaniac says

    stay home courchesne. no one needs you.

  22. Ghost of Rolie Jacobs says

    I absolutely can not believe the hatred being spewed towards the very person that makes this motorsports website possible. Why do you even come on here? Simply to sit idly by when you read an informative article or maybe one that is in support of “your” driver after a big win? No comments of a bias then!

    Or is it only when you read something about a driver you don’t care for or an article that Shawn may have written as more of an op-ed or as a general informative piece to the racing public that you see the need to attack.

    How some of the same people that are driven to this site by the love of local short track racing can act in such a hurtful, malicious manner is utterly disgusting.

  23. Why does the series look bad? Plenty of other outlets didnt get credentials but they didnt complain about it. No one came on the internet on Monday to tell the world he went to a race but because of Integrity he couldnt report on it. Shawn doesnt love racing, he loves the living me makes off it. While all the rest of us spend are hard earned money this guy is complaining about a $35 pit pass. Really? Theres ia a reason why everyone goes out of their way to help one another but Shawn is always left out in the cold.

  24. Wow, Shawn. You’re preaching journalistic standards, while using your race coverage website to complain about not getting a press pass, and how it was all a conspiracy against you, all because you actually report the facts and don’t tolerate censorship. Then you go and delete all the facebook comments, in which 99.9% of them all agreed this whole “article” was petty and totally unnecessary. Guilty conscience? So you don’t agree with what you perceive as people trying to censor you, but then you go and censor everybody else – all who shared the same (unfavorable to you) opinion.

    I’m sorry, Shawn, but as a former avid reader of the site, I would try to look past this kind of stuff when it would happen, but this is a new low for you. If you really felt it was necessary and warranted to post this kind of piece, then fine. But when the loud majority of YOUR readers speak up against it, the least you can do is just face it and own your position, instead of taking the cowardly route and censoring everyone. At the end of the day, when EVERYONE see’s it the same way – except for you – then it’s probably you, and not EVERYONE else. It really is a shame to see this site and it’s (your) credibility drop to an all-time low. It bums me out for our local short track scene. This kind of drama is the LAST thing is needs.

  25. Ryan Gilbert says

    Why did you take down the Facebook post and link to this story along with all the comments from many? Because they did not agree with you? Because they called you out? Wheres is the “journalistic integrity” in that that you speak of and self proclaim..? What happen to freedom of speech and opinion. Very,very sad and disgusting and extremely childish this whole thing has been. Your create,thrive and spew drama! Its not journalism, it is a far cry. Call it what it is a advertising ,opinionated “blog” nothing more nothing less. You arr your own demise…it is too bad you really could have had something.

  26. Hammer to nail lucas, couldn’t have said it better. This clown is a legend in his own mind and it seems he’s hell bent on bashing people that are doing more for modified racing then he’ll ever do. Sometimes, I swear he’s a shill for Nascar who stirs the pot against anything that doesn’t have the Nascar banner attached to it.

  27. ModFan Home Tracks says

    Good for you Shawn. Stand for what you believe in. Your article about how you had this hit you made me laugh. We have some great racing here in the Northeast and we need tracks to allow guys like you to report and market this to all. Keep your integrity and thanks for all your time and efforts with the timely and entertaining reporting you do. We race fans do appreciate it.
    PS. I’m not trying to be your friend. Ha ha

  28. Ryan,

    The Facebook link was deleted by Facebook as an “offensive link”. Why? I have no idea why. Maybe because every second comment posted was vulgar filled gibberish. I didn’t remove anything. And as far as the censoring comments thing, always an entertaining accusation to me. There have been comments posted all day here trashing me. If I censored comments why are they here? I’m the one approving them. Don’t you think if I was censoring comments I just wouldn’t approve them? Don’t you think if I was censoring comments I would have just not approved the comment from you that I just approved? You make no sense.

  29. For everyone bashing Shawn on this issue, don’t forget this all started with Kyle Souza, your comments and venom should be directed at him not Shawn. Put yourselves in Shawn’s position, knowing that this denial was spiteful from the start and had nothing to do with limited space, the money part or donation as the series called it, was their way of covering Kyle’s spitefulness. So again put yourselves in a similar position and you would most likely do the same, no one should need to compromise their dignity due to a spiteful act by others, I surely would not.

