Poll: Would You Like To See The Whelen Modified Tour Return To A Road Course?

Thompson Speedway Long Narrow LogoSince the road course at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park became reality in 2014 many around the local scene have asked the question, when will the Whelen Modified Tour compete on the winding circuit?

The Whelen Modified Tour doesn’t have much history when it comes to road course events.

Eight road course events have been held since the inception of the Whelen Modified Tour in 1985.

The division competed at Watkins Glen (N.Y) International six times from 1996 to 2000.

The division visited Lime Rock Park in Salisbury twice, running events at the track in 2010 and 2011.

So do you think a road course event at Thompson is something the Whelen Modified Tour needs?

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  1. ABSOLUTELY NOT !!! The spectators wouldn’t see much of the actual racing. The car owners would have to spend more money to prepare the cars to turn left and right, as well as shift through gears. Would the race be just for the modifieds or would there be support divisions? Would the support divisions car owners be willing to spend extra money to prepare the cars for a road course? Seems like it would be a wasted date for everyone.

  2. I completely agree with Bob……….your only going to see the cars go by the area your sitting in. I would rather see Thompson go back to weekly or even bi-weekly racing. It’s been like two months since the last oval race at Thompson…way too long.

  3. Andy Boright says

    What Bob C said.
    Modifieds are designed to race on short track ovals, that’s why they are offset to the left.

  4. Sharpie Fan says

    If they do it should be televised. Road course races are more fun to watch on TV.

  5. Yes, combine it with NE Street Stocks and Ne Mini Stocks!

  6. Modifieds turn left…it is what they do…pretty sure God intended it to be this way…:-)

  7. I have a crazy idea. How about we ask the modified tour guys what they think. Seems to me they had a blast with it at Lime Rock.

  8. I agree with BChat road course no. Figure 8s maybe lol

  9. Remember Trenton it had a dogleg . If you are a true racer you would race anywhere. You people that say mods were made to turn right are saying that because that is what you like . Yes it will cost money but if you are racing on the tour you will find the money to go road racing . Jerry is right ,and no it’s not crazy . Ask the drivers . I say yes .

  10. PaulRose says

    Yes and No. If they were to race at Thompson they would need a TV at the main grandstand ware everyone would sit to watch them race in corners we can’t see. I would want the start/finish line ware everyone would sit not off by the pits ware no fan can sit and watch them start and finish the race. Some road courses dose this right. While others are “See them come into the straight and off into the corner. Wait a minute and a half for them to come back around.” And if they crash or pass someone and it’s not on a TV screen for the fans to see what happened it’s a big let down.

    It’s the big reason why I don’t go to Lime Rock. If I can’t see them start and then finish and see them on a screen at corners I can’t see. It’s a big pass in my book. Not worth my time and wallet. I’ll stay at home and watch the race on TV when the United Sports Car Championship comes to Lime Rock. I will be able to see the full race.

  11. Why not, drivers need to be tested wheter or not oval or road course.will really see who the good drivers are . Yes let’s do it money no object to some of the teams.but other teams could suffer do to the money,but that’s racing money talks.could be exciting more passing, oval racing has become boring follow the leader very bla,best cup races are run on road course and should add that to chase.so let’s do it………

  12. I’d rather see them return to New York State on all of the ovals that hosted them before.

  13. Bob C, are you aware they raced them at Lime Rock and Watkins Glen? What extra money would be required? A different gear? And a driver would actually have to shift? I wonder how the Cup guys have been doing it for decades?

    Seeing them race at the Big T would be great. Make it an open show with MRS and SK cars and they would pack the place.

  14. They could do a roval at louden.

  15. Sackett: From what I heard the teams needed a different transmission and had to change oil pans. Oh wait they can’t change oil pans now with the spec motor. Guessing the a-frames would need to be different since you have to setup the car to turn both right and left. Would be a totally different setup as you take away current left side weight in order to turn left/right. I’m sure if you asked Phil Moran he could tell you how much more time and money it would cost a team to run the road course.
    My vote is NO for road course racing a WMT mod.

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