  30. Sect.D Row25 says

    The Pit Gate opened at 8 a.m., the Grandstands opened at 9 a.m., practices started at noon and Heats started at 1p.m., yet this Cat is rolling down Route 101 in the Afternoon. The first epiphany should have been, “Man I’m wicked late”.

  31. Shawn,

    Stay the course. I for one appreciate the news, both good and bad, about racing in the Northeast. Many here are on a rampage, and I can only guess why, but I would BET that it has to do with their favorite driver making a bad choice and it getting reported on. Emotions about drivers in this area run high and hard, and God help anyone who “bashes” a favorite, be it TC, Rocco, Barrett, or any of the many other drivers that are high profile in this area. And for any of you wondering, I am NOT accusing fans of any particular driver, but rather the “fans” of the high profile drivers. Remember, fan is short for fanatic, and that’s what these folks are doing.

    And as far as the comment from “lucas” stating that Shawn was treated no differently than other media, I say PROVE IT. Give me ONE link to an outside source that states that they were denied credentials by TTOMS. And no, you claiming it is not sufficient, because you have shown several times that you have no idea what you are talking about.

  32. Shawn should once again tell the full story of events. He kinda forgot to tell everyone that when tri-track announced Souza as their media person how he called them and told them everything bad about Mr Souza and why they shouldnt use him. See Shawn does that with almost all media people. He tries to destroy then in the view of others. Has been doing this for years and its why Shawn has all the problems that he has. Also I like the post from above about him traveling down 101 in the afternoon. Shawn didnt have any vision. He knew what he was going to print on Monday morning before he ever left the house.

  33. Ryan Gilbert says

    Shawn lets not play games, There have been a few comments of the past year from me both on here and Facebook that you have censored or deleted and not let threw non of which were vulgar…. I do apologize that I assumed you removed the Facebook post if in fact it was them doing their typical censor BS. The last time I had seen it I did not see any vulgar post form anyone just those disagreeing with you or maybe insulting your journalism but nothing vulgar..Everyone enjoys a good ol’ American debate or disagreement.

  34. Here we go again. Put Up or Shut Up lucas. Tired of reading your rants with NO PROOF AT ALL. Lots of hot air, no proof. If you don’t like the site, or don’t like Shawn, then please just GO AWAY !!!! Why destroy it for everyone else?

    And that holds true for anyone else who has a problem. Do you enjoy being pissed off or something? Why subject yourself to it when you can just LEAVE. And PLEASE don’t tell me that it’s to show everyone he’s wrong. When was the last time that anyone in social media actually spoke the truth. I’ll tell you right now, I have a LOT more respect for Shawn, who has been doing this for 20 years, than most of the folks who sit here bashing with ABSOLUTELY NO FACTS to back them up.

    Shawn, I’m sorry that you have to put up with this crap. It is very true that differences of opinion exist and are healthy, but this verges on a vendetta. I’m out of here on this discussion.

  35. @MarcoRacin says

    The commenter praising Speed51 coverage clearly has no understanding of the legitimate media.

    The commenter calling TTOMS promoters the best promoters in New England overlook the fact that good promoters don’t pick and choose who they issue credentials to arbitrarily. Do they have posted or published guidelines? Probably not.

    In 40 years of covering races I’ve had credentials yanked a time or two (or 20), but rarely brought it to my readers attention unless I was actually banned from the premises.

    Not that it matters, but Shawn has my 100% support on this, and an attaboy for putting up with all the ignorant comments by those who can’t or won’t understand the role of the news media.

  36. Bob
    Then why should shawn drive all the way up there and only report about support division if they don’t advertise with you you don’t give them the time off day

  37. Shawn how come all the Mario comments are gone

  38. Jay,

    I didn’t report on anything that took place on Sunday at Lee. I have no idea what you’re talking about as far as a division that advertises with me. You really don’t have a clue.

  39. People, get a grip. RaceDayCT was denied credentials for pure childish reasons. The TTMOS PR MGR was bagged for plagiarizing RaceDayCT material, and then took a vendetta against RaceDayCT by denying credentials for a TriTrack event. Nothing more than childish and immature behavior. The TriTrack effort needs all the exposure it can get in order to get sponsorship and attendance. Just because RaceDayCT stood up for itself and didn’t allow it to be bullied doesn’t make it a villain. The required “donation” to the TriTrack purse in order to get credentials was just further behavior in line with the plagiarism.

    There are promoters and there are legitimate media. The two are not the same.

    Will someone from TTMOS please let us know how many applications for TTMOS Lee media credentials were submitted, and how many were denied. That should tell everything. And which were denied.

    Those of you that are siding with the plagiarizing, spiteful, juvenile bullies are clearly identifying yourselves. Your parents are so proud of you.

    The TTMOS is far from perfect. Read the report about the Lee event on the TTMOS site and you would think it was the greatest race ever. But on other sites, the TTMOS Lee event is being talked about as a laugher. See the bias? And see how TTMOS wants to control what could possibly be reported?

    What TTMOS needs to know is that it can not control what people see and then talk about. Certainly not in this modern age with this thing called the internet, smartphones, and all those crazy ways to give and receive information. Did TTMOS report on the blocking tactics? I didn’t see anything about it. But the blocking is being talked about on other sites. And what is interesting is that people that share their experiences, experiences that are not in favor of let’s say TTMOS, are being called haters or talkers of negative. It’s the old fashioned “newspaper test”. If you don’t want to read about yourself in the newspaper, don’t do what will get written and published. And don’t think that you can control the media, and don’t think that you can control the internet. It’s always funny when a transgressor tries to turn it around and play the victim card.

    I understand selling and promoting, but bullying to hide the unpleasant stuff is just wrong, and you can’t hide from it nowadays. The harder you try to bully and control, the more you expose yourself as a bully.

    There is so little legit media coverage of this TTMOS Lee event. Far more discussion on the forums, FB, etc. Even Speed51 has little content, just talking about Pasteryak and how his practice in the KOMA events helped at Lee. Nothing about the rest of the race, leaders, passes, etc. Was it really that bad?

    So TTMOS and Speed51 have fantastic reports, and the rest of the internet world is laughing at this event. Who should I believe?

    There’s been lots of talk about the disappointment due to the lack of NWMT teams participating, and it is now clear why.

    Instead of trying to control perception and what gets reported, just focus on putting on a great event. And that means cutting out the BS. But in order to cut out the BS, you have to see the BS. And if the BS is you, then that’s the problem.

    There is nothing wrong with standing up to bullies. When the bullies cry, just laugh at them.

    Looking forward to the next TTMOS event!!!!! If there is another TTMOS event and it has the same result, it will probably be the last TTMOS event. Is there enough in the TTMOS budget for a black flag?

  40. “I didn’t report on anything that took place on Sunday at Lee” Really
    You just like to lie So you didn’t post results from lee on your site Not a division shawn you know what im talking about ie: Track, series, company

  41. Jay,
    I posted a press release sent to me from the North East Street Stock Tour about an event that took place at Lee. I did NOT report anything myself from the event. Again, please get a clue before opening your mouth.

  42. darealgoodfella, good post, seems to be the most accurate one I’ve read. TTMOS won’t be getting any of my fan $$$.

  43. Tri track series paid out 55k to 39 modified teams. That is something that Shawn should write about

  44. Two wrongs do not make a right as far as I’m concerned.

  45. Steve, would it be okay if RaceDayCT were to report on the blocking tactics that went on, and held up racing? And all other aspects of the event? Or just cherry pick things that you like?

    The paying fans went to see racing, not the payout. Repair the racing. When the racing sucks, the payout doesn’t mean anything.

    I think TTMOS needs to extend a very generous olive branch to RaceDayCT.

  46. Jason Thompson says

    So I’m not the only one who thought the race SUCKED at LEE!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Goodfella, blame the drivers not the series, the drivers put on the show, so yes if you want to blast certain drivers than by all means do it. Just remember not many drivers race for this kind of money so I’m sure they were protecting their position a lot harder than you would if it was a regular sk show. Like you never saw a cup driver block before

  48. Steve, are you blaming the healthy purse on the crappy racing? That’s what it looks like.

  49. No I’m not, can’t wait to see these guys fight it out at stafford this Friday. Same cars, same drivers. Hopefully no one stinks up the show, you never now how it will turn out that’s why we go to see it.

  50. Shawn, now you’re just lying. I went to the facebook thread at one point last night, and two or three comments were deleted, and they just happened to be the two or three most valid assessments of the petty and hypocritical nature of this whole deal. Then I went back a few minutes later, and a couple more comments were deleted. I checked one more time 5-10 minutes after, and all the comments were deleted, but the post/link was still there and remained there for quite a while. There was no vulgarity in the thread, and it most certainly didn’t get wiped out in one shot by facebook, because I watched comments get deleted little by little, and then the link remain (and with a couple new comments after the others had been deleted).

    Then when people came here and called you out on the hypocritical censorship, you had no choice but to allow those comments through so you wouldn’t look like an even BIGGER hypocrite (and try to come up with a bogus excuse for the facebook thread). Do you think the whole world is stupid or something? Or you’re just smarter than everyone?

    Please, Shawn – for the love of short track racing, please quit creating this totally unnecessary drama. If you’re pissed about not getting a press pass, vent through a PERSONAL outlet, not what’s supposed to be a “professional media” outlet, under the guise of “journalistic standards”. Or if you have an issue with another blog writer (like last year), take it up with them personally, or through some kind of PERSONAL avenue. Once again, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t tout journalist standards and integrity, while using what’s supposed to be your “professional” media site to deal with personal vendetta’s. It makes you look foolish, and it puts drama ahead of the racing. Please make racing the ONLY priority here, and leave the personal petty drama for PERSONAL social media avenues.

  51. Crazy in NY says

    darealgoodfella, were you actually at this race? Or did someone tell you it sucked.?

    The real culprit is the GD Hoosier gumballs on a cheesegrater of a racing surface. You have to
    “pace”, “stroke’ or ” ride” what have you to make it to the end. 3 wide at Lee just doesn’t work.

    IF there was a problem this comment from a Tour regular I think is telling Quote >
    ” Some of those lapped cars, I don’t know what they were doing. I’ll remember that for the Tour race, some of those guys that I race with.” ( from Speed51 coverage)

    Maybe it would have been better without he “stars” of the WMT in the race or they’re snobby fans in the stands. I’ll be at the Monadnock race , I’ll give you a report.

  52. Gus,
    Are you serious ? Wow. You better get CSI Facebook on it.

  53. Crazy in NY, I guess you are agreeing that the race sucked too?

    You appear to be blaming the tires and NWMT contestants.

    About the tires… you have a point. Many have discussed that races at Lee should be a distance to allow all out racing on the tire allotment, which means significantly shorten the race, or require a pit stop for tires if the distance is kept around 100 laps.

    But open racing is supposed to be all out racing for the win, not pacing for points. Let them have all the tire they want, or shorten the distance so they can race flat out on what tire they are allowed.

  54. NH Mod Chaser says

    For all of you that dislike Shawn so much why do you come this site.Go some where else and cry.Keep up the good work Shawn, LOVE this site !!!!

  55. Could somebody please pass the popcorn? I just ran out…

  56. Let us all not lose sight of the fact that this whole situation was started when RaceDayCT material was plagiarized by the very same person that issues TTMOS media press credentials. That plagiarism issue resulted in what had to happen. The person was called out and exposed. So what do you expect when RaceDayCT requests media credentials from the very same person who is the PR MGR for TTMOS? If that person was really smart, he should have quickly and quietly issued the credentials to RaceDayCT. He should have learned with the plagiarizing debacle. But, no… he chose vengeance, a vendetta. And with that came the requisite exposure… again. And to make matters worse, he deprived the TTMOS of RaceDayCT coverage. I’ve yet to find decent, comprehensive coverage of the TTMOS Lee event, nothing that is usually of the quality produced by RaceDayCT.

    I’m published, and I see my work used with proper citing. And I’ve bagged people for plagiarizing. When published work is your work product, you have to protect it, and that is what RaceDayCT did. Just like companies have to go after counterfeiters. For most of you reading this, the only thing close to writing that you do is signing for a credit card purchase. But written work is indeed a product and it needs to be protected. Somebody steals it, they put themselves at risk.

  57. Here ya go, Dingus …. Got any extra beer to go with?

    I’m with Mod chaser – Thanks Shawn.

  58. Shawn,

    I see you’ve deleted all the negative posts about you in this and other threads…. Oh wait nope there still here. Guess that takes care of that “theory”.

    You know what someone once told me if you don’t have anything nice to say than keep your mouth(laptop) shut. Almost everyone comes on here to get there racing news and occasionally some info that’s racing related. Its Shawns website to report the things he feels are relative. If that involves a story about a juvenile decision by someone that doesn’t like him that it’s his website to publish it. If you don’t agree with it that close the window and move on. Certainly not a fact but 95% of you wouldn’t say 5% of the crap you posted on here to his face.

    There was a story not to long ago about a NASCAR “official” (correct me if im wrong shawn) calling Shawn gay. Totally inappropriate but what’s worse is the support or should I say stupidity that was said and written in response to that story. If you all were in his position based on the story that was written then and this story how would you feel about the sh+t people had to say.

    Not sure how many of you, but im sure im safe to assume that some of you have actually met Shawn, maybe even shook his hand. Yet under the anonymity of the internet you bash him. Just because you are safe to say what you will doesn’t mean you should. I say grow up, find something better to do with your time. Half of the crap in these posts is speculation, opinions and hearsay. Opinions are great, I just shared mine with you as well. The difference is while I don’t agree with Shawn some of the time I don’t feel it’s necessary to call him a liar or other comments. I take it for the info that it is and move on to the next story.

    Its okay to bash me if youd like to cause I know most of you wouldn’t say anything to me even if you had the opportunity to.

    Sorry for the break in b.s… Keyboard cowboys commence.

  59. We wanna talk lack of professionalism??? Lets talk about this kid that is the PR director… sorry but if you’re in a management roll for ANY company, you should at least LOOK the part and not in basketball shorts shaking hands with sponsors, future sponsors or media members…

  60. Rich, I was hoping nobody would go there. This will be like stealing candy from a baby, shooting fish in a barrel… When I read some of his stuff, I get a deja vu… like I’m reading my kid’s homework from when they were in the 4th grade.

    If his FaceBook page is believable, he just finished his freshman year of college, majoring in Broadcast Journalism. Now that’s a hoot!!! Is this really who you want promoting your start up racing series? Was this the best choice available? A college kid with no experience? Maybe the Ethics course is coming up. So that should tell you just about what to expect from this PR MGR of the TTOMS. Looks like the kid needs to fulfill some sort of intern requirement, and TTOMS got what they paid for. The kid could probably get into big trouble if his school finds out about the plagiarism tiff with RaceDayCT. This kid pulling a power play on RaceDayCT is pure comical… can’t make this stuff up. Hopefully the kid is smart enough to learn from the abuse of power fail.

    TTOMS, if you are reading this, you need to make sure that RaceDayCT will be granted full media credentials to all of the remaining TTOMS events. Perhaps release a statement stating such through the TTOMS PR MGR. You need to make this go away, and this is how you make this go away.

  61. Andy Boright says

    I can see your point and agree with it (even questioned the difference between paying and making a donation in another thread).

    Someone brought up Speed 51 which isn’t a legitimate news source for the obvious conflict of interest they have with Speed 51 clients, but let me ask you Shawn, is your latest addition Travis Barrett still doing PR work for race teams? More importantly race teams that he will be covering? Because if he is that makes your site no better than Speed 51, and your journalism ethics no better than Bob Dillner’s.

  62. Andy,
    Travis Barrett does not do PR for any race teams. He closed his PR firm in 2013 and works full-time outside of the racing industry.

  63. Crazy in NY says

    dareal, I’ll ask again, were you there or not? Yes I blame the tires. The Tommy Barrett sandbag thing
    in MRS races at Lee is because you can’t race hard on those Hoosiers on that abrasive track.
    Going hard for 70 laps then going backwards at the end isn’t too smart right? I’m a fan of the American Racers we use on the ROC. And…. I didn’t mention
    Tour drivers , Woody Pitkat did during his post race interview.

